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I receive a lot of email mostly asking what mine they've located.  If that's your question,  descriptions can help but, we've seen a lot of mines and they started looking alike a long time ago. If it's a local mine, chances are good it's already on the site maps.  You can find the interactive maps through this link.  If it's not there or you're asking to identify a map outside our local area,  I can still help you find information.  If you can provide coordinates, that would be most helpful in answering your mine specific question. Learn to retrieve coordinates from Google Earth here

If you are contacting me to tell me I got something wrong,  I'm fine with that.  Always willing to learn something new. The most common complaint I receive is that I got a mine name wrong.  That's entirely possible.  If you feel I got a mine name wrong,  please provide a reference that supercedes the USGS, US Bureau of Mines and the BLM because that is where I get my information. Your buddy who knows everything isn't a superceding reference.

Also, if you want to just say, "Hey, John. Great job on the site!", that never happens.