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The most complete guide to Southern Nevada's mining history.

Current event archives.

Links and images on this page no longer  work.  Information in these archives was date sensitive and no longer relevant. 

December 20, 2018
I got the Jeep working again.  It's not 100%,  but I figured out the crank/no start issue.  I think it needs a little more work before I have enough confidence to get remote into the mountains by ourselves again, but at least there is progress.  The worst thing that can happen to an offroad vehicle is to lose confidence in it.  Until recently,  I was 100% confident that it would get us in and out every time.  Even now, I still hold my breath each time I start it.  After we were left stranded for the day,  I need to rethink and change a few things.  

Since it's been a while since we've been exploring,  I've been doing most of my exploring online and going through old pictures.  Someone recently asked about a few things they spotted around the Nelson area on Google Earth which got me to looking into the area again.  We've been there many times, but will likely never get to see everything we'd like to because some areas are posted "Private Property" and we do what we can to respect property rights and boundaries.  

While  researching the Nelson area, I went through old hard drives and added new images to the following galleries in the Nelson, Nevada directory:

Eldorado Crown Mine
Morning Star Mine

We hope every has themselves a very Merry Christmas.  We'll try to schedule a day out soon.

December 6, 2018
Like many of you, this final rush of holidays is keeping us very busy.  We haven't had much free time.  The free time we did have had to be spent close to home and, because of work obligations, within phone call range.  If you've ever had to work on-call,  even if you don't get called, you'll know that a day off doesn't really feel like a day off.

More information was added to the Articles section about how to use your phone as a GPS device without cell service.  Many of you will already know how to do this, but this information is for those less tech-savvy among us.  This may be something of convenience or it may save you some grief or a life.  

I received an email from the owner of the Tecopa Mines.  War Eagle and the surrounding mines are now up for sale at $2000 an acre.  All 398 acres comes to  $796,000.  That's a lot of land for not as much as I would have thought it worth.  If owning history interests you,  send me an email for the sellers contact information.  New images have been added to the War Eagle Mine gallery in the Tecopa, CA directory. 

November 22, 2018
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  Unfortunately,  we are working this holiday, but it's looking like we'll be able to leave early and have a nice dinner with family we only see a few times a year.  Hopefully, you're all spending this day with people you want to be around.  

We weren't expecting another event so soon after the cookout, but we had extra time and a few joined us on very short notice.  Pictures of that event are here.  Pictures of that and all other completed events are here.

November, 15, 2018
Thanks to all who attended for sharing their Veterans Day weekend with us.  The pictures from the cookout are now up and can also be found in the completed events directory.   Hard to believe that marks our 21st group event.  

I didn't realize our time off overlapped through another weekend.  A few of us are getting together this coming Saturday the 17th, but we have no destinations planned.  We'll probably end up on or in a mountain somewhere in Goodsprings.  Send me an email if you feel like winging the day with us.

November 12, 2018
We still have time off overlapping into next weekend.  Does anyone feel like getting out on Saturday November 17, 2018?  If you do, email me some destination ideas. 

​November 8, 2018
Last announcement for our annual cookout in just a few days on Saturday November 10, 2018.  ​I don't think I've made changes to that event details page in a while, but please have a look anyway and make sure nothing was missed.

Weather is expected to be in the mid-50's this weekend.  We'll have a cooking fire going, but you should also dress for conditions. Our elevation will be just under 7000 feet and in the shade of tall trees.  Expect our location to feel much colder.  

It's an easy trail follow, but if you've never been there, I would encourage you get on your radios and try to find each other.  We plan on leaving town around 8AM.  

November 1, 2018
Happy November, everyone.  I trust everyone had a great Halloween.  We don't have children, so this was another holiday we got to ignore.  When I was little, I wanted to be the kind of grown-up who gave out the full size candy bars instead of the little ones.  Little me would be disappointed in grown-up me because I turned into the grown-up that has the lights out not wanting to be bothered.

My apologies for, yet another, missed update last week.  Usually, we get to the mountains more as the weather cools, but with so many changes happening at work I'm finding myself with less free time.  The free time that we do have is spent catching up on things we should have done months ago.  

A few have asked how my inconvenience that turned into a situation with ARB/Old Man Emu resolved itself.  I did receive new parts and the Jeep is working fine again, but I can't say I was happy with their warranty process.  I was still posting about the process and steps as they occurred, but moved the link from the main page to the equipment section.  Even though I originally received defective parts, I would still recommend their products, but hope you never need to test their warranty.  Since the problem was resolved, I would rate their service a 4 out of 10.  

My Mom is also visiting from out of state next week, so now comes the sprint to make sure everything is just right for her arrival.  She'll be here during our cookout next Saturday, but the mountains aren't her thing and she won't be joining us that day.  It takes her a couple days to acclimate to the altitude in the Vegas valley and the mountain air was a little too thin for her the last time we tried.  

Emails were sent out last night to everyone who has attended an event this and last year to remind everyone of our cookout coming up next Saturday November 10.  Unless you've already told me in advance that you can't attend or that you will be attending, you should have received that email.  

As with all previous events, I have no idea of how many people will be attending or what food and supplies are covered or needed.  This is a potluck lunch, so bring a shared dish, but if everyone brings other cookout necessities like napkins, plates, utensils, etc,  we should be covered.  Don't forget to bring your own chairs.  

We'll have a fire going for heating food and comfort.  Since the temperature will likely be in the high 40's / low 50's at our altitude,  make sure you dress appropriately.   Spring Mountains Weather forecast.

October 17, 2018
​New images have been added to the Argentina Mine Mill in the Goodsprings, Nevada directory.  Earlier this week,  I had the pleasure of conversations with a family member of Fred Piehl, the original owner of the Argentina Mine and Mill.  The family was nice enough to share their family history and allow me to share with you something I didn't believe to exist.  Pictures of the Argentina Mine Mill while still in production.  

A couple weeks ago, I started posting my experience about my Old Man Emu warranty experience.  I thought it would be a quick and painless process and a lesson in customer service, but I'm finding myself surprised and disappointed.  It's not over yet.  Maybe there will be a positive outcome.  

I think I remember reading something about a Cookout on Saturday November 10, 2018.

October 11, 2018
Pictures from our Friday evening event are now up and available in our Completed Events directory.   Unfortunately, we didn't capture as many pictures we wanted, so I had to supplement the gallery.  I think that was our 3rd or 4th evening event.  In the past, a few have found small pieces of fluorescent minerals.  Friday night,  there was so much, we had the option of being  selective and easily could have collected a few hundred pounds of material.  I think we all had a great time.

We are now just under a month away from our annual cookout event on November 10, 2018.  If you haven't already read through the details, please do.  I made some changes to that page, but mostly to the driving directions so those without GPS can navigate by mileage.  The only other change is that I removed the menu and supplies list.  If everyone does their part and brings some supplies and food items, we should be fine, but please send me an email if you plan on attending and how many will be in your party. 

October 6, 2018
Looks like I'm having some issues with my Old Man Emu lift kit.  Not even a year old and both front struts are leaking.  I know mistakes happen and no company has a perfect record.  You can tell the good from the bad by their service.  I've only heard good things about Old Man Emu, so this should be a boring and simple process, but I'll share it with you anyway.  Updates on the ARB/Old Man Emu warranty process.  

October 4, 2018
Final invitation for our evening event tomorrow (Friday) night, October 5.  If you have a UV light,  there's a good chance you'll find some collectible fluorescent minerals.  Some minerals will fluoresce under a longwave UV light which is your typical blacklight type of light.  The best minerals will fluoresce brilliantly under a shortwave light.  Because they are expensive and require lots of power to operate,  a shortwave UV light isn't something a casual collector would have.  When I purchase something, I prefer to hold it and buy it locally.  I haven't been able to find a local supplier who holds them in stock.

I have a few fluorescent minerals in our collection, but didn't even know they fluoresced until much later.  Mineral collection isn't really the reason we explore.  To us, it's more about the adventure, but if the wife finds a pretty rock, it comes home with us.  When we hold these evening events,  our purpose is to enjoy the cool weather and good company.  Mostly, we just walk around the dark with flashlights.  

We've recently learned that a new project board has been installed at the Hoosier Mine in Goodsprings, Nevada.  We were just there in mid-June and the property was not posted and still appeared to  be abandoned.  The new board had to have been installed sometime in late June or July.  Although we hate to lose another mine to explore,  our hope  is that the project will be successful and bring new jobs to the area.  Since the project board is current, the area should again  be considered private property.  All images of this mine held in reserve have been released with this update.  Please,  do not cross, do not remove or alter, and respect the assumed boundary.

September 27, 2018
We are planning an evening event on Friday October 5, 2018.  This event will be held at the Sultan Mine south of town in Goodsprings, NV.  Details are in the link provided.

New images have been added to the Iron Gold Mine gallery in the Goodsprings, Nevada directory.  Since it was previously closed, we haven't been back to this mine in years.  We were recently told the mine is now open and were anxious to have a look inside.  It's always nice to get into a new mine, but unfortunately, there wasn't much to see on the main or lower level.  Before you head out there ready to explore, read through the updated mine listing for our hazard report.

​September 20, 2018
Because of our recent "stranded in the mountain" issue,  I can't stop thinking about how bad it could have been.  Luckily, we have a small network of people capable and willing to help and we're thinking of extending this safety net to others.  People regularly text or email where they'll be for the day in the event they don't return.  I don't mind acting as back-up,  but since I have other responsibilities, there may come a day when I'm not available.  I was thinking that we can get a rotating roster together to back-up others on the list.  Let me know if being on that list interests you.  

September 5 2018
​As with all scheduled events, we scout the area for hazards and trail repairs.  During this scouting trip,  our two month old starter died.  That was the first time we were truly stranded.  As much as we're out, we've never even had a flat tire.  Luckily, because we had our radio communications, we were never really alone.  If you don't already have reliable radio communications, I can't stress their importance enough.  Thank you to Chris, Dave, Donovan, and Todd for keeping us company for the day.  

Very special thanks to Russ for coming to our aid.  Russ was with family enjoying his first grandchild when he got the call from us and didn't hesitate to drop everything to help.  If you've been to any VegasUnderworld event, you already know Russ.  He picked up parts on his way to us, then drove us all the way down the mountain and back to our house for proper tools before driving us all the way back to the mountain.  Most people I know are good.  Russ is gooder.

The previous Ninety Nine Cabin cookout location had three trail access options that were listed by trail difficulty.  During our return to the mountain and on our way out, we found that all access trails to the cabin were either uncomfortably difficult or trail heads were hidden by washes.  Even with GPS, I had to locate the trail head on foot.  We felt it would be best for everyone to just change the venue.

The cookout is still on for November 10, but the Ninety Nine Mine Cabin is now out for the location.   The new cookout event location will be at Carpenter Canyon west of town towards Pahrump.  Once you see the new location, I'm sure everyone will appreciate the change.  All previous links have been updated to reflect the new location.

August 30, 2018​
New images have been added to the  Milford Mine gallery in the Goodsprings, Nevada directory.  This is one of the mines we revisit annually and usually in the summer because we don't to stray to distant and unfamiliar new areas.  If you plan on visiting this mine, be aware that heavy rains have reversed all the trail repairs we completed last year.  In some areas, there is no room to turn and your only option is to keep moving forward.  If you're in a 2WD stock vehicle, you may want to walk ahead before attempting.  

I received some angry emails about last weeks article about "sweating" dynamite.  The consensus was that I was being irresponsible in encouraging people to handle dynamite.  I wasn't at all encouraging anyone to handle dynamite.  In fact, I ended the article stating not to handle dynamite for the simple reason that it is dynamite.  

I'd still like to meet up for something before the November Cookout, but I don't have any scheduled  weekends off.  We've been wanting to meet up for another evening mineral hunt to escape the heat.  If this happens, we'll just pick a spot and meet everyone there after work.  

Sonya is in need of her CCW (Carrying a Concealed Weapon) renewal.  Both of us work weekends, so we're trying to get her scheduled for a class on Monday September 10, 2018.  The problem is nobody local offers a regular Monday class.  If we can get a few more people to sign up for that date, we can get a class scheduled.  Once the class is offered, I'm sure they won't  have a problem filling the required seats, but I thought I'd ask if anyone else here is interested.

If the Bass Pro class on Monday September 13, 2018 interests you, please contact Maggie through the link above and let her know you're with VegasUnderworld.

The class will be at Bass Pro Shop and lead by CCW Maggie.  If you are in need of your CCW Permit or it's time for your CCW Renewal,  we've only heard good things about Maggie.  Hopefully, you'll never have a need to use your firearm and chances are very great you never will.  Responsibly carrying a firearm is about the possibility, not the probability.  

Details for the class and the Nevada State requirements.

August 23, 2018
Labor Day Monday is September 3, 2018.  Just a couple weeks away.  It's a federal holiday, but not one most businesses in this town recognize.  If enough people have the day off and there's an interest, we can try to get something organized.  Send an email. 

New images have been added to the Umberci Mine gallery in the Ivanpah, CA directory.  We return to this mine once or twice a year and usually on our way somewhere else.  This day, we were hoping to find the north entrance to Umberci Mine which is a few valleys north of the Ivanpah Solar Farm.  This area is rarely traveled and the trails not maintained often.  

Much of the trails are now mostly part of the larger wash system.  We traveled up and down the wash several times looking for a way to reconnect with anything resembling a trail.  We found what we believed to be the trail continuation, but is now 3+ feet above the wash.  It wouldn't take much effort to knock the wash wall down and reach the trail, but I'm not going to give much effort in these triple digits. 

A new article has been added to the Random Articles section about the dangers of "sweating" dynamite.  Most of you probably already know that you have to whisper and tip-toe around old dynamite because even the slightest movement of your breath can detonate it, causing a chain reaction that would likely frack the planet in half.  This article addresses those real dangers. 

August 16, 2018
I think I finally have the Jeep in good working order.  Although I do enjoy the wrench work, I don't want to get under the Jeep for a very long time.  Our most recent test drive was to Goodsprings.  As with many of our recent trips, we just wanted to get away from town and phones.  

As mentioned months ago, we bought a new home that needs lots of work.  Our most recent project is remodeling a bathroom.  Behind the medicine cabinet, I printed up some coordinates to a location in the mountains.  At that location, I placed a note under a boulder that read:  

"Use this contact information in the event all previous forms of communications have failed:".

I closed that note with a 50 line random encryption code.  It could be decades before someone remodels that bathroom again to find the note.  They may never give the time or effort to reach the coordinates and find the note under the boulder.  If someone does follow the coordinates, the encryption code means nothing.  I just wanted to add more to their mystery.

