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The most complete guide to Southern Nevada's mining history.

Silver Gem Mine is located South of Las Vegas, Nevada. Nearest towns are Jean, Nevada,  Goodsprings, Nevada  and Sandy Valley, Nevada. Primary mining in the area included: copper, lead, silver, gold and zinc.

Silver Gem Mine snuck up on us.  We stumbled it upon is after leaving the Christmas Mine lower in the wash.  There didn't appear to be anything up this fork in the wash and it was a tight fit getting our Jeep in there, but we were surprised to find an open well-hidden valley on the other side.  Within that valley was the Silver Gem Mine.  This mine system consisted of several open portals.  None of which were obvious on any of our maps and it took some effort to find the name of this system. 

Silver Gem Mine.  Goodsprings, Nevada.

35°43'45.12"N  115°28'43.10"W
USGS Full Report

Primary Mining:  Lead
Secondary Mining:  Zinc, Vanadium, Silver, Gold, Copper