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The most complete guide to Southern Nevada's mining history.

March 14, 2019

It always seems like I'm apologizing  for something here.  Sorry for not having a real update in a while.  Just when I thought I got all my Jeep issues sorted,  something else goes wrong.  I've done as much as I can and have replaced every part that can possibly be related to my issue.  At this point,  I believe my issue has to be a wiring issue.  I have neither the skills or patience to chase down that problem and have delivered it to the pros to figure out.

The Jeep works, but not well enough for me to have confidence in it off-road which is why I haven't had any good content to share lately.  If anyone has anything they'd like to share, I don't mind adding it to the site.  

We still have that Bitter Springs Trail event coming up on Saturday April 6.  I'd like to have the Jeep running at least a week without issues before we attempt a long trail like that, but no matter what, that event will continue as scheduled.  We still have dates beyond that scheduled, but no destinations.  If you'd like to suggest a destination for a future event, please send it my way.

​​February 21, 2019

Once again, I have to apologize for the short notice for Saturdays event.  I know many in this town don't have regular weekends off and a week isn't enough time for many to prepare and it showed in attendance.  It was a small group, but I do tend to enjoy the smaller, more personal events more.  I've posted up event dates for all of 2019 on the main page.  We'll probably toss in some night events in the summer months that aren't listed.  Hopefully, we'll all get to spend a little more time with each other this year.

Many of you have been with this site since the beginning.  Those of you will remember when we had an active forum.  Unfortunately, because of software changes and the costs associated, the forum had to go away. 

If you have an excess of time, reading these should get your caught up on personalities:




Moon Landings

The forum is the feature of this site I miss most.  Recently, longtime friend of the site, Ken, asked for an update of our old forum buddies.  I've kept in contact with most and here's the latest:

Carolinda was as sweet a person as you'd ever meet, but did have a reputation as being the "Earthy" type.  She now lives in Phoenix closer to family.  Now that her sons are older and need her less,  she's restarted a career with a non-profit health organization.  After more reliable research, all of her children are now fully vaccinated. 

Denise and Blake now live in San Diego where Blake is an instructor for one of the countries largest defense contractors.  He's been missing the excitement of war and has wanted to return over the years, but they've since welcomed a daughter.  They've decided that his family needs him more and he's agreed to stay local.  He now trains returning Veterans in new careers in Executive Protection.

Molly is one who's gone missing.  It's been about a year since I've last heard from her.  Last I knew, she purchased some land in Alaska and was working as a contractor for a few resource companies in Alaska and Canada.  She also mentioned briefly that she was considering contracting for a Chinese mining company.  If she contracted for a Chinese company, she could be anywhere in the world.  I have to admit, and I think many will, that I was a little jealous of her wandering lifestyle.  I know friends often lose contact with distance and my hope is she's just on one of her extended adventures.

Morgan has it in her head that Molly was either eaten by a bear or married one.  She's even made up a back-story that her bear husband is the jealous type that reads her emails and texts and won't her talk to guys.  Morgan is still living in Maryland, but spending some of her work month in Mississippi.  She can't decide which she hates more.  Since moving to Maryland, her car was stolen and recovered once.  Her bike and her replacement bikes were stolen.  Her apartment was broken into and lost everything including clothes.  She didn't have renters insurance and had to start all over.  She now lives in a gated community where she thought she would be safer, but now lives next door to a registered sex offender.  

I'm sure I've made the announcement that our friend Dozer Dave passed a few years ago.  His wife and daughters are well.  His eldest daughter is now a Sophomore at UNLV and is studying to be a Chemist.  Keeping with her family tradition of mining, she hopes to use her education in the lithium mining sector.

I always felt like Andy was a pet of the group.  Like an angry stray dog.  You know you shouldn't feed it, but you do and it stays.  It's still an angry dog, but loyal to you.  His first introduction to this group was threatening the life of another forum member (Subaru Stanley) which lead to a friendship with Blake,  a reconnection with fellow Veterans, a job working for Dozer Dave, and a career in mining with the help of Molly.   Andy is in his late 20's and recently married a woman in her late 50's.  When he told me about his marriage, I joked that she's old enough to be his mother and he says, "She's old enough to be my mom, but she is yours.".  

Those are all of the updates of those lost after the closing of the forum.  I'm sure I'm missing some, but I'll have to review emails.  If I come across more updates,  I'll be sure to share them.  If you were part of the group and would like to share your own updates, feel free to email and I'll pass along any words you'd like to share. 

Almost forgot this.  We had an event to Lucy Grey on Saturday.  Pictures are here.

February 16, 2019

Very late last minute call for today's Lucy Grey event.  If you want to join us, you better leave soon.  We depart at 9:00 AM.  Details are here.

February 14, 2019

Happy Valentines Day, everyone!  Hopefully, everyone has someone they want to spend the day with.  Like most holidays, this is just another day for us.  We're probably both working late again, so we don't even have dinner plans and will just wing it like most nights.  

We do have another event coming up this weekend.  We're headed to Lucy Grey Mine just north of the California border. If there is an interest and time permitting,  you can stop to shoot along our return route.  Since this will be a long trail in and out, it's doubtful many will want to make another stop once we begin the long trail home and shooting will not be part of our scheduled stops.  If you still feel like shooting, please wait until we're well north of the border.  Keep in mind that we will briefly cross into California and California firearm transportation laws apply.  Details on the event can be found here.  

I already know that quite a few regulars won't be able to meet this time because of short notice or prior engagements.  Short notice seems to be the most common reason people can't attend these events and that's mostly my fault.  To help make planning these events a little easier, I've posted up most of the event dates through to the end of the year on the main page.  In addition to the event planned this coming Saturday, the following dates have been confirmed:

April 6, 2019.  Saturday.  Bitter Springs Trail.
June 15, 2019.  Saturday.  Date confirmed, but no destination.
August 17, 2019.  Saturday.  Date confirmed, but no destination.
December 7, 2019.  Saturday.  Date confirmed, but no destination.