We were in the general area of Combination Mine which is privately owned.  When we first came across this mine, we approached from the south, did not see the posted property signs, and unintentionally trespassed.  I've added all images we have of the mine to the gallery.  We've provided the best views of the mine in the gallery.  There is nothing more there to see.  Please, respect the boundary and land ownership.  Since we are aware of the trespassing, we will not be returning and no new images will become available.  

Details for the  Annual Cookout Event scheduled on November 10, 2018 are now up.  The date and location is set and will not change, but details may vary.  This is a potluck cookout.  There is a supply list provided through the link, so you may want to check it a few more times as the date approaches for changes. 

August 9, 2018
It sure does seem like I often apologize for late or no updates.  Quite a few things have kept me busy, but mostly Jeep issues.  The last issue was the transmission.  I had to take that apart because it wouldn't shift above 2nd gear.  It wasn't a difficult repair process, but there were a lot of steps involved.  With all the small moving parts in an engine and transmission, I'm surprised they aren't breaking down all the time.

So far this year, I've had to replace two ripped tires,  replaced the water pump, replaced the alternator, replaced the starter,  replaced the AC compressor and repaired it twice, repaired the transmission, replaced the front wheel hub assemblies, replaced the ambient air sensor (twice) and replaced the entire front and rear suspension.  Seriously, all of the suspension.  As of yesterday, it's looking like the PCM has a bad internal ground.  I just ordered that part yesterday and there's a chance that it's not the problem.  

The Jeep is very close to 185k miles, so these are considered wearable parts.  For those of you who know me,  you'll know it wasn't an easy 185k miles for the Jeep.  When I replace a part, I tend to go bigger with replacements, so at least I'm building a stronger Jeep.  It has so many new parts, I might as well register it as a 2018 model.

So far, the only event scheduled is the annual cookout in November.  No information is up yet, but if you attended the first one, it'll be at the same place with all of the same details.  I'll get that event page up shortly. That will be Saturday November 10, 2018.  There's a chance we may arrive early Friday evening or stay overnight into Sunday.

July 19, 2018
We've been to Root Mine in Goodsprings, NV many times over the years and was pleased to see land improvements.  Many (if not all) of the small, reopened mines end up being capital raise, stock, or land (re)selling scams.  We were cautious, but hopeful that this would be different especially since Root Mine is one of our favorites in the area.  

This mine has been reopened, but not as a mine.  It is now a training facility for advanced firearms training.  No new images will become available, so I went ahead and released all I have.  Access to this mine will be missed, but I can't say I'm upset about the loss.  Jobs and a legitimate service were created.  I sincerely wish them well.  Unless you are in need of their training and have an appointment,  stay well clear.  

Our annual cookout has been scheduled for Saturday November 10, 2018.  Other than the date, no other information is available.  

We are trying to set up 1 or 2 other events before that date.  One of them will be an evening hunt for fluorescent minerals.  Most of us don't have the proper UV lighting or know what we're looking for.  Personally, I like the evening events because it's fun to wander the desert, kicking rocks, with a flashlight.  If you know what you're looking for and would like to make suggestions,  please send me an email.

July 12, 2018
Pictures from Saturdays Mormon Well Trail  event are now up.  Sorry it took so long, but I've been super busy lately and barely had time to upload something.  

In the future, if you plan on attending an event, check the event details for any last minute changes.  Better yet, send me an email of your intent to attend so I can contact directly with any changes.  

July 5, 2018
Last call for the trail run this coming Saturday, July 7, 2018.  We're expecting a good crowd for this event, but since there will be no underground exploration, there will be no space or age limitations.  Feel free to bring and invite as many people as you'd like.  We'll see you soon.

Some details bout the event have changed recently.  Make sure you read through the link for the latest update information.

June 21, 2018
I'm learning that a few of you, maybe more, are unable to receive emails from me.  This appears to be an issue on the receiving side and is often because of a high spam/junk email filter setting.  A high spam/junk mail filter setting will reject mail sent to multiple recipients,  those using a Virtual Private Network, and sometimes mail sent from an unknown .com.  You can try to remedy this by reducing your email clients spam/junk mail filter settings and/or adding to your emails safe sender list.

New images have been added to the Kirby Mine gallery in the Goodsprings, Nevada directory.  We didn't have a reason to return.  We just happened to be in the area without a plan and ended up there.  We thought we've seen everything there, but there are so many shallow valleys and washes, there is usually something new to see.  When the weather cools, we'll return and hopefully get into an underground area new to us. 

If you are planning on joining us on July 7, 2018 for the Mormon Well Trail event, please review the updated event page.  Specifically, take note that the meeting place has changed.  After having a better look at the parking lot, we thought that it looked a little tight for even just a few extra vehicles.  The new meeting location has much more room and supply shopping options.  It is a little further, but it also brings us closer to the trail.  

June 14, 2018
We've rescheduled the Mormon Well Trail event for Saturday July 7, 2018.  Summers in Nevada are brutal,  but if your vehicle is in good repair with a working air conditioner,  it should be a pleasant day.  Details are in the link.  

The Hoosier Mine has been added to the Goodsprings, Nevada directory.  It's been a while since we've entered a mine new to us.  We've been wanting to get into this one for years, but didn't want to interfere with the most recent mine workings and waited for it to be abandoned again. 

May 31, 2018
Sorry about the Memorial Day event cancellation.  Some of you know that I've been attempting to limit and reduce my work schedule.  Surprisingly, this limited schedule often means more hours and at the very least, inconvenience.  

A colleague experienced a serious and sudden illness, so to him it was much more than an inconvenience.  I had to work Sunday night until Monday morning.  I was scheduled to leave around 6AM, which would only leave me 3 hours to rest and meet for the event.  In my work, there are also no schedule guarantees.  I could leave on time and I could just as easily be delayed by hours.  Because of the narrow and uncertain time line, I thought it would be best to just cancel the event.

Very few people confirmed for this event, but for this group, little to no confirmations doesn't mean much.  Some of our largest events had the fewest confirmations.  I did send out notifications to those interested and post a site update as soon as I knew there was a scheduling problem.  I didn't receive any angry emails from anyone who didn't get notice, so I'm guessing none just showed up.

Even though this event was cancelled, I didn't feel like wasting a holiday.  New images have been added to the Sultan Mine gallery in the Goodsprings, Nevada directory.  Since we have the lower levels well documented, the new images are mostly of the upper levels.  

Not sure when we'll be meeting again.  I know I have some free time coming up in July, but we all know the weather in July is brutal.  Maybe that would be a good time to reschedule the Mormon Well Trail trip.  I'll be sure to let everyone know when we know.  

May 27, 2018
Because of last minute scheduling issues, the event scheduled for tomorrow has been cancelled.  I've notified those who confirmed and hope everyone gets the message.  I'll explain with the regular update.

May 24, 2018
Last call for our Memorial Day event on Monday the 28th to Mormon Well Road.   The trail head is just under 50 miles away and the trail almost another 50 miles.  This will be a full day.  Don't forget to pack a lunch.  Since this trail is North of town, our usual meeting place has changed.  Please, read the event details carefully.  The last day of a three day weekend usually means interstate traffic.  We won't be waiting for late arrivals.  

A new piece has been added to the Articles section of the site addressing Site Complaints.   People often disagree with things on this site and some get upset over small or non-issues.  I probably should have addressed these common complaints a long time ago and started to, but I just now got around to completing a response. 

See everyone on Monday!

May 17, 2018
We were recently revisiting, Hoodoo, Addison, Milford, Ingomar, and Picture Rock Mines.   The mines look about the same as the way we left them.  If you're in the area, be more mindful of small children and pets.  There has been another confirmed sighting of a mountain lion in the area.  

Good news, bad news.  To reduce the sting, we'll begin with the bad news.  Our group repeater that has had many setbacks, too much effort and more than tripled in budget, is now a dead project.  After the GMRS repeater on Low Potosi went down, we began this project out of safety necessity.  My sincere apologies to those who were relying on this new repeater to come online.

Good news is someone else with far more knowledge was generous enough to install a new GMRS repeater on High Potosi.  This new repeater is far more reliable than ours ever would have been, triple the transmission output and is about 2500 feet above the previous repeater location with unobstructed views in all directions.  As with most complicated projects, this one has a few more tiny bugs to work out, but is currently operational and already has the best coverage and range of all previous and current GMRS repeaters.  

I believe the furthest contact made using this repeater was in excess of 120 miles, but with a good radio, antenna, and elevation it will easily exceed that.  It should have no problems reaching most of our local trails and mining districts including Mormon Well Trail which we will be visiting shortly.

If you weren't already aware, we will be running this trail this coming Memorial Day Monday.  Details can be found through the link.  Since it's not a weekend and fewer employers are observing Memorial Day as a National Holiday,  we're not expecting a large group for this event.  Although we wish Memorial Day was more widely observed,  a less crowded trail is always appreciated.  

May 10, 2018
We finally narrowed down a destination for our Memorial Day event.  This coming May 28, 2018, we'll be running the Mormon Well Trail.   We've run this trail solo and found this is one of those trails you'll want to run with others.  It's extremely remote and, depending on weather, the trail can be very easy or very dangerous.   Since we are headed north, our common meeting spot has changed.  Please, carefully read the event details provided in the link above.  

I know most will want to get underground somewhere, but since we've visited most places within a couple hours of town worth visiting, we are going with a trail run.  It also looks like summer is early, so a little elevation and air conditioning is appreciated.  

May 3, 2018
My apologies for missing updates again.  Those who saw me last, may have noticed I wasn't well.  I don't like being still for too long and that bronchitis turned into pneumonia.  Other than the right meds, there isn't much to do for pneumonia other than rest.  I get bored easily and rather than rest, I kept trying to entertain myself, which slowed my healing progress.  I'm feeling better now, but had I been a better patient, I would have been better weeks ago.

This weeks update is an addition to the guest writer series.  Blake addresses common misconceptions about steel cased ammunition.  It's something I use often and have heard from many people why I shouldn't.  Blake breaks down the myths and gives his professional opinions.   

April 12, 2018
Another great event was held this past weekend.  As always, great to see familiar and new faces.  Images from that event can be found in the completed event gallery.  

We're going to try to fit in one more event before summer is on us.  Probably this coming Memorial Day. May 28.  During summer, we'll try to schedule an evening fluorescent mineral hunt.   Of all the evening events we've held, I don't think any of us find anything worth keeping, but it's still a good time to hang out with friends and kick some rocks around.  

When it gets too hot to hike and climb, a trail run is always an option.  That way,  everyone but Ken can enjoy some air conditioning.  We have some great local trails ranging from scenic to slightly technical.  Most local trails are maintained to the point where 4WD isn't needed.  

We'll have another cookout event, but we'll be limiting those to once a year and sometime late October or November where we can actually enjoy a fire.  I'll keep everyone posted.

If you'd like to suggest a future event destination or maybe you've seen something on the site you'd like to see for yourself, we're always open to suggestions.  

April 5, 2018
Last call for our event this coming Saturday April 7, 2017.  We'll be returning to Clark Mountain to visit a few mines we weren't able to reach last time and possibly revisit some of the larger mines.

We do have a favor to ask the group.  We have a father and son from out of town that would like to join us.  If anyone has a couple seats to spare for the day, I'm sure they will appreciate it.  I'd offer our spares, but they may be taken and we won't know until the morning of the event.   Transportation for these two was confirmed, but because of a family emergency, that arrangement will not work.  If you can help with this, please send me an email quickly so arrangements can be made.

I finally got around to moving the old updates to a separate archive page.  Everything there is date sensitive and mostly irrelevant now anyway.  This page really needed a good cleaning. The link to the archives can be found here or at the top of this page, a couple rows below the site logo.

See everyone this weekend.

March 29, 2018
New images have been added to the Taylor Mine and Lizzie Bullock Mine galleries in the Ivanpah, California directory.  Not coincidentally, these locations also happen to be featured stops for our group event next Saturday the 7th of April.   Details of the event can be found in the previous links.  If you plan on attending, an email would be appreciated.  All participants are expected to read and accept the event waivers of liability. 

I've been nursing bronchitis for far too long.  Hopefully, I'll be feeling well enough to enjoy this event.  Even if I'm not, I'll still be there, but probably won't be in a climbing mood.  I wasn't even going to post this update, but Russ made me.   haha

March 22, 2018
There's been a slight change of plans regarding our April 7, 2018 event.  The date is still the same, but our location has changed.  Originally, we were planning on visiting the New Trail Mine  and surrounding areas.  It's an interesting site, but after researching a route for other stops, there just wasn't enough of interest to fill a day.

Plan B was a route taking us to Rhyolite and Beatty.  It does appear there is enough to see for a full day, but we've never been to either destination and we really need practical experience to arrange a day.  We'd hate to drive two hours there only to find the trails were bad or nothing to see at the chosen stops.  After we get a chance to scout the area or have the services of a competent guide,  we'll plan for a future date.  Our window of good weather opportunity is quickly closing, so that event may be a while.

Back in February of 2016, we visited Clark Mountain in Ivanpah as a group.  It turned out to be one of our more enjoyable events, but we did miss a couple mines because of trail conditions.  The trails have had a couple years to naturally settle so, we'll be returning to Clark Mountain and beginning where we left off in 2016.

Details of the event were sent out last week.  If you've been to a previous event or in fairly recent email contact with me, you should have received it.  If not, please check your spam or bulk email folder.  If it's not there, I probably don't have your email address. 

Details of the event can be found here.  Hope to see you there. 

March 22, 2018
There's been a slight change of plans regarding our April 7, 2018 event.  The date is still the same, but our location has changed.  Originally, we were planning on visiting the New Trail Mine  and surrounding areas.  It's an interesting site, but after researching a route for other stops, there just wasn't enough of interest to fill a day.

Plan B was a route taking us to Rhyolite and Beatty.  It does appear there is enough to see for a full day, but we've never been to either destination and we really need practical experience to arrange a day.  We'd hate to drive two hours there only to find the trails were bad or nothing to see at the chosen stops.  After we get a chance to scout the area or have the services of a competent guide,  we'll plan for a future date.  Our window of good weather opportunity is quickly closing, so that event may be a while.

Back in February of 2016, we visited Clark Mountain in Ivanpah as a group.  It turned out to be one of our more enjoyable events, but we did miss a couple mines because of trail conditions.  The trails have had a couple years to naturally settle so, we'll be returning to Clark Mountain and beginning where we left off in 2016.

