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The most complete guide to Southern Nevada's mining history.

Articles and Accounts

The purpose of this section is to provide easier access to specific information that would normally be lost in the clutter of the weekly "Site News and Updates".   I expect this section to be light for a while, but will gradually grow as I have more to add.  I don't expect this section to be entirely about mining and history.  Those who know me well know I have a short attention span and will interrupt myself to change a subject.

The core of this group is far more knowledgeable than me.   For years, I've been wanting to tap into that knowledge.  If you want to share accounts of your adventures or want to provide articles of value for the rest of us, this would be the place.  If you have anything to share, send me an email and we'll talk about it.

Trail Etiquette

Don't be that guy.

GPS without a GPS device

Using Google Maps offroad without cell service.

Abandoned and "sweating" dynamite

If you are near it, you will suddenly die.

Addressing Site Complaints

Hopefully, addressing these complaints will prevent some from getting mad over nothing.

Forum.  Best of Series:  Frankenthread

One of the highlight threads from our previous forum.

Forum. Best of Series:  Unexplained

Not so much a discussion about paranormal, but mostly on coincidence and physics.

Forum. Best of Series: Gossip

Another highlight thread from the previous forum.

Forum. Best of Series: Moon Landings.

Another highlight thread from the previous forum.

Retrieving Coordinates from Google Earth

Exactly what it says.

Paranormal Activity

Be amazed at our true to life accounts of paranormal activities. 

Excelsior Mine Road

Between Tecopa, California and Sandy Valley, Nevada is the Excelsior Mine Road.   A 30 mile scenic trail through part of the Kingston Wilderness Area.

Rocky Gap Road

10 minutes west of town is Red Rock Canyon and within the popular tourist stop is Rocky Gap Road and some of the best natural views in Southern Nevada.

Choosing a handgun caliber

The absolute, very best handgun caliber everyone should be using.

Extended Stay Survival

The consequences of not properly preparing.