We'll likely throw in some evening events when it's too hot to be out during the day.  The next event scheduled on April 6, 2019 has been finalized for Bitter Springs Trail.  A 30 mile long scenic trail with opportunities for mineral collection.  Specifically, Pink Agate.   No other destinations are confirmed, so if there's anywhere you'd like to suggest or revisit, please send an email.  Also, if anyone else would like to lead a day out, I have no problem following.  

February 7, 2019

We have an event scheduled on Saturday February 16, 2019.  Emails have been sent to all regulars and those with email contact within the last few months. If you feel you should have received this email, please check your SPAM folder.  Our destination is Lucy Grey Mine just north of the California/Nevada border.  A large portion of the trail is through a wash with difficulty varying by the amount of rain received.  This has been an unusually rainy season and we expect the trail to be less than comfortable and possibly technical.  Details are here.

It has been confirmed that land owners and mine claim holders have been notified to  make abandoned mines "safe".  The mines closest to the Goodsprings Trail project were sealed over a year ago, so we were hoping only those mines closest to the trail project will be affected, but that does not appear to be so.  

Hoodoo Mine is on public land over 10 miles away and we found it to be recently closed.  It's unlikely that this closure is in response to the Goodsprings Trail Project and just part of the Abandoned Mine Lands closure directive and budget.  Sooner or later, they'll all be made "safe", so see them while you can.  New images have been added to the Hoodoo Mine gallery in the Goodsprings, NV directory.  

January 31, 2019

The images from Friday nights event are now up and have also been added to the completed events directory.  Sorry a few of you were unaware of Fridays event.  Notice was short, but I posted up details as soon as they were confirmed.  Emails were sent to everyone who has attended an event in the last year and everyone who's been in email contact with me in the last six months.  If that describes you and you didn't receive an email, check your email spam filters.  If set too high, some email hosts will reject emails that do not originate from the common email clients like: gmail, hotmail,  and AOL.  

Currently, we have no new events scheduled.  

January 24, 2019

We'll be meeting in the mountains tomorrow (Friday) night.  If you'd like to join us, all are welcome.  Details are here.  The meeting spot was a surface mine operation.  There will be no underground opportunities. This is strictly a social event.  We'll have a table set up for snacks.  Please, bring something to add to the table and bring your own chairs.

If you have any spare lumber you'd like to add to the fire, feel free to bring it but keep in mind we can't leave until the fire is completely out.  We were out there earlier this week and gathered wood on site.  There should be enough to supply a modest fire for a few hours.  The temperature Friday night is expected to be in the mid-30's with 7 MPH winds, so maybe we need a little more.  

January 17, 2019
An explanation of last weeks update:  I didn't have anything to add and was going to skip the update.  Russ sent an email reminding me to give a site update, so I posted; "Russ is the only one who reads this.".  Then, I received a few more emails and texts from others reminding me they also look for updates.  As I received those contacts, I added more names.  

A new hiking, bicycle, and equestrian trail project has begun directly to the Northwest and Southeast of Goodspring, Nevada.  The source literature makes no mention of OHV (Off-Highway Vehicle) traffic, so I'm uncertain if that means the trails will remain open to OHV travel or if the designation as "hiking, bicycle, and equestrian"  will exclude motor vehicles as we've seen along trails to the North along Cottonwood Pass.  You can find a PDF link to the most recent project report here.  A map of the affected area and proposed trail routes can be found on page 9 of that document.  

If the project adheres to the proposed map, most of us won't notice changes unless they restrict access to the trails.  Mines in the proposed area were backfilled years ago.  The only open mine nearby is the Middlesex Mine, but access to that valley is limited to customers of Shoot Las Vegas.

We have an evening social event scheduled on Friday, January 25th.  Details are here

January 10, 2019

Russ (and Ken, Mike, Chris, Jeremy, Arnold, Dana, Ben, Caleb,  Paul,  Roger, Mohammed,  Tracy) are the only the ones who read this.  

January 3, 2019

Our Jeep is now healthy again.  It's looking like it had multiple problems. Each repair made some improvements, but after replacing the Power Control Module,  everything came together again.  We regained some lost power and about 3-4 miles per gallon.  Now the only known issue with the Jeep is the Tire Pressure Monitor light and a small hole I found in the muffler.  When I changed wheels, I never added TPM sensors, so that light will forever be on and small muffler hole is an easy repair.  Next time we meet up, will someone please remind me to fix that hole?  I'm sure I'll keep ignoring it.

With as many issues as we've been having with the Jeep, we probably should have waited to get offroad until we were sure all the bugs were fixed, but we got out the very next day.  Not the safest or smartest thing to do, but we were tired of being stuck in town.  Entertainment  Capital of the World and we were bored.  We stayed fairly close and made sure we were well within cell and radio service along Cottonwood Pass.

New images have been added to the Ninety Nine Mine and Cabin gallery in the Goodsprings, NV directory.  A few months ago when these Jeep issues began, that's where we were headed, but never reached it.  Not the smartest way or place to test a vehicle, but even though months have passed,  that route still felt incomplete.  The trail there is so much worse than it was just a few months ago.  If you enjoy an uncomfortable trail, head on over.  Otherwise, you may want to wait a few months for the trail to naturally settle.

I'm also looking ahead and trying to narrow down some dates for 2019 events and possibly an overnight camping trip.  If any of you have any date requests or would like to go, but have date restrictions, please email them and we'll try to work around everyone's schedule if we can.  Happy New Year, everyone!

News and UpdatesUpdates on Thursday.  (Usually...sometimes.)