Details of the event were sent out last week.  If you've been to a previous event or in fairly recent email contact with me, you should have received it.  If not, please check your spam or bulk email folder.  If it's not there, I probably don't have your email address. 

Details of the event can be found here.  Hope to see you there. 

March 15, 2018
Something in the site broke itself and previous links in this section were broken.  From this day forward, links will work, but previous links are gone.  This only applies to this page.  All other links should be working.  I still think there's only 2 or 3 people reading any of this anyway so hopefully, nobody will notice or care and I won't have to go back and fix each broken link. This gives me a good reason to archive most of this page which I should have done a long time ago.  I'll try to get to that soon.

New images have been added to the New Trail Mine gallery in the Ivanpah Directory.  We haven't been there in a while, but it's on the short list of possible stops for our next group event scheduled on April 7, 2018. We haven't been to this area as a group, but were west of the area back in 2015.  

We have yet to confirm a location or route.  The New Trail Mine area is just a starting point for ideas, but the more I've researched, the less likely it looks for a group event.  We enjoyed the area, but there isn't much nearby of interest to keep a groups attention.

In February of 2016, we went as a group to Clark Mountain.  That was a great day, but because of trail conditions, we weren't able to reach Lizzie Bullock and Taylor Mine.  That might make a better destination.  Plenty to see in and around both locations.  If time permits and everyone is willing, we could revisit a few locations.

For all previous events, we've made advance trips of all routes to make sure trails are passable and make trail repairs if necessary.  It's not looking like we'll be able to pre-run these routes, so we'll find out how bad it is together.  

March 1, 2018
I think I'm going to need a little help, please.  We have an event planned next month, but still no destination.  If you have any ideas or would like to lead the group, it would be greatly appreciated.  

We have the option of a trail run, but I was thinking of saving trail runs for later in the year when it's too hot to hike around.  We'll probably schedule an evening mineral hunt and annual cookout later in the year for the same reason.  

If there's somewhere you'd like to go or lead, here are a few of the route requirements:
1.  This group has attendees of different ages and abilities.  Stops should be close to the parking area.

2.  Trails should be passable by stock, high clearance vehicles.

3.  Trails should allow parking of large groups and allow turning if necessary.

4.  Destinations should be on public land or with permission of the land owner. 

Some of the suggested destinations are:

A rerun of the Northern Ivanpah event. I enjoyed this route, but we were there not too long ago. 

A rerun of the Sourthern Ivanpah event. This was one of my favorite events.  It's all surface, but there is so much to see and we haven't been there as a group since October 2015.

We haven't been to Lucy Gray Mine as a group.  There are a few cabins to visit, but the mine has been sealed.

That is what has been suggested so far, but we're still hoping for more suggestions.  I hope to hear them soon.  Send an email with your suggestions.

February 22, 2018
I was hoping to schedule something sooner, but it's looking like Saturday April 7, 2018 is the earliest we can schedule another group event.  We have no idea where we're going yet, but we wanted to make sure everyone was aware we were planning an event well in advance.  

I'm all out of good ideas for destinations.  We have a little time to think about this.  If you've been somewhere you think the group would enjoy, feel free to suggest a location or lead for the day.  

February 15, 2018
I've been in Florida the past week, so there's my excuse for not updating yet again.  Not too much to report about the trip other than the flight home.  

I had a layover flight in Dallas and found a rowdy group of Aussie's waiting to board the same plane. Young guys.  Probably their first trip to Vegas and they were excited, but I keep to myself on planes and just wanted some quiet time.  I was boarded first and hoped they weren't sitting near me.

As I'm getting settled into my seat, I can hear them getting closer and closer until they take both rows behind me and all six seats.  Before we even take off they were annoying me by random yelling and bumping or kicking my seat.  When we get up to altitude,  I put on my headphones and start to watch the UFC event from a couple days before on my phone.  

I'd already tuned them out well into the first fight and noticed that each time someone landed a strike in the fight, the guys behind me were yelling, "Oyyy!".  I look back and there's a guy looking at my phone between the seats, a couple more were standing to see, and the row behind and across the aisle were all leaning to watch.  

I didn't realize UFC 221 was held in Australia.  The guys said they were Australian Army on leave, so they were cheering for the Australian and New Zealand fighters.  I put my phone away and powered up the laptop so they could watch on a larger screen.  They were still rowdy, but fights are always better with other fight fans.   

January 25, 2018
It's looking like we might be doing something in a few weeks on Washington/Presidents Day.  That's on Monday.  February, 19, 2018.  Mondays are our regular days in or on mountains.  Since President's/Washington's isn't really observed locally, we're not going to make a big deal of the day.  We'll be out, but won't be calling this an event.  If you have the day off, have nothing better to do, and want to join us for the day, send me an email.  

Since this day with be very informal, we have nothing planned.  We don't have a destination in mind yet, so it could be underground, surface, or even a trail run.  We'll make something up as the day approaches.  If there's somewhere you've wanted to visit, but not alone, feel free to suggest a spot.

January 18, 2018
I've always been the type of guy who buys groceries for only a day or two when it would make more sense to plan further ahead.  It seems I've taken the same approach when it comes to planning events.  Rather than frustrate myself with short-planning and to allow everyone to better prepare, we'll try to plan out the entire year of events in advance. 

This years Federal Holiday schedule is as follows:
Monday, February 19.  Washington's Birthday
Monday,  May 28.  Memorial Day
Wednesday,  July 4.  Independence Day
Monday, September 3.  Labor Day
Monday, October 8.  Columbus Day
Monday, November 12.  Veterans Day
Thursday, November 22.  Thanksgiving Day
Tuesday, December 25.  Christmas Day

I think most will want to spend time with family on the major holidays, so that leaves us with:  Washington, Memorial, Labor, and Veterans Days.  I've mostly lived in military towns where almost everyone had those Federal Holidays off.  This town doesn't seem to follow the Federal Holiday schedule, but we're going to attempt events on those days.  Please, send me an email well in advance if you'd like to  attend.  Interest will determine if we have an event or not.  We'll also try to fit in some Saturday events to match everyone's regular schedules.  

No locations have been considered yet.  If you'd like to suggest a location, please send it my way.  Also, these events don't have to work around around our schedule.  If you've been to a few events and would like to lead your own,  there are probably some who would be interested in joining you.

January 4, 2018
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.  We hope you were all safe and spent your holidays with good friends and family.  Our holiday was spent sick, but working.  We didn't really get anything good for Christmas.  Rather than waiting to get each other thing we want, we just get each other what we want throughout the year.  Those gifts usually end up being more climbing gear even though we have way more than we use or need.  

I was looking at this years holiday schedule for possible events and here are the nationally recognized holidays:  2018 Federally Recognized Holiday Schedule .  If you have a preferred holiday to meet, let me know and we'll try to arrange something.  

The next Federal holiday is MLK Day in just under two weeks on Monday the 15th.  Although a Federal Holiday, it is one of the lessor holidays that is often not recognized with a day off.    If you have that day off and feel like getting out, send me an email.  If enough people show interest, we may arrange a day out.  

December 14, 2017
Thanks to all who attended our rescheduled 5th year anniversary event.  The picture gallery can be found at the other end of that link.  For most, this was a return to familiar mines, but for others this was their first time underground.  We've been underground countless times.  So much that a mine has to have some remarkable features to keep my attention.  I miss that feeling of discovery some of you experienced that day.  In that sense, I was a bit envious.  

Hard to believe  five years has already passed.  When I started this site,  my intention was to just park pictures and share information I had difficulty locating with others.  I never intended the site to be so interactive or meet any of you.  Not even sure how that first trip came about, but I'm so glad this has become a regular thing.  Many of you have become genuine friends.  Life is better with good friends and great adventures.  We'll see you soon. 

November 30, 2016
If you've attended a previous event and have not received an email from me recently, have a look at your spam folders.  I sent out bulk email and some email clients consider them spam.  We have an invitation only event coming up soon.  If you've attended a previous event, would like to join us for another, and have not received an email invitation, please send me an email for more information.  

November 20, 2017
Sorry it's  been so long since the last update.  Honestly, we've been so busy with the move I completely forgot to even offer a lame excuse.  Here's what's been going on since we last spoke.  We did get into the house, but it's proven to be much more work than anticipated.  

I knew the house needed work, but the way it was received left us with a never ending to-do list.  Not even joking, the interior has 10 shades of paint colors.  Some can probably be covered with one coat of high quality paint, but there is plenty that will need to be primed before painting.  There's so much to do that we're seeing very little progress.  At this point, I'm seriously thinking of fire as an option.

Sorry about the lack of events.  We're going to try to make it up soon, but we're not going to make it a big production like before.  This site has been around for five years.  If you've ever attended an event in those five years, please send me an email. We are planning something very soon.  This event will only be for those who have previously attended.  We'll hold an open invitation event sometime early next year. 

Many of you have been in regular contact over the years.  I'll send email invitations to those.  If you have not received an email within the next day or two and have attended a previous event, please send an email for event details. 

October 26, 2017
This home buying process is almost finished.  We own the house, but the previous owners have yet to leave.  We expect to begin the move early next week.  The house does need a lot of personalization before we can settle in, but at least we are making progress.  Someone ask me about the delays when we all meet again.  Lots of stories to tell.  I'm also in need of floor tiling.  Does anyone here do that or know someone who does?  

The scheduled events section on the main page has been changed.  It says to email if you are interested in events.  We enjoy getting together as a group, but we're finding that organizing these events is a huge pain in the ass.  We'll still have group events, but I probably won't be announcing them anymore.  If you want to attend,  occasionally ask.  

October 12, 2017
My apologies for cancelling last weeks event.  Because of the shootings, all time off was rescinded.  I posted and notified most by email within minutes of the cancellation.  The very next morning, work decided they had everything covered and returned us to regular work schedules.  Rather than try to regroup everyone after just cancelling the event, we decided to just leave it cancelled.  

I have to apologize, yet again, for the lack of quality site updates.  As mentioned previously, we are in the process of buying another home and it's proving more difficult and complicated than anticipated.  We're trying to keep the process moving forward and keeping ourselves as available to the process as possible.  Keeping ourselves available means we have to stay within cell phone range to address changes immediately.  We've barely been out in months and being tethered to a phone is making me irritable.  

Hopefully, we can reschedule this event soon, but with the major holidays fast upon us, it's not looking good for an  event before the end of the year.  If we do, it will likely be short notice, so check the main page for announcements when you can. 

October 2, 2017
Because of recent events, all time off has been rescinded and our 5 Year Anniversary event scheduled for October 7, 2017 has been cancelled.  These scheduling conflicts cannot be avoided. I do apologize for any inconvenience this will or may cause any of you.

Emails have been sent to all I've had recent contact with, but I may have missed some.  If you have contact with others who were interested in attending this event, please contact them to make sure they are aware of this cancellation. We appreciate your understanding and hope to reschedule this event in the near future. 

September 21, 2017
I  can hardly wait until this home buying process is over.  It sucks to be living this, but we'll have a good story to tell you all later.  As I've mentioned over the last few updates, this home buying process and move has been keeping me from updating the site.  Still,  people have been sending angry emails about the lack of updates. One even threatened to take his business elsewhere which is odd since this site sells nothing and never has.  I appreciate all who visit this site, but it's certainly not the only site online.  This site has been online for five years.  It's so bad if we occasionally miss a weekly update.  

The weather is tolerable and hopefully we'll settle into our new home soon, so fresh updates should be along shortly.  In the meantime, here's another selection from the previous forum about "Unexplained".  That's how it began, but as with all of our forum topics, everyone posted with the attention spans of toddlers. 

Also, coming soon is another field event.  This coming October 7, 2017,  we'll be headed south and getting underground again.  Not sure how many will attend.  Since much of our day will be spent underground, I'm kind of hoping for a smaller group, but all are welcome.  Details can be found through this link.  It was recently updated, so please make sure you read and review it all. 

September 7, 2017
We are still in the process of relocating.  Buying a new home isn't as fun as I thought it would be.  We haven't been in the mountains for a while so no good outdoor updates.  In the meantime, I found another entertaining thread from the old site forum.  

August 31, 2017
Trying to purchase a new home and move.  A little busy at the moment. 

August 24, 2017
We still have our 5 year anniversary event scheduled for October 7, 2017.  Details of this event are being finalized.  Because this is an anniversary event, we'll be revisiting some of our previous stops and a few new ones along the way.  Much of the day will be spent underground, so there will be age and pet restrictions.  

Details of the event may change, but the current details can be found here.

August 17, 2017
New images have been added to the Sultan Mine gallery in the Goodsprings, Nevada directory.  We had no real reason to be there.  It's just been a while since we got underground and that's where we ended up.  The interior hasn't changed much, but the surface seems to change a lot every year.  The lower trail that used to lead up to the main mine portal is no longer there. You can't even tell there was once a trail there.  Expect to hike a little longer.  

We've also noticed people have been hunting coyote in the area.  I know it's legal and I'm not going to judge anyone for hunting.  I've been hunting a few times, but it's not something I could enjoy and get into.  Except for hog hunting.  Not sure why that's acceptable to me.  If hunting coyote is your thing, it's proper etiquette to remove or properly dispose of your kills.  Leaving them stacked on display on the only access trail is kind of an asshole thing to do.

A new piece has been added to the  "Random Articles and Accounts" section.   Another addition to the Forum. Best of Series: Gossip.

August 10, 2017
A few have been asking about the status of our repeater project.  It's not at its permanent location yet, but it is operational.  We've had a few issues that are taking longer than anticipated to resolve, but we'd rather discover and troubleshoot these issues while it's still easily accessed.  Once it goes to its remote location, we hope to only access it once every few years to replace the battery.  The current issue is with the charging system, but the company supplying the solar system components is sending replacement parts.  

Some have been asking for the repeater frequency.  I think I need to offer a little more clarity.  As stated from first mention of this project,  building this radio repeater and solar charging system would not be cheap.  Our initial completion estimates were in the $500 dollar range.  We are currently just under triple of that estimate.  Many are asking, but very few have contributed to this build and only those who contribute will have access to this repeater.   Details about the repeater project are here. 

This is separate from the group simplex (radio to radio) frequency.   That frequency has remained the same, but to filter out local radio traffic, we've added a new tone.  These are not private frequencies.  Others will still be able to hear us, but with the tone, we won't be able to hear them.  

If anyone is interested, I still have one mobile radio available for sale.  

August 4, 2017
The recently announced event scheduled for August 5, 2017 has been cancelled.  I'm not feeling up for it.  If more confirmed, I would go anyway, but with so few who confirmed it's probably best that we wait for a larger group.  

