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The most complete guide to Southern Nevada's mining history.

Transportation is not provided for this or any event.  If you need a ride, make those arrangements prior to the event date.

Evening Mineral Hunt

​Friday October 9, 2020

​​​Some minerals fluoresce under ultraviolet lights.  The more brilliant fluorescent minerals are only seen under a Shortwave UV light, but those lights are more expensive and can cause eye injury.  The more common UV lights are longwave, are much safer to use, but have a limited reaction with fluorescent minerals.  Silica and Uranium were mined at this and nearby locations.  Hopefully, someone will get lucky and find something worth adding to their collection.

Honestly, I don't think most of us know what we're looking for when we hold these evening mineral hunts.  I see them mostly as a time to get out and socialize with good people.  Wandering the mountains at night with flashlights is always fun.  

There are no fall hazards or open mines at this location.  There will be no age or pet restrictions, but there are rattlesnakes in the area, so please be mindful of both. 

Feel free to bring friends.  In addition to bringing your own lights and chairs, there's usually a table set up for drinks and snacks.  Please, bring something to add something to the snack table. Fire restrictions are in effect, so there will be no fire.


Other than the destination, this event will not have a common meeting time or location.  I'll provide general directions and coordinates, but I urge you all to research before leaving.  This area has many intersecting trails and navigating your way through the dark can be difficult.  

There is only one trail into the pit area.  Do not block the trail.  Park your vehicle away from the entry to allow room for others.  

Maps for each approach are included.

Click to enlarge.   Right click / "Save Image As" to save.

Approach 1 / Blue line: 

I-15 South, but do NOT take I-15 beyond Exit 25  

Exit 25 / Sloan / Seven Magic Mountains , then turn left at the stop sign onto State Route 739

At the stop sign, turn right onto S Las Vegas Blvd / Old Highway

In 9.7 miles, turn right at:   35°49'10.13"N  115°17'40.69"W

Take the tunnel under I-15

Find your way to the meeting location at:   35°51'30.90"N  115°18'35.94"W

Approach 2 / Red line:
From I-15 South, Exit 12  Jean / Goodsprings

Right onto Goodsprings Rd  / 161
In half a mile, turn right at:   35°47'11.21"N  115°20'24.16"W
Find your way to the meeting location at:   35°51'30.90"N  115°18'35.94"W