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The most complete guide to Southern Nevada's mining history.

Scheduled Event: Memorial Day Monday.  May 28, 2018

If you've attended a previous event or have been in recent email contact, an email invitation was sent.  If that describes you and you have not received that invitation, it was a group email and probably went to your spam folder. 

Destination:      Mormon Well Trail

Meeting Place:  Pilot Travel Center. 

3812 E Craig Rd, North Las Vegas, NV 89031
NW corner of Craig and Pecos.
 36°14'26.42"N  115° 5'53.71"W

Meeting:  As early as you'd like.
Departing:  9:00 AM

Distance from meeting to off road trail:    45 miles
Distance of off road trail:  48 miles 

Trail Start:   36°46'3.03"N  114°56'28.63"W

Trail End:   36°26'1.32"N  115°21'23.01"W
Return  to NW Las Vegas:   18 miles
Total mileage:   111 miles

Memorial Day Monday

May 28, 2018

Weather forecast

If you plan on attending, please send an email to:

We hope to reach the trail by 10AM.  The trail is about 39 miles long.  With stops, we expect this to be a full day, but our goal is to always have everyone back on pavement by sunset.   This time of year, sunset is after 7PM.  Unless someone breaks down, achieving that goal should not be a problem.

This is one of those trails that is long, extremely remote, and best traveled in groups.  If you've wanted to run this trail, but didn't have company, this is a great opportunity to safely enjoy this historic route. The last time we ran this trail, we didn't follow our own advice and visited after fresh snow at elevation.  When we descended below the snow level, we spent the next 10 miles in mud.  Then, our alternator began to have intermittent issues.  Because  of our fear of being stranded,  we didn't get to enjoy the trip. 

Highlights of this trail include:  yucca and Joshua tree forests, limestone canyons with arches and caves,   pioneer corral and natural springs.   Some of the wildlife we've seen along the trail have been: fox, coyote, bighorn sheep, burro, wild horse, deer, and elk. 

Depending on the weather, the day could be scenic with light to moderate trail conditions.  If there has been recent rain, trail conditions could be technical and hazardous.  If trail conditions are hazardous, we'll be able to rely on each other for safety and recovery.  Everyone goes home.

Transportation, equipment, meals and supplies will not be provided.  We will be stopping for lunch, but lunch will not be provided.  This is not a cookout event.  There will be no grill or fire for cooking.  Only bring enough food and drinks for yourself and your party.  We will not stop between meeting and destination.  Make sure you stop for gas before meeting.

Bring your radios.  To avoid interference from others, a privacy tone has been added.  If you have not reprogrammed your radios, I can do that for you when we meet.  If this will be your first group event and own your own communications radio equipment, please email in advance for frequency programming. 

If you'd like to own your own radios, the inexpensive ones used by most are the Baofeng 888S which can be purchased from Amazon.  If you've been to more than one of these events, you really should have your own radios so our loaners are available to first time participants.

This will be an above ground event.  There are no known open mine shafts or points of entry. No age or pet restrictions for this event, but snakes are out of hibernation and mountain lions frequent this area.  Keep children and pets close. 

Attending this and any site group event is with the understanding, agreement, and acceptance of the event liability and waivers.