August 3, 2017
A few of us are meeting on Saturday night to wander the desert and kick around some rocks.  Because of the short notice and work schedules, we're not expecting many, but we're still looking forward to getting out and doing something outdoors.  We'll  be meeting at our usual spot. If you'd rather just meet on location, that's fine too, but please send me an email that you'll be attending.  We don't want to risk leaving anyone out there overnight.  Details are here. 

If I previously programmed your handheld radios, make sure you bring all of them for reprogramming.

July 27, 2017
Does anyone feel like getting out next Saturday?  That would  be August 5th.  It's still too hot to enjoy anything during the day, but a night event might be fun.  We call these night events "fluorescent mineral hunts", but mostly we just walk around in the dark and socialize.  If this is something that would interest any of you, send me an email.  Sorry about the short notice.  Details are here.

July 20, 2017
New images have been added to the Chiquita Mine gallery in the Goodsprings, Nevada directory.  This is one of the mines we visit at least once a year.  Not because there is so much to see, but because it's usually on the way to somewhere else.  Our most recent visit was with the purpose of verifying its identify from historic photos.  

July 13, 2017
Sorry this update is coming late.  We have a lot going on at the moment.  I may share some of these distractions at a later date.

New to the Guest  Writer section is the next series installment by Blake where he discusses triggers.  One of Blake's many triggers is when someone assumes his gender.  That makes him angry and sad.  It's 2017.  Blake can be whatever he wants to be.

July 6, 2017 
Hopefully, everyone had a safe and enjoyable Independence Day.  Until everyone in our neighborhood started with the fireworks, ours was fairly quiet.  I enjoy fireworks for the first few minutes, then I'm over it and just want it quiet again.  Around 9:30, all was silent and I could finally get some rest.  Then our neighbors confused Independence Day with New Years Eve and the shelling started up again at midnight.  

I'm only in my 40's.  I really shouldn't be this fussy.  It's probably because I'm not feeling well.  Which leads me to last weeks announcement.  That invitation only underground event is indefinitely on hold.  I don't think anyone wants to climb in this heat and for the safety of others, I should probably wait until I'm feeling closer to 100%.

So, at this time, we have no group events scheduled until October 7.  As always, if any of you have anything planned and want to invite others, just send me an email and I'll make an announcement.

June 29, 2017
Sorry for missing some updates.  As mentioned in previous posts, we tend to slow things down in the summer to avoid the heat.  We've also just returned from traveling out of state.  Hopefully, we'll have some useful updates and information for you soon. 

We may be planning an underground venture soon that will require rope access.  Rope will only be used for safety, so rope skills will not be needed, but climbing will be involved. Space will be limited for this event and everyone will need to take an accurate account of personal physical fitness.  

Because of the limited space, this may be an invitation only event.  I may ask a few with previous experience to join and help, but if you've been on rope with us in the past, you will likely not receive an invitation to this event to make room for those who have not.  

June 8, 2017
The Potosi repeater now appears to be offline.  If I programmed your handheld radios, the Potosi repeater was channel 16 for you.   Click through for alternative repeater information.

Our private group repeater is functional and has been operating for almost a month now.  Currently, range is limited.  Repeaters work best with differences in elevation.  Las Vegas is shaped like a bowl.  The repeater is currently operating from the bottom of the bowl.  From the outskirts of town, in higher elevation,  the reach and clarity is great.  If you're close to the same elevation as the repeater, range is around or less than 5 miles. 

When the repeater is moved to higher elevation,  we should have coverage of the entire valley and well into the mountains.  Getting 100 pounds of equipment to elevation will not be easy.  We missed the best window of opportunity and may wait until cooler weather arrives to attempt placement. 

We haven't been getting underground much lately, but we are still getting out.  We've been shooting once or twice a week with various Veterans groups.  Mostly for recreation, but also for therapeutic reasons.  I've always enjoyed shooting, but being around these guys has shown me how little I know.  Long time friend of the site, Blake, took the time to share his thoughts on shooting.  I'm sure some of you will disagree with his methods, but it's difficult to argue with his results.  

Hopefully, first in a series, Blake's article on Combat Shooting Skills has been added to the Guest Writer section of the site. 

June 1, 2017
Thanks so much to those who decided to spend their Memorial Day Monday with us.  Images from the day can be found through that direct link or with the others on the Completed Field Events page.  

What was the deal with so many people bringing sandwiches to a cookout?  For mine exploration events everyone is responsible for their own meals, but cookouts are potluck events.  Like an outdoor buffet.  Everyone brings something for the food table so the food selection grows.  In the future, just know that the food on the tables is for everyone to share.  

It's about to get much hotter and we aren't as active in the mountains.  We still get out, but since it's so uncomfortable, we don't often invite others to share in our misery.  We'll also be traveling some this summer and will be mostly unavailable.  

We do have the sites 5 year anniversary coming up on Saturday October 7 .  Ideas have been floated about another cookout or an exploration event.  The weather will be much more tolerable in October, so we may even do both.  We have plenty of time to think about it.  If you have any ideas, please send me an email.

I just received two new reports of mine closures in the Goodsprings area, but the two didn't have GPS and were unable to describe the area well enough to identify.  If you see any new closures or crews working, please let me know. 

May 25, 2017
Last call notice for our Memorial Day Cookout.  We won't be meeting and heading to the location as a group.  Detailed directions including a map with coordinates and mileage is on the event page.  If you'd like to attend, please don't just show up.  Send me an email and let me know what you'll be bringing.  There's a list on the events page of things that are still needed.  Additionally, this is a potluck cookout.  What you bring should be proportionate to the amount of people you'll be bringing.  We are currently expecting 15-20 people. 

In case you missed the previous announcements, we've added a privacy tone to our group radio frequency.  If you'd like to have your radios programmed before the event, we still have time to meet up.   I also still have a couple mobile mounted radios for sale if you'd like something with a more reliable range.  If you're interested and attending the cookout, send me an email reminder to bring them. 

Sorry about the weak updates.  We haven't really done anything fun lately.

May 11, 2017
I think this is the first time a site update has fallen on my wife's birthday.  Happy birthday to my beautiful wife who turns 29 again!  We don't really do much for birthdays and Christmas.  Rather than wait a couple times a year,  we just get each other things we want throughout the year.  It usually ends up being climbing gear that I've lost over the years which is quite a bit.  I was just laying everything out on the driveway to see what we have and what we need.  Either my memory is getting far worse or we need to find better friends.

A new piece has been added to the Random Articles and Accounts section.  I was going through an old hard drive and came across a large folder of threads saved from the old site forum.  For those who aren't aware,  this site used to have an active forum until we were forced to switch to software that is not forum compatible.  I can't speak for the rest of you, but I know it made me a little less productive.  I had a great time reading through those archives and wanted to share one of the more memorable conversations with you.  Frankenthread.

Still having a cookout on Memorial Day Monday.  Details are in the link. 

May 4, 2017
Been busier than usual this week and don't really have an update for you.  My apologies for the delays in the repeater project.  We're at a stand-still in some aspects of the build, but I believe we're seeing progress in others.  Still no time table, but it definitely will not be ready by the Memorial Day Cookout.  Speaking of which,  only three have confirmed for that event.  The last time we had a cookout, only four confirmed and over 20 showed up.  

We'll be making some changes to our common group simplex (radio to radio) frequency.  There's a local church organization that has mostly taken over the GMRS band.  There are 8 primary GMRS frequencies and an additional 8 GMRS shared with FRS frequencies. This church group has around 30 local locations and you'll hear them on any of the 16 available frequencies.  

It's not  just them.  I regularly hear business operations on these frequencies all over town, but they are primarily using the low output radios you can buy off the shelf at Walmart, Best Buy, and Fry's.  Drive a block away and you're already out of range.  This church group is programming in higher power radios for use on GMRS frequencies that can reach for miles.  They are using call signs and are in compliance with regulations unless someone views church use as business use.  Their business is none of ours, so to avoid cross talk, we'll make a minor change. 

Our group simplex frequency will remain the same, but we'll be adding a tone so we won't have to hear others on the same frequency.  This is a specific sub-audible tone that is sent with your transmission.  A receiving radio within our group searches for that sub-audible tone.  If the tones match, your audio comes through the receiving radio.  If the tones don't match,  you won't hear the transmitting radio.  As of today, your radios will still work, but you won't be able to communicate with others who have already had this tone change.  That means everyone. 

April 27, 2017
The previously mentioned radios are in and programmed, but we only have two left.  These are high powered, commercial quality, radios requiring a GMRS license to transmit.  There is a fee for this class of license, but no test. It also covers your entire immediate family. We would prefer these radios to stay within our group network.  If you've attended a few group events, that includes you.  Details about these radios for sale can be found here.

Our event to Vanderbilt, CA was this past Sunday and the gallery has been added to the Completed Events section.   I was looking forward to this event for a while, but I wasn't feeling well and hope my mood didn't set the tone for the day.  It may not have been as obvious, but I did enjoy seeing everyone again.  

Between now and unbearable summer,  we have one more planned event on Memorial Day.  May 29, 2017.  Details for that event have been updated.   This will be a cookout event, so numbers are important.  Please, RSVP with a list of what you'll be bringing.  

April 20, 2017
Last call for Vanderbilt this coming Sunday the 23rd!  Weather is expected to be clear in the high 80's.  Bring your sunscreen and dress light.  If you haven't already confirmed your attendance, please do so now.   I don't think we'll ever get to the point where we start turning away people who didn't previously confirm, but as a courtesy, it would be greatly appreciated.  A lot of effort and preparation you don't see goes into these events.  These events are always free and we only ask two things of you:  Confirm your attendance in advance and sign a liability waiver.  

Also this weekend, Saturday the 22nd and Sunday the 23rd, is the Gold Prospectors Association of America show at South Point Hotel and Casino.  There, you'll find prospecting supplies and equipment for the casual gold and rock hound to the advanced hobbyist and small scale commercial miner.  For the mineral collectors,  there are usually 2 or 3 mineral booths.  Entry tickets are $5 presale online or $10 at the gate.  If you choose to go, maybe go on Saturday.  Don't forget we're going to Vanderbilt on Sunday.

I don't have any repeater news, but I have some related information.  I may have an opportunity to buy some used Motorola mobile radios for your vehicles.  It's not a done deal yet,  but I've already posted some information on the For Sale page.  

If you plan on traveling in the Lovell Canyon Rd. area, please use caution and travel in groups.  We've recently witnessed suspicious activity that might suggest another illegal growing operation.  I don't think it's a secret that it happens in our mountains.  A few large grow operations have been interrupted over the last few years and various people have told us they've come across single plants here and there.  I don't think someone tending a single plant for personal use will be a significant threat.  Someone growing a large crop just might and you can't tell the difference between the two.  Unless someone appears to need assistance,  we tend to keep our distance from others.  No real point to this.  Just use caution.

April 13, 2017
Information has been updated for upcoming events.  Our event to Vanderbilt is coming up quickly  and only three people have confirmed.  There seems to be a pattern with this group.  The same three people confirm attendance and twenty people show up.  Click this link and confirm by email.  It takes a few seconds to type "I'm in.".  

A location for our Memorial Day cookout has been found.  Details are in the link. If you'll be attending, you'll need to bring a food item.  You have over a month to think about it.  A few pictures of the site have been added to the details page, but the site is way more scenic than what we captured.  

I thought we were ahead of schedule with the repeater project, but now it seems were are behind schedule.  All of the major components are in, but we have yet to build a frame and assemble the charging system.  It's because of these potential delays that I asked some of you to withhold funds until the project is further along.  

Some may be wondering, "What funds?".  Those details have been on the repeater page since the idea was first mentioned.  A battery operated and solar charged repeater system isn't cheap and we are well over the initial budget.  We expected to incur the bulk of the cost, but we're certainly not going to pay it all.  As was stated since the beginning,  only those who have contributed to the build of this repeater project will have access.  

Hopefully, we'll have a complete working system within the next couple of weeks.  If we can get the frame built soon, we'll have it at ground level to test for another week or two.  From there, it goes up to its final destination at elevation.  

April 6, 2017
Another completed event is out of the way.   This event took us to the west side of Goodsprings, Nevada to search for fluorescent minerals.  I don't think we were in a good spot to find fluorescents.  Lots of iron, but not a lot of color.  Although I am happy to wander the mountains with a flashlight,  others may take their collections more seriously. If anyone knows of better nearby spots for future night events, please let me know. 

Our next scheduled event is coming up quickly on the 23rd of this month.  Although this event will be almost entirely on the surface,  this is the event I've looked forward to the most.   I do enjoy getting underground, but for group events,  I most enjoy the stops for the socializing.  For that reason, of all our completed events, our trip to Southern Ivanpah is my personal favorite.  I have a strong feeling this upcoming event with surpass that as my new favorite.  This is the event you don't want to miss.  If you haven't already,  please reserve your spot by email:

Our repeater project is nearing completion.  All parts are in and we've begun final assembly of the charging system.  Next phase is final testing.  We want the entire system to be tested for at least a couple weeks at ground level.  Once we're sure everything is working well,  it'll move to its elevation destination.  This destination may move once or twice before we settle on a final location for best coverage.  

I've asked a few to withhold their share of funds until this project nears completion.  We're getting close, but I think we are still a few weeks away from a completed system.  If you haven't already applied for and received your GMRS license, you may want to begin that process.  This is a private repeater, but FCC regulations will still apply.  

March 23, 2017
Looks like our event schedule is filled for the year. New and updated information has been added to all events, so please review to make sure you have the latest information.  

Our repeater project is nearing completion.  The system is built and we are currently testing for power requirements.  This is primarily a group safety repeater, but can be used for your own entertainment in and around town.  If being involved in this project interests you,  please read for further details.

Our night mineral hunt is scheduled for Friday the 31st of this month.  Personally, I have no idea what I'm looking for, so I'm just going to hang out with good people.  There are a handful that have emailed interest in attending this event, but I don't think I have an accurate account of numbers.  

A new event date has been set for Sunday, April 23, 2017.  The intended destination is Vanderbilt, CA.  For reference, it's south of Nipton, CA.  Other than the destination and date, no further details are available.

We've been considering Vanderbilt as an event destination for a while now, but our last few events have been on national holiday Mondays.  If you've ever tried to head south on I-15 the last day of a three day weekend, you'll know the problem.  By 9:00 AM, traffic on I-15 is already backed up north of the Jean exit.  If we left earlier at 8:00 AM,  we'd still get stuck in traffic well before the Primm exit.  If we left even earlier at 7:00 AM,  there's a good chance we'll encounter traffic before our exit another 10 miles south of Primm. 

If anyone is interested, the Gold Prospectors show will be at South Point Hotel the same weekend as our Vanderbilt event on April 22 and 23.  It's a good time to try and buy the latest field equipment.  

We'll be away for a while during the summer months.  We often avoid the desert in those triple digits anyway, but if any of you would like to invite others for your days out, feel free to send me the info so I can get it posted. 

Beyond that,  we have the VegasUnderworld 5 year anniversary coming this October.  No further details are available for that event either, but it's a cookout.  You people know how those work.  

Weather will be cooler by then, so I'm sure we can fit an event or two more into 2017.  If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, feel free to send me an email.  

March 16, 2017
Another new article by Russ is in the  Guest Writers section of  the site.  This article covers most of the larger mines Southeast of Goodsprings, NV.  We've been to most of the base camps of those larger mines, but have yet to make the hike up to them.  The longer we wait, the less likely we are to ever reach them,  so we are grateful that Russ was able to capture and detail them for everyone. 

We have a very short list of attendees for the night event on the 31st.  I'm not sure if what I have is the real list or if people will just show up like they do for most events thinking there will always be room.  More so than previous events, I feel a count is more important because this is a night event and we won't be arriving as a group.  It's more important because I don't want to chance leaving anyone out there overnight, so if you plan on going to this event,  please send me an email to confirm.  If you've previously confirmed, but can't make it, please send me an email to adjust the count. It only takes a moment to send an email.

March 9, 2017
If you plan on attending the evening event in a few weeks on March, 31, 2017, please send me an email.  Details are in the links provided.   This will be an evening event and may add new challenges to the less experienced navigators.   New details about this event have been added to the event page.  Please, review for the latest information.  

Update on the group repeater:  The repeater is mostly complete and just beginning test phases.  We'll be collecting data during this test phase period to determine power requirements. This repeater project is well over budget and, as mentioned previously,  we will not incur all of these costs on our own.   Even if we're friends,  to be fair,  only those who have contributed comparable funds, labor, and/or supplies towards completion of this project will be granted access. 

Another new article was added to the Random Articles section.  A quick tutorial on how to retrieve coordinates from Google Earth.  

March 2, 2017
We do have another event scheduled at the end of this month,  March 31, 2017.   This  evening mineral hunt will be held west of Goodsprings in one of the few areas primarily mined for gold.  We will not be traveling to the location as a group.  Details are in the link.  

About a month ago, we made an announcement that the Potosi Mountain GMRS repeater will be coming down soon.  Although we have not been given a date,  we do expect this to happen soon.  We suggested an idea that we all pool our resources together to operate our own repeater for entertainment and safety.  Unfortunately,  very few of you expressed interest. 

Despite this lack of enthusiasm,  we have decided to move forward with this project.  We are beyond the research phase and will be entering into the build and tuning phase as parts are received.  Details are here. 

A new article has been added to our Random Articles and Accounts section.  Someone recently sent an email about something captured in one of our gallery images.  Since others have been wondering over the years,  I felt it now a good time to discuss Paranormal Activity.

February 23, 2017
Our event to Tecopa, California was held recently on President's Day.  Images from that day are available in the links.  Another great day with great people.  

You may have noticed a couple new announcements on the front page.  On March 31, 2017 we'll be meeting up for another night mineral hunt, so dust off your UV lights.  If you don't already have one,  you'll have plenty of time to research and get one.  The more brilliant minerals are only visible under a short wave UV light,  so start your research there.  

A destination hasn't been chosen yet,  but it will likely be a home game somewhere around Goodsprings. Since most probably work Fridays,  we'll just give coordinates and let people arrive at their own pace instead of having to rush out of work and through dinner.  

We also have an event scheduled on Memorial Day Monday.  May 29, 2017.  No destination has been selected for that event either.  If you'd like to suggest a destination, feel free to send an email. 

After that, we have yet another scheduled event on Saturday,  October 7, 2017.  That week, five years ago,  went live and we'll be celebrating with another cookout event.  A destination has not been selected.  Anyone who has ever attended a VegasUnderworld event is invited.  

I know there's a long 5 months between events, but we usually slow things down during those triple digit months and use that time to get caught up on personal time.  I'm sure we'll find something to do during that period. If anyone wants to host anything during those months,  feel free to let me know so I can post it up for you.  

February 16, 2017
Attendance for our trip scheduled for Presidents Day Monday, February 20, 2017 is at full capacity and is now a closed event.  No new participation requests will be accepted.  Confirmation emails have been sent to those who previously reserved.  If you did not receive a confirmation email and feel you should have,  please send me another email with the date you emailed your original participation intent.  I apologize if you wanted to go and missed this opportunity,  but regular announcements to reserve a spot were made often. 

If you previously reserved a position for this event, please, read and review the Event Safety and Waiverspage.  After our last event, I heard that someone complained to others about something that was clear and specific within those pages.  If everyone would take a few moments to understand what is expected of all of us, it would save everyone some confusion and hurt feelings.  

Anyone in need of some climbing rope?  In the past,  I've said to never purchase a used climbing ropeunless you know and really trust the seller.  If you've ever been to one of our group events, I think trust between us is understood since you're trusting us with your lives.  While sorting through and cleaning our garage,  I distracted myself by playing with some climbing gear.  I have an 11.4mm (7/16") x 150 foot rope that someone else could probably use.  I have plenty at the moment and will likely never use that one.

This is the exact rope model for sale at REI:  BlueWater Assaultline Static Rope.  Perfectly fine and capable rope.  It's never been used.  Weight has never been applied to it.  I've never even tied a knot into it.  All I've done to it was unroll it after purchase and rerolled the way I like it.  Other than that,  it's been sitting in a box.

What I didn't think through was the color.  Tactical black seemed like a good idea at the time.  You all know where I'd be using the rope.  In hindsight,  black rope in a dark mine probably wasn't the smartest impulse buy and wasn't a good idea.  If anyone is in need of a static climbing rope and can overlook the color,  it's a great buy at $100. 

As previously announced,  we have a new site section, "Guest Contributions", which will be devoted solely to viewer submissions.  Long time friend of the site, Russ,  opens this section with his accounts of the Lucy Grey Mine as it was in the mid and late 90's.  Far different than we've experienced,  those were days when the underground workings were still open and you could drive to the upper work deck.

Without exception,  everyone we've met through this group has a story to tell or pictures they've taken of  their own adventures.  Even if your accounts are of places already on the site,  there's a good chance we didn't see it the same way.  Whether you just want to share some pictures or have a story to tell,  feel free to submit your experiences for others to enjoy. 

February 2, 2017
In case you missed the announcement on the main page,  we've received important information about our most commonly used mountain repeater.  Sometime in the next month or two, this repeater will become inactive.  We still have other emergency communication options available to us, but with less coverage of our most frequented areas.  We're considering repeater ownership options.  Click through the link for more information.  

I did a little housekeeping with the site.  Mostly cosmetic and continuity issues,  but there's also a new section titled "Guest Writers".  This is something I've been wanting to add since the sites inception.  As the section title states,  this would be a section for others to submit their accounts and adventures.  

We've only been in Vegas for under a decade.  Many of our mines have been closed and made "safe" well before we arrived.  There are some among us that have lived here most of their adult lives and have far greater experiences than us.  Some of those experiences are of times when our local history was still unaltered.  

We hope to begin this new series and section next week with a submission by Russ,  one of our groups Charter Members.  If you have stories or images of your adventures to share,  feel free to submit them.  In fact, please do. Hopefully,  there will be other submissions soon to come.    

Our next group event is in just a few weeks.  I've only received confirmation from a few of you.  If you plan on joining us for this event,  please read through the event details and confirm your attendance by email.  

January 26, 2017
Our group event to Devil Peak and Little Devil Peak was this past weekend.  New images of that and previous events can be found in the  Completed Field Events section.  Thanks to all the group regulars and the many new explorers who chose to join us.  As always,  we had a great time meeting with you. 

We are in the planning stages of our next event being held on Presidents Day Monday.  February 20, 2017. This event will have us underground for several hours and include a scenic drive home along Excelsior Mine Road.  Space will be limited.  Since many in this town are not given Presidents Day off,  I don't think we'll need to cap this event, but as the confirmed numbers grow there may be a cutoff. 

I know it's way too far in advance for most to make any commitments, but the first week of October way back in 2012 went live.  We plan on celebrating this 5 year anniversary with another cookout somewhere in the mountains on Saturday October 7, 2017.  This will be another Invitation Only event, but we'll further simplify the invitation process.  If you've ever been to a VegasUnderworld event, consider yourself invited.   If you've never been to an event, there will be more before the cookout in October.  We have a lot of time to settle the details. 

After legal counsel, there will be some minor changes for future events.  In the past, there has been a vehicle registry sheet, but that was mostly for a head count and so I can refer to it and call out drivers by name if needed.  For all future events, there will be a sign-in sheet that is an agreement to our event Safety and Waivers. 

This information should come as no surprise to anyone since it's at the top of every page on this site and I make constant mention of it leading up to events.   At each event announcement page, it was always said that attendance was an agreement of those terms, so everyone has already been agreeing.  The only thing that will change is there will be a sign in sheet for that same agreement.  Copies of those terms are always available on the site and printed copies are always available on event days.  These agreements are not only for our legal protection, but for the protection of all in attendance.

Other than that, the only thing that will change is our attendee age limit which will be enforced and increased to 14 years of age.  Children below age 14 are still welcome to join us for these events, but will need to stay on the surface at all times.  No exceptions.  

January 19, 2017
I've already received a few emails from some wanting to join us for this weekends event.  I'm really sorry, but as was already mentioned, we are beyond capacity for these mines.   

President's Day Monday.  February 20, 2017 is our next scheduled event.  Because that event will likely explore beyond single level,  that event will be for the Advanced Group only.  Expect a capacity cap for that event.  

Those who have confirmed for this weekends event, please check your event links before meeting to receive the latest information.  Not much more to say.  We're on vacation.  See you all soon. 

January 15, 2017
All available space for our January 21, 2017 tour has been filled.  This is now a closed event.  Those who have previously confirmed were sent an email confirmation.  If you feel you have previously confirmed and did not receive an email,  send me a reminder with the date you confirmed by email.  

I apologize to those who showed interest after the event closure, but we've been saying for a while now that trail space is limited.  If you have confirmed and are unable to commit,  please let me know so that we may offer that space to someone else.  Any new available space will be offered to those in the order of interest. 

January 12, 2017
Over the past few months I've received a few emails from some new to the group asking about bringing small children to group events.  One chain of emails was from a parent that took the age exclusion limit personally as if I were directing the rule at her children.  She felt that she should be able to do whatever she wanted with her children and took the exclusion as an insult to her parenting skills.  I've never personally met her or her children.  

Here is the direct quote regarding the age limitation from the "Safety and Waivers" link which can be found at the top of every page on this site:

"Small children and pets:  Well behaved children and pets are encouraged to attend surface events.  Please, maintain control of your children and pets at all times.  If there is an underground portion of the event,  children under age 12 and pets must remain above ground.  Pets should be leashed during underground exploration so they will not follow others below ground. "

The age limitation is not new.  There has always been an attendee minimum age for underground participation.  In the past, some have asked and we've allowed for some flexibility on a case by case basis. Other times some just brought children assuming it was acceptable.  Honestly, I've received more complaints that children have attended these events than I've received that children are not allowed.  

Personally, I've felt that small children in and around mines are a distraction and a potential safety hazard, but exceptions were made in the past which is the likely source of any confusion. To be fair to all,  we've always had a minimum age limit rule of 12 and we will now be enforcing it without exceptions.  If exceptions were granted to you for previous events,  assume those exceptions have been revoked.   This minimum age of 12 rule enforcement begins with our upcoming January 21, 2017 event.  After that event,  the minimum age limit will be raised to 14 and will continue in perpetuity. 

This enforcement and change of current age restrictions is not a reflection or judgement of anyone's parenting skills or anyone's specific children.  This rule enforcement is in fairness to all without exceptions and for the enjoyment of the majority of others. I don't remember seeing any children in the group event galleries in over 10 months, so this age enforcement will not affect any group regulars.  

To those with children, nobody is saying you can't take your own children underground.  We're just saying you can't take them underground at or during a VegasUnderworld event.  Group attendance and participation is voluntary.  You are not required to attend or participate in any free event.  

Please, read the event Safety and Waivers.  Understand and adhere to them to avoid uncomfortable conversations on event day. 

January 5, 2017
Happy New Year, everyone!  I spent most of my New Year's Eve waiting to get off the Strip and was asleep by 10:00.  I can't remember the last time I wanted to stay up to greet the new year.  It's  one of those holidays that becomes just another day the older you get.  While waiting I was scanning through frequencies on the amateur radio and found some open microphones at nearby music events and was able to hear the live music and backstage interactions.  I could probably hear it better than those in the crowded venues. 

I think most already know that site updates usually show where we've been that week,  but we do keep a catalog of images in reserve in the event we don't get out.  I haven't been feeling well lately and took some time off, so this is one of the weeks we'll be dipping into the image reserve.  

New images have been added to the Noonday Mine gallery in the Tecopa, CA directory.  With today's update, there are over 75 images in that gallery and there is still so much more to see.  This is one of the largest mine systems within  day trip time from Vegas and we have yet to complete a survey.  

We are already planning a return to Tecopa as our next group event.  We aren't going to switch venues multiple times and stress over a new location.  A return trip to Tecopa is settled.  Possibly President's Day Monday, February 20, 2017.

December 29, 2016
I trust everyone had a Merry Christmas.  It's not usually a holiday we make a big deal of, but it is a busy day for us.  If we're not working,  we're making our rounds visiting others who celebrate the day.  Some of these people are only seen that day throughout the year, so the time spent catching up is always enjoyable and appreciated.   

I was just updating my radio call sign list and I currently have about 15 licensed radio operators listed.  There are probably about a dozen more of you who own radios and are not licensed.   In a true emergency,  anyone is allowed to use any form of communications,  licensed or not.  Since I am almost always near a radio and often serve as backup for others,  it might be a good idea if those who own radios email me your emergency contact information.  

If you are in an emergency situation,  you may only have a moment to relay information.  In that situation,  try to give your name,  your emergency, and your location.  I need to know who should receive that information and it's best to have it in advance.   If you have non-emergency messages you'd like relayed,  I don't mind passing those along either.  

New images have been added to the Hoodoo Mine gallery in the Goodsprings, Nevada directory.  It looks the same as it did when we visited last year, but recent rains have changed the trails into washes.  Still passable, but less comfortable.  

We were in the area again repairing trails in advance of our January 21, 2017 group event.  Thanks again to Russ and Bob for using their time off to help with those repairs.  Because of their efforts,  I think the trail is ready.  If you joined us for the Veterans Day cookout, that trail was much worse and you'll have no issues completing the route in 2WD.

December 22, 2016
New images have been added to the Milford Mine gallery in the Goodsprings, Nevada directory.  We were in the area while scouting out a route for our next event.  It's been a while since we gave it a good look and found a way in, but were running short on time and will have to return for the upper and lower levels.  

We thought we finally confirmed a tour route that will visit and explore mines around Devil Peak and Little Devil Peak.  No matter the conditions, our destination will not change again, but it started raining last night ans hasn't stopped.  Our route will take us in and through washes and was rough, but passable just a few days ago.  This amount of rain will likely have changed trail conditions drastically.  Looks like we'll have to revisit, inspect and repair trails again.

We will be going underground for this event.  Several people have already asked questions that have been answered in the links provided, but  we'll cover a few topics here.

Since a good portion of this event will be underground,  you'll need to bring your own basic equipment kit which includes:  helmet,  gloves,  dust mask,  flashlight x3.  We'll be stopping during the event for lunch which will also not be provided, so please pack your own lunch, snacks, and drinks.  

Transportation is not provided.  This trail is more technical than previous areas we've visited.  Cars will not be able to complete this route at any speed.  A high ground clearance vehicle is needed.  Some drivers may want to use 4 wheel drive coming out of washes, but with careful selection of lines will not be needed. 

This event will have children and pet restrictions.  Children and pets are welcome to attend, but we do request that children under 12 remain on the surface.  Pets should also remain on the surface and leashed.

All of this information is always in the Safety and Waivers link at the top of every page.  Please, have a look and review what is expected of all of us to maintain a high safety standard and to avoid any awkward conversations.  One guy was very upset that I do not provide equipment, meals and transportation for these events.  

I'm sorry some feel they aren't getting enough out of this free site and events.  VegasUnderworld is not a business and sells nothing.  I don't know what goes on in some peoples heads to make them think others should provide for them.  I don't owe anyone a vehicle or a sandwich.

December 15, 2016
Sorry to do this again,  but our event on January 21st that was switched from somewhere to somewhere else has been switched again.  We ran our usual pre-event mine and trail inspection of Excelsior Mine Roadon Monday and it won't work for a group event.  

While perfectly fine for a scenic drive,  none of the mines along the way are accessible and most side trails have been closed to motor vehicle traffic.   There's not enough there to occupy a group event schedule.  A new article about Excelsior Mine Road has been added to the Misc. Thoughts and Articles section.  Have a look and read.  Although not suitable for this group event,  I'm sure some of you would still find a day there enjoyable. 

The event on Saturday. January 21, 2017 will now tour Devil Peak and Little Devil Peak which is between Goodsprings, NV and Sandy Valley, NV, but closer to Sandy Valley.   The new details are in the linkprovided.   Please, read all the announcement details as everything about the event has changed.  

December 8, 2016
Just last week an announcement was made about our scheduled January 21st event.  The route options were revisiting Tecopa,  revisiting Goodsprings,  and another cookout.  And the winner is... none of them!

What we enjoy most about getting out there is the exploration and we wanted to do something new to us and the group.  Our scheduled group event will be a mine tour along Excelsior Mine Road.    Details are in the link. There are at least nine large mines and optional points of interest along our planned route.   We do know that some of these mines are huge.  We have no way of giving a return time estimate which will be dependant on how much time is dedicated to each stop.

We still have every intention of returning to Tecopa, but will only return as a small group.  The group we brought with us last time was way too large to be underground.  Because we plan on getting deep, expect that event to be by invitation and advanced skill only.  

December 1, 2016
January 21, 2017 is now a confirmed group event day, but we have no idea where we're going yet.  Some of the ideas suggested have been a return to Tecopa,  revisiting the original Goodsprings, NV route,  another cookout, and another surface and cabin tour.  

I think it might be too soon to hold another cookout since we just completed our first.  It's also a little cold for that.  That event would probably have everyone huddling around a campfire and complaining about the cold.  I wouldn't mind rerunning the original Goodsprings, NV route.  We revisit the same sites year after year anyway and it would give anyone new the opportunity to start from the beginning.  

If we revisted Tecopa, CA  we would probably only visit Noonday or War Eagle, but get a little deeper.  Either mine is large enough to fill a day.    It's roughly 90 miles and an hour and 45 minutes away.  That comes to  3 and a half hours in drive time alone.  Most of our events total 4-5 hours.  

To date, my favorite group event was the surface tour of South Ivanpah.   Since that trip, we've found many more structures and cabins well to the north of that previous route.  These are structures we've only seen on Google Earth,  so we'd all visit them for the first time together.  

If you would like to join us that day,  please send me an email to confirm and let me know where you'd like to go.  If you have any other suggestions,  we can add it to the "possible" list and take a vote as the date approaches.   In fact, please offer suggestions.  Criteria for an event would be: public access,  navigable trail without snow,  stops with plenty of parking and easy entry and exit.  

A new entry has been added to the Misc Articles section about Rocky Gap Road inside the Red Rock National Conservation Park.  Most locals are familiar with the Scenic Loop inside the park, but many are unfamiliar with the unpaved portion where there is much more to explore.  A spot along this trail was considered for the Veterans Day cookout.  Maybe the next one.  We'll see.

November 24, 2016
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  The year is almost over and this begins the busiest time of the year with back to back major holidays.  I don't think I've even eaten all of our Halloween candy.  Thanks to all of you for keeping us company over the years.  Maybe we'll see you soon.  Maybe Saturday January 21, 2017. 

New images have been added to the Bill Nye Mine in the Goodsprings, NV directory.   There isn't anything there we haven't already seen.  The weather has been nice lately and it's just where we ended up hiking.   There is another mine further up the valley that we've yet to see, but the view from Google Earth doesn't show much on site.  

November 17, 2016
The images from our Veterans Day Weekend cookout are now up.  This event may come as a surprise to some because it was an invitation only event.  There wasn't a list made of who we liked and did not.  We didn't give it that much thought.  The invitation process is explained in the link,  so hopefully there are no hurt feelings. 

November 10, 2016
New images have been added to the Oro Amigo Mine gallery in the Goodsprings, Nevada directory.  This mine has recently been made "safe" and interior access is no longer possible.  There is a current round of mine closures in progress which mostly affects the mines along the I-15 corridor closest to the upcoming solar farm.  This closure was not part of those closures, but in preparation of a new business venture by Vertical Aviation.  

Their intention is to offer target shooting from an aerial platform.  Specifically, helicopters.  I'm not sure how far along they are in this project or if there will be an office on site, but it has been confirmed that this and surrounding areas fall within their active shooting range.   If this site has not already been posted, expect it to be soon and access restricted by physical barrier. 

I'd like to return in the future to view their progress, but in the meantime, no new interior images of this mine will become available.  As far as we know, these are the only interior images available online.  Do not attempt to cross their posted signs or barriers.  

October 27, 2016
The Picture Rock Mine listing in the Goodsprings, Nevada directory has been updated.  This site has always been a mystery to me since lots of effort went into this mine, but we have yet to locate an entry or source of the one of the largest tailing piles we've seen in the area.  Other than that, the site was fairly unremarkable and very likely the most boring entry on VegasUnderworld.

That is until recently where a ghost story was introduced.  I feel silly even saying that since I tend to dismiss anything of the sort as wishful thinking and simple imagination.  I still don't believe, but I have to admit, it does make a great story and with Halloween just days away, the timing couldn't have been better.  Happy Halloween, everyone!

October 20, 2016
New images have been added to the New Trail Mine in the Ivanpah, California directory.  We were only in the area for a couple of reasons.  We ran out of ideas of mines to visit and someone wanted me to grab a sample of Carnotite which is bright, lemon yellow, radioactive uranite.  We've found the best samples of it around petrified wood, but it can be found all over the area.  I've had some large pieces in our collection for many years before someone identified it as Carnotite.  I always assumed it was Sulfur. 

Now that the weather is cooler, I expect us to be out more and provide some fresh content.  We have a long to-do list of places to visit and revisit, but I find we often never keep to a list or schedule.  Where we go next often depends on how we feel that morning.  Many times, we'll just start driving and try to remember what's on our list and in that direction.  Since we've exhausted most of the local mines, I think we'll head further south into California.  

October 13, 2016
New images have been added to the Eldorado Rand Mine and Honest Miner Mine galleries in the Nelson, Nevada directory.  We've been to both mines many times and didn't expect anything new.  Our only recent interest in this area is a possible land use dispute.  

Some people in this area are confusing their rights.  A mine claim does not grand the claimant exclusive access.  Even if you own the land, if there is an existing trail that leads to public land, you have to honor previous access agreements.  Assuming there is no alternate trail access.   An argument can be made that a gate is placed for public safety and to protect equipment, but you would need to file a Plan of Operations if your cause for closure is public safety.  

I also meant to add a warning to last weeks update, but forgot.  If you find yourself in the Ivanpah District,  be aware of your surroundings.  There have been recent and confirmed sightings of mountain lions in the area.  Mountain lions are ambush hunters.  Be especially mindful of pets and small children.  While usually timid and solitary, they can become aggressive when surprised or cornered like if you were to meet one inside a mine.  

October 6, 2016
My apologies for missing another update.   We missed a couple of weeks of exploring, so we had nothing of significance to report.  We've been working a lot with a few veterans programs lately and it's taken up most of our free time.  Climbing is a big thing for them.  It keeps them active and builds their confidence.  

Another thing we've been doing with them is shooting.  At first, I didn't think it would be a good idea, but the interactions have been nothing but positive.  At least, for them it is.  Most of them are at a shooting skill level well above me and shooting around them makes me feel like I'm just wasting ammunition.  

Speaking of shooting,  I received yet another email from someone complaining.  Thankfully, this complaint wasn't about posting coordinates or using a different term or name for a feature or mine.  This person was upset that I don't shoot what he shoots.  I never understood people like that.  I doubt he even knows he does it.  This would truly be a boring world if we all followed the same pattern.  It's better to be together than alike.  

I've been meaning to add a "Frequently Asked Questions" section to the site, but for whatever reason, some don't ask questions.  They complain and want me to explain myself.  This seems as good a time as any to introduce that section.   For now, entries will be added to the "Articles and Accounts" section. The first article is titled "Why my guns are shit.".  Not really, but that's the gist of it.  

September 22, 2016
The early October event hosted by Joe to Striped Butte Valley has been  cancelled.  Apologies to those who were planning on attending.  Hopefully, we can all get together again soon. 

New images have been added to the Kirby Mine gallery in the Goodsprings, Nevada directory.  We've returned to that area several times in the last month for various reasons, but mostly an attempt to match a map we have of the largest Kirby Mine site to a location.    We've reached the highest and most difficult sites, but have yet to match our interior map to a site.  Although we didn't find what we were hoping to see, the view was well worth the effort. 

September 15, 2016
New images have been added to the Esperanza Mine in the Ivanpah directory.  There's not much more to say about the mine.  It hasn't changed much since our last visit.  Our original plan for Labor Day was to take us further and beyond Ivanpah, but traffic along I-15 was less than jogging speed, so we just winged it and ended up nowhere near our intended destination.  

Sorry I haven't had much to say lately.  The summer heat, scheduling, and health issues have kept me less active.  With the weather turning nicely, we'll hopefully have some new adventures to share. 

I have some old wood I'd like to repurpose for a dining room table, but the boards appear to have a slight twist to them.  Does anyone have or have access to a wood planer I can run a few boards through?  

September 8, 2016
Sorry I skipped last weeks update.  I haven't been feeling 100% and have been trying to limit my time spent on the computer.   I didn't have much to say anyway. 

Earlier this year, we reported that another round of mine closures has begun in this area.  The first closed mine noticed was the Crystal Pass Mine in Goodsprings which faces I-15.   All images we held in reserve for that mine have been released.   We were just recently notified that the nearby  Alice Mine and Pilgrim Mineshave also been sealed.  Any images we held in reserve for those mines have also been released.  No new images for any of these sealed mines will become available.  As far as we know, the images on this site are the only interior images of the mines available online. 

Alice Mine was part of the original mine closures in the 1990's and was sealed with the bat gate method.   This is something we've discussed here a few times.  I would prefer that our local history be preserved and the mines left as is, but if a mine has to be sealed, our preferred method is with bat gates.  The process is more time consuming, difficult, and costlier  but bat gates do allow local wildlife easy access.  Other methods, such as expansion foam and back-filling are faster and cheaper, but allow no access for wildlife.  Additionally, such methods effectively delete our local history.  

If you find a mine sealed with bat gates, do not alter or remove the barrier.  Those making the decisions to close these mines are given a budget.  If they find the costlier bat gates being defeated, it might make more sense to someone working within a budget to spend less money to absolutely seal a mine with expansion foam or back-fill.  

On October 1st and 2nd, Joe will be hosting an overnight trip to Striped Butte Valley, California.   I've never been to the area, but I've been researching as soon as I heard about the trip.  Joe only confirmed a few areas of stopping interest, but from what I've researched there will be many optional stops on your way in and out.   Details about the event are in the link. 

August 25, 2016
The images from our weekend trip to Wheeler's Pass are now up.  The trail was much worse than I remembered it to be.  It looks like much of the trail on the Cold Creek side was also a wash.  I only remembered about 300 yards of bad trail, but it's now more like 3 miles.  Other than exploding one of my shocks, we all made it through just fine.  

We may try something different with future event notifications.  We try to plan events to the point where the day appears seamless and everyone can just enjoy the ride and not worry about what's ahead.  There is a lot of planning involved.   We'll often pre-run routes, repairing trails and cleaning mine sites.  We have to plan these routes by attendee estimates.  The number of vehicles determines the route and the number of people determines the stops and mines visited.  

For a simple trail run, numbers aren't that important, but this group is more about the history and exploration.  Numbers do matter and we often don't know how many will show up until we see who shows up.  Sending me an email only takes a few seconds.  I'd hate to go to an invitation only system because we'll eventually forget someone,  but we do need to do something to get a better understanding of numbers.  

I think it will be much cooler before the next trip and this next one is looking like one you won't want to miss.  Details to follow.

August 11, 2016
Don't forget we have a trail run scheduled for next weekend on the 20th.  There will be a few rough patches of trail, but nothing technical.  Most high clearance vehicles should be able to complete the trail in 2WD.  Still, it's a long and remote trail and it would be best to enjoy it among the safety of others.  

New images have been added to the Ninety Nine Mine gallery in the Goodsprings, Nevada directory.  My goal of the day was to find some good climbing walls.  I know there are some good vertical walls on the west side of Potosi Mountain and was hoping to find something similar and easier to access.  Still didn't find a good wall, but it was a great day to be out.  

Way back on December 13, 2014 we held our first group event.  Earlier this year, we were forced to completely redesign the site.  I thought I was fairly consistent with site backups, which was not nearly as accurate as I thought.  Many site galleries and features were lost during that transition.  One of the galleries affected was that first group meeting.  

When I began to rebuild the site I found the folder for that gallery only contained about 15 images.  After recently sorting through one of many backup hard drives, I found the folder with all the images from that day.  The new image gallery has doubled.  Because I selected images from the previous folder, many will look familiar, but I know quite a few images will be new to everyone.  

August 4, 2016
Our next event has been scheduled for Saturday, August 20, 2016.   To avoid this heat and because we've run out of ideas, this event will be strictly a trail run and entirely above ground.  The trail destination is Wheeler's Pass.  A scenic route connecting Cold Creek, NV to Pahrump, NV.  Click through for event details. 

I recently acquired some new climbing gear.  The Black Diamond NForce ascenders.   Those familiar with climbing equipment will know these are not new, but a discontinued item.  However, they are new to me and a redesign of a tool many believe to be unimprovable.   Since they've been discontinued, you can guess what most thought of the product.  Still, it was an attempt to make improvements and I wanted to share my opinions on the Petzl Ascension vs. Black Diamond NForce.  

July 28, 2016
Because of the heat, we've been trying to limit ourselves to trails or mines that require little to no hiking to reach.  We did spend  a few hours in South Ivanpah, but since it's part of the National Preserve, everything was sealed. On our way back, we stopped at the Christmas Mine to check the canyon for good climbing walls.  New images have been added to that gallery.  We may have found some good training walls, but we'll need to drill and set some anchors. 

A few times we've been in that area we've come across people in nearby washes and hill sides.  We usually spot them before they spot us.  When seen, they make attempts to hide.  At that time, we used to use CB radio for communications.  After they hid, our CB scanner would become active with people communicating in Spanish.  That deep in a valley and with the limited range of CB radio, they had to be very close and were likely the people in the hills trying to hide.   We're not sure what was happening.  Maybe it was nothing, but be more alert when in the area. 

July 21, 2016
New images have been added to the Paradise Mine gallery in the Goodsprings, Nevada directory.   Our intention was to return to this mine to review mineralization and check a piece of equipment in the area.  We ended up meeting some guys there for some rope practice.  Rope training in a mine isn't the safest but, other than the snake we encountered mid-rappel,  we knew there weren't any obvious hazards.  This seems to be a busy year for us with snakes.

I've been working on the Advanced Equipment Chapter 4 section which covers ascending devices, so the timing was near perfect.    While I was in a writing mood, I went ahead and rewrote the previous Advanced Equipment Chapter 3 section on rappelling devices.  If you plan on expanding your exploration skill set, I'm hoping you'll find that information useful. 

July 14, 2016
New Images have been added to the Lucy Gray Mine gallery in the Nipton, California directory.   It's been a while since we've been there and it looks about the same, but the trail conditions are much worse.  The recent heavy rains have washed away old trails and created new ones.  According to our GPS, the trail/wash shifted as much as 30 yards in some places.  Finding our way there was fairly easy.  Finding our way out was more difficult since the washes branched many times and the river rock made it difficult to follow our tracks.  

We've been wanting to schedule another event, but we've run out of ideas.  If you have any ideas or would like to host and lead an event, please let me know. 

July 7, 2016
Last week, I made a very short announcement for an Independence Day event.  By short notice, I mean I posted it up the night before.   Luckily, hardly anyone noticed the announcement and it was just Russ and I.  Anyone that's been on one of these events already knows Russ.  The plan was to run Lovell Canyon beginning from the West and working our way East.   That  would be 32 miles to the trail head and 28 miles of trail. 

We just began the trail and were a few miles off road and noticed our AC wasn't working.  We open the hood and see the AC compressor was throwing clutch material everywhere.  I was sure it would be fine if I just left the AC off, but didn't want to take chances.  My fear was that the whole compressor would seize.  Unless I tied a knot in the serpentine belt, there was no way to bypass it.   That ended our day early.  Just under $700 later and it's ready for another trail.  Tip of the day:  If you smell something burning, don't ignore it. 

Those that have been with the site for a while know that I keep a reserve of images just for times like that.  Most times when you see an update, it's accurate to within a few days, but sometimes we have mechanical troubles, scheduling conflicts, or we just don't feel like getting out.  In the past, I think this delay may have hurt some feelings when someone asked to join us.  They see the update and think we just went without them.  When we go out, it's almost always a last minute thing.  We know we want to go somewhere, but we rarely make plans.  Sometimes we just start driving until we feel like stopping.

Keeping all that in mind, new images have been added to the Evening Star Mine in the Ivanpah, California directory.  We weren't there this week, but I did have some interior images of the mine most have never seen.  

June 30, 2016
A few new images were added to the Argentina Mine Mill gallery in the Goodsprings, NV directory.  Mostly, I updated the mine description to detail accounts of an accident that occurred within the Argentina Mine complex.  

Also, for those who continue to send me emails about the correct spelling of "Argentena" as it relates to this mine, I know.  For whatever reason, this mine was registered as the "Argentena Mine".  The error in spelling may have meant something else to the original mine owner or he may have been a bad speller.  Seeing something misspelled annoys me, so both spellings are used in the header descriptions.  

June 23, 2016
As I've mentioned in the last few updates, we've been collecting samples in the area for a mining exploration company.  Since their samples weren't very promising, I can give a little more information.  The company was looking for rare earth elements.  Specifically, rare earth elements from clay to prove new processing techniques in their demonstration plant.

They did find what they were seeking, but not in the concentrations needed to make mining feasible.  However, their analysis reports did show some nice gold is still in these mountains.  If you enjoy gold prospecting, you'll have fun.  If you hope to make a living or even pay for your prospecting and processing equipment, you're not going to have fun.  What we have around here is a very fine micro or flour gold.  It would take a lot of effort and yards to pull just a few grams. 

New images have been added to the Whale Mine gallery in the Goodsprings, Nevada directory which was on our list of mines to sample.  We've been in many mines in and around the area. So many that we couldn't think of specific mines with clay deposits.  We didn't make the connection until we've visited a few mines, that almost all mines we've explored with clay also had high levels of humidity.  Remembering humid mines in the desert was much easier and we quickly had a list going.

Over the years, I've lost and loaned out plenty of our climbing gear.  We have an excess of equipment, but each piece that we loan goes out with at least one or two carabiners which are always in short supply.   I know the lost is never coming back, but I'm hoping some of the borrowed will come home.  If I've loaned you some of our equipment, would you mind returning it, please?   Especially if you have any of my carabiners. 

June 16, 2016
Now that we're steadily into the 90's and triple digits, we may not be out as much as we used to be.  It's not only uncomfortable, the heat can be deadly.  A few years ago, we came across a man stranded in the desert who was close to losing his life from heat and dehydration.  Hopefully, his story can relate the seriousness of a situation any one of us could experience. 

If only the man had a rope rappelling device.  Not really.  It wouldn't have changed his situation one bit.  I couldn't think of a way to transition from near death to rappelling gear.  New information about Rope Rappelling Devices has been added to the Equipment and Communications section.  

June 9, 2016
We were thinking of coordinating an Independence Day BBQ, but the more we thought about it, the less we wanted to apply the effort.  If anyone else wants to arrange or host such an event, let me know and I'll post up whatever details you'd like.  In fact, if anyone is ever headed out and wants to invite others, let me know and I'll make an announcement.  You don't have to wait for a site organized event. 

This Independence Day, I'm sure we'll be out on a mountain or under one, but we have nothing organized or planned.  It will probably be one of those days where we just drive until we find something or attempt to cross a few mines off of our growing to-do list.  

New images have been added to the Hoodoo Mine gallery in the Goodsprings, NV directory.   I've been all over the area the past couple of weeks collecting samples for a mining exploration company.  There were rare earth elements in the samples collected.  Unfortunately, not in the concentrations or amounts that would have made a profitable recovery.  Still,  I would have been out there anyway, I enjoyed the work, and I was able to gain some useful information from their assay reports.  

June 2, 2016
Sorry I missed the weekly update.  We were in the middle of our vacation and wanted to fit as much as we could into it.  We only took a week off, but aside from getting caught up on the usual things people do on vacation, we did get a solid four days of mine exploration.  

In those four days, I managed to nearly kill us both with sulfur monoxide in a mine and step on the head of a rattlesnake just as I was about to give my rattlesnake safety lecture to new mine explorers. That was really embarrassing.  That's now the second time I've accidentally stepped on a rattlesnake.  Not sure if I'm lucky or unlucky. I'll write more about those adventures soon.  

The "Mine Safety and Waivers" section has been moved to the top links.  That old section is still live, but will soon be replaced with an "Articles" section that will contain pages that would normally be lost in the clutter of the "Site News and Updates .  

The new pictures from the Memorial Day event are now up.  I had specific conversations with several people during that trip.  I remember a few wanted me to email them information we discussed in those conversations.  My memory is worse these days, so if we had one of those conversations, please send me a reminder and I'll get that information out soon. 

May 12, 2016
We have a destination arranged for our scheduled Memorial Day trip.  We've exhausted most of the local, larger mines I would be comfortable bringing a large group into, so we're headed a little further out of town to Nelson, Nevada.  The accessible mines in the area aren't as deep as the ones closest to us, but we're mapping out a route that will offer some nice scenery, trails, and underground exploration.  

Also note:  the original meeting spot for this event was the Jack in the Box on Gibson Street.  It has been changed to our usual Burger King on St. Rose Parkway.  The event details have been updated to reflect those changes. Most of us seem to live in that area or along the way.  We were also on Gibson Street recently and thought the traffic in the area might make it easier for us to get separated.  

We have nothing planned or scheduled beyond our Memorial Day event.  Honestly, we're running out of ideas and we're about to hit triple digits.  Hiking and climbing will soon be uncomfortable and unsafe for some.  I know some of us enjoy the trail and since Summer is almost here, we were thinking the next scheduled event might be a trail run.  Maybe throw in a potluck picnic somewhere along the way.  If anyone has any ideas or suggestions,  please send them.  

Images from our May 7th event are now up. They turned out great! This event explored the upper levels of Azurite Mine in Goodsprings, Nevada.  Some in this group were under time restraints, so we only were able to explore the one mine, but it was a multi-level mine and the timing was just about right.  Because the event was scheduled just days before, we didn't really have much planned, so my apologies for that.  We have enough time before the next scheduled event to plan a proper outing.  Hope to see you there. 

May 5, 2016
In case you missed the short notice announcement, we have a scheduled field trip this Saturday .  Because of the short notice, we're not expecting a big group which has often made previous trips more personal and enjoyable.  This event will begin and feature Azurite Mine in Goodsprings, NV.  Please, review the mine safety and waivers in advance. 

Building on last weeks "Introduction to rope", a new chapter has been added to the Advanced Equipment section covering "Climbing harnesses".  

May 3, 2016
Sorry for the short announcement, but we have a trip scheduled for this weekend to Goodsprings.  The feature mine will be Azurite Mine, but may include others.  Time permitting.  Event details are here.

April 28, 2016
Advanced Exploration Gear
I used to avoid detailing the type of climbing gear we used because I didn't want to encourage others from attempting to get into places they shouldn't.  My views on this have evolved after meeting more of you.  I still think some people have no business being anywhere near an open mine.  Where my views have changed is feeling responsible for what others do.  You're all adults and will make your own decisions. Natural selection was here long before me , so you folks do what you want.

As mentioned in last weeks update, the newest updates will focus on equipment.  Last weeks update went over some of the basics.  This week, we'll move on to equipment required for more advanced explorationstarting with rope, which is the most basic piece of your advanced equipment kit. In future chapters, I'll go over other pieces to get you up and down your rope. 

Something completely off topic here.  I wanted to go over something since nobody in this town seems to understand them.  4-way stop signs.  It's really not that difficult.  It's really just waiting in line.  This is always a line with just four people in it and you go in the order you arrive in this line.  If two vehicles stop at or nearly the same time, the vehicle to the right has the right of way.  

If you're one of those people that waves others through out of turn, stop doing that.  This isn't like holding a door open for someone.  You're not being courteous.  You're letting someone else skip in line.   Seriously shouldn't be this difficult.  You can count to four.

April 21, 2016
Sorry it took me so long to update the site.  After being forced to rebuild it, I was really in no mood to get right back into it.  Something good did come from the rebuild.  I was able to streamline the site so everything will load faster.  Since I had to start all over, it made no sense for me to re-upload the images without size reductions, so images are smaller, but you won't really notice unless you're downloading images.  

One of the things I want to focus on with the new site is reviewing equipment and gear.  We go through a lot of gear.  Some of it is great.  Most of it is junk.  I'll adhere to the "squeaky wheel" concept, so you'll probably hear me complaining often, but we're happy with most of our gear so I'll try to offer some balance.  Occasionally, we're asked to review products.  In almost all instances, we purchase our own gear.  If any products are provided in exchange for reviews, we'll always let you know. Hopefully, our reviews will help you save some time and money.  

I've already began building the equipment section, starting with the very basics which include: helmet, gloves, and lighting.  I'll likely expand on those and create specific reviews for the various pieces.  I'm already working on an overview of more advanced exploration gear which will give a brief outline of some of the climbing gear we use. 

I know it's our common interest in history and mining that brought most of us together, but it's certainly not what defines us.  Occasionally, I'm going to use this update section to discuss other topics.  Sometimes, it'll be related to the site topics, but I suspect I'll get off topic often.  Just keep that in mind when I talk about nothing. 

April 7, 2016
Welcome to the new!

For those who haven't been following along, our site host decided to no longer support some of the old software and required us to move to their newer versions.  This site has been around since 2012 and I've only missed the weekly updates a few times.  So, rebuilding almost 5 years of content in a few weeks was a huge task.

As you look around the site, you'll see this was a complete rebuild and redesign of the site.  Everything had to be copied or  rewritten and each of the several thousand images had to be re-uploaded as if the site never existed. During this process, I learned that I wasn't as good about creating backups as I thought I was.  A lot of effort has gone into research over the years and much of the content is forever gone which includes the weekly updates since 2012. So much is now missing that I will not be rebuilding some portions of the old site. 

What was most important to me was saving all the images and mine content, which I believe I was able to preserve.  I've always considered this site more as a resource.  Meaning, nobody is coming here specifically to read what I have to say.  I think most probably come here looking for mine pictures and locations, using the site as a tool to better plan your trips and I'm fine with that. 

I'll readily admit, my knowledge of mining, minerals, and history is elementary at best and I didn't want to just spout off information I found somewhere else.  Those of you I've met were history enthusiasts and Google works at your house too, so I'd probably be repeating the same shared facts anyway. If anyone here does actually read what I have to say each week, you'll probably notice that I present each mine account by what I observed and rarely provide historical information.  

We do our best to present the mines as we see them and without the clutter of our climbing gear, vehicle in the way, or posing as if we're sharing boring vacation photos.  I doubt my presentation will change, but the frequency might.  I don't think I can keep up the pace of weekly updates.  Rather than updating just for the sake of updating, I'll probably just update when I have something interesting to add.  This may still be weekly, but don't count on it. 

Most of this redesign was done behind the scenes.  At least, that was the plan.  Some of the links may not work as I rebuild the site navigation, but it's a slow process.  Some of the rebuild has to be completed live.  Something else that I felt the old site needed badly was a mobile site.  This new site will automatically detect how you are viewing and optimize it depending on your mobile device, so don't be surprised if the site appears to be a little light on your phone. 

I know there are some spacing and broken link issues.  Some pages may refer to parts of the old site that no longer exist.  I'll sort those problems out as I find them.  Since it probably looked like the site just switched from old to new, the effort involved will probably go unnoticed, but you'll just have to trust me that it was a huge pain in the ass to rebuild the site.  That being said,  consider me on vacation for a while.

March 24, 2016
My apologies for missing last weeks update.  This site has been around for years and I've only missed 2 or 3 weekly updates.  Hopefully, nobody minds if I take a week off.  Unfortunately, there may be another delay in updates because our site hosting service will no longer be supporting our site software.  

This site has over 150 pages of information and several thousand images.  I have to rebuild and upload every bit of this site because our web host didn't create an option for all their existing customers to auto-migrate their web content.  

As you all know, this site generates zero income, so I don't know how motivated I will be to rebuild all this content it took years to create.   I'll post up if there are any scheduled field trips, but for now, all weekly updates are suspended until I get around to rebuilding the site.  I'll attempt to rebuild the site behind the scenes, but some features and links may stop working during this process. 

March 10, 2016
No real update today.  I just wanted to make sure everyone was made aware that this weekends short notice event has been cancelled.  Hopefully, we can get something rescheduled soon. 

March 6, 2016
The event scheduled for this coming Saturday the 12 has been cancelled because of a personal scheduling conflict.  There are currently no scheduled events.

March 3, 2016
New images have been added to the Noonday Mine gallery in the Tecopa, California directory.  This is one of the many mines we visit at least once a year.  We've been returning for years and it still feels new.  Exploring the main level can take several trips.  We've visited two upper levels previously and are still trying to familiarize ourselves with the lower levels.  

Our interior maps are of little use.  Some of our maps are listed as "plans" and production never reached the mapped depths.  Other maps are listed as "workings" which are better, but their accuracy depends on the date as some mines were worked many years after the dated workings.  The best mine interior maps are "surveys" that are created after production, but I have yet to find a complete survey map.  

I've been attempting to build on our current map set, but drawing accurately underground is much harder than I thought it might be.    I've taken known survey maps and created overlay maps with Google Earth and was amazed at the accuracy of maps drawn in the early 1900's.  Most were within feet of accurate.  Those guys really knew their way underground. 

We have another field trip scheduled for Saturday, March 12, 2016.  We'll keep it local again and will probably just wing-it like last time.  Reaching the feature mine will require some effort.  Details are in the link.  How deep we get depends on the group that shows up.  I'll update the field trip page when details are available.  

February 25, 2016
New images have been added to the Sultan Mine gallery in the Goodsprings, Nevada directory.  This was one of the mines we had planned for last weeks Presidents Day event, but since the group was smaller, we didn't really stick to a schedule or route.  We'll keep this one in mind for future advanced or invitational group events. 

We've encountered heavy populations of rattlesnakes in this area and with the weather unseasonably warm, we've found them out of hibernation early.  We don't usually start seeing them until late March or April when the temperatures are consistently in the 70's.  Be especially mindful around mine portals where they may sit in ambush waiting for rodents or bats.  

February 18, 2016
Images from Mondays Presidents Day event are now up.   This trip was only planned days in advance, but we used the short notice to our mutual benefit.  In the event details, I specified that "...participants take an accurate accounting of your physical fitness and endurance.".  

Some interpreted that to mean that I was intentionally excluding some based on age, body type and even disability.  I was about to say that was not our intention, but after a little thought, it actually was our intention.  Specifically, I was asking each of you to take an accurate accounting of your physical  abilities.  If you can't physically manage an obstacle,  we need you to  be honest about it for the safety of others. 

In an effort to avoid hurt feelings later, you should probably know that there will be future invitation only events.  There will be no announcements.  Space will be limited and reserved for those with rope skills and experience.  In the future, if any of you have any questions about rules, just assume it's a matter of safety because the safety of the group means more to me than your feelings.   


February 11, 2016
Our trip to Northern Ivanpah was, yet another, success.  Sadly, some of our regulars were unable to join us, but we were fortunate to meet many new friends.  I do hope everyone enjoyed the day as much as we did.   

Sorry for the short notice, but we didn't realize we had another holiday coming up next week.  We do plan on hosting another group event that day, but have nothing planned.  Since this is such short notice, we'll keep the destination local.  I know many of you want to get underground and we'll plan our route with that in mind.  Some of the mines we're considering have many fall hazards, so I apologize in advance, but we will be observing age restrictions for this trip.

Pictures from Saturdays event are in the link below.


February 4, 2016
Last call!  We are hosting another field trip this coming Saturday.  Details are in links above and in weekly updates below. 

Some have asked what transportation, meals, and equipment are provided.  Absolutely nothing is provided. These trips are no different than inviting others to join you on your day trips.  If you don't have a vehicle capable of safely traveling off road, there are usually empty seats available.  Don't show up and expect someone to make room for you.  You have to arrange transportation in advance.  

I used to have plenty of equipment to loan out, but some of this equipment doesn't always get returned and now I'm finding myself short on basic things like flashlights.  If I've loaned you equipment in the past, please return it. Please, bring your own equipment which is outlined in the links below.  Additionally, make sure you bring your own water and food.  If you are bringing guests, make sure they are equipped.  

If we get to the underground portion of the tour and you don't even have the most basic helmet, please don't make me the jerk if I call you out on it.  The equipment list has been there for almost two years and there are constant reminders leading up to these events.  Since this topic and links have been in the weekly updates for over a month now, hopefully, this won't be an issue.

Basic Equipment Check

For those owning their own communications radios, we'll be operating on: 
UHF 467.725 simplex.

I'm sure you've all noticed all the new snow this past week.  We won't be cancelling the trip no matter the weather, but since trail conditions have likely deteriorated from their already bad conditions, we may have to reevaluate our expectations.  We'll still get out there, but we may not get as far or reach the intended goals.   This long day may be much shorter than anticipated.

We'll see you all this weekend. 
Saturday. February 6th, 2016
North Ivanpah.

January 28, 2016
Can you believe it's been that long?  Thirty years ago in 1986, the Space Shuttle Challenger launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida and exploded killing all seven astronauts on board.  We've had far greater tragedies since then, but that event is one of those "Do you remember where you were?" moments in life.  

I was in 7th grade in North Florida.  Our teacher let us stand outside during the launch.  We were too far to hear it, but close enough to see the launch trail.  Shortly after, that single trail became two.  We were too young to process what we saw, but our teacher quickly had us back in the classroom.  Shortly after, an announcement was made over the PA.

A couple weeks ago, I mentioned adjustments and clarifications to the group event rules.  Last week, I made a comment in response to an email complaint about the "No drugs" rule.  That update hit a nerve with some people, so let me clarify my position on drugs.  After the trip and on your time, you feel free to do what you want.  When we host these events, we're entrusted with your safety.  This "No drugs" rule is not a moral judgement.  It's a safety issue and nothing more.  

Next Saturday is our trip to North Ivanpah.  As mentioned previously, the off road portion of this trip will be about 50 miles.  The route will have us returning to the same spot we'll be departing pavement.  If you have a UTV with that kind of range, it's supposed to be a beautiful day. 

New images have been added to the  Kirby Mine in the Goodsprings, Nevada directory. 


January 21, 2o16
Since our last update, I've received a couple emails asking about our updated waivers of liability.  As mentioned in the previous update, we've always had rules in place, but some were recently rewritten for clarity.  Others were added because, sadly,  common sense isn't as common as it used to be.  This pains me that it was necessary, but I had to add a rule explaining that it is not acceptable to get high on these trips.  I guess to some people, being in nature makes them want to hit the pipe.

Some were upset about having to sign waivers although I've never asked anyone to sign anything.  I don't know where they got the impression I was asking for permission slips.  As has always been stated in the waivers, if you attend these events, your presence is an acceptance of these event rules and waivers of liability which can be found under the "Mine Safety" navigation bar to your left and on every event announcement page. 

It's always great to meet new people and we encourage you to invite others you feel would benefit or benefit from the group.   If you bring a guest, these parts  involve you directly:

" is solely the responsibility of all attendees to ensure their guests are made aware of and accept these terms.  ".

"If you bring a guest, be responsible for your guest.  "

If they are a close enough friend for you to invite,  I'll assume you have their email address.  It only takes a few seconds to forward them an email link.  If you bring a guest, you are essentially vouching for them and trust in their judgement.  Let's not have a "What were you thinking?" conversation later. 

We're expecting a large group on the 6th.  I've amended the event itinerary  prior to departure to go through these rules and waivers, but please make sure you and your guests are somewhat familiar with them in advance.  There's nothing written into the rules and waivers that is unreasonable.  If you feel strongly against something written into the rules and waivers, this and all events are voluntary.  

This has nothing to do with the topic.  I just didn't want to have another weekly update without some color, so...look!  Bats!


January 14, 2016
I'll be giving reminders of our scheduled event each week until just before the trip on February 6th.  I also wanted to remind everyone that we do have a set of rules and waivers  in place for all events.   These rules have always been in place, but were recently rewritten for clarity. You can find them at the bottom of every event page. The gist of it is, these trips are inherently dangerous and participation and attendance is an agreed acceptance that you assume those risks. If you bring a guest, it is your responsibility to make sure they have read and agree to these terms.  I'll bring a few copies with me if anyone would like a printed copy.  Please, read and review them.

The plan for this event is to end with underground exploration of Taylor and Lizzie BullockMines, but that would depend on timing.  We already have a route planned, but the sun sets earlier in the mountains.   If we make those mines our first stop, we won't have time to reach the furthest areas.  It made more sense to route us furthest out and make our way back. 

I know it doesn't matter if the sun has set when you're in a mine, but large groups of vehicles traveling on dusty trails during the day is an inconvenience.  At night, even the brightest off road lighting will reflect off the dust from the vehicle(s) ahead of you.  Visibility drops to several feet and it's dangerous. Round trip, the off road portion of this event will be about 50 miles.   Our goal is to complete all 50 miles and return to pavement before sunset. 

We'll do our best to keep us on schedule without rushing the group. Be prepared for underground exploration, but be aware that we may run out of daylight and may have to skip that or other portions of the event.   Not including stops, this will be 50 miles at school zone speeds.  This will be a long day.
 January 7, 2016
Happy New Year, everyone!  I've never really been a New Year resolution kind of guy.  I never saw the point of waiting for a date to try to be a better person.  It's not at all that I think I have no room for improvement.  I think it's mostly that I've accepted that I've already seen my best day.   

I guess I could begin this years site update with a confession.  Maybe "clarification" would be a better description since a confession implies a wrong.  I try to present the site information as a reference and not as a time sensitive article.  For that reason, I often write our trip reports as generic as I can so someone visiting the site for the hundredth time will read updates as if it's their first.  

Most that know us personally or those who were regulars to the forum would know that the weekly site updates don't always represent our timeline for that week.  Most often, the weekly updates are where we were that week, but sometimes, there is a lag.  We keep a reserve of updates in queue in the event we don't get out for various reasons like weather or scheduling.  

I'm bringing this up now because I think some believe the updates represent our exploration schedule.  We may have hurt some feelings by not inviting others on days when we didn't go out, but they think we did. 

Take this weeks update for instance.   New images have been added to the Coliseum Mine gallery in the Ivanpah, California directory, but we weren't there this week.  However, it will be one of the featured mines in our upcoming Field Trip on February 6.  See you then!

December 31, 2015
The wife and I don't have any children,  so we don't make a big event of Christmas in our home.  We choose to get each other things throughout the year instead of just Christmas and birthdays.  Still,  I do enjoy this time of year and find myself singing Christmas songs as late as February and as early as October.  

Also, Happy New Year, everyone.  I imagine this year will be like most previous New Year's Eve for us.  In bed by 10PM and getting mad at the kids making too much noise at midnight.  If you're going to get out this New Year's Eve,  please drive carefully and know your limits. 

New images have been added to the Whale Mine gallery in the Goodsprings, Nevadadirectory.  We've revisited to locate another way in since most of the obvious entries have been gated or backfilled.  

December 24, 2015
Merry Christmas Eve, everyone!  

Thanks to all who attended our tour of Southeast Goodsprings, Nevada.  The plan for this tour was to remain mostly above ground with a small portion of underground exploration.  Unfortunately, the route we followed was the scene of the most recent round of mine closures.  If you plan on visiting the area, be aware that mines south of Goodsprings facing I-15 are either posted as "Private Property" or foam sealed.  Among the mines sealed is the Crystal Pass Mine.  I've added the last images of the mine we've held in reserve. 

I've also began migrating all of the 2015 updates to the site archives.   If you're looking for a specific topic from before July, you'll find it there. 


December 17, 2015
Last call for our Saturday Field Trip. Please, review the trip details before attending. The weather is forecast as sunny with a high of around 58°.   Expect temperatures to drop rapidly when we reach the mountains.  Dress warm.

I haven't been feeling well lately and have been trying to rest and heal.  I am feeling better, but my cardio and endurance won't be where it needs to be by the weekend.  I'll still be there for the trip, but I'll probably have to skip lengthy hikes and elevation changes.  I'll be available to help in the event of emergencies, but mostly I'll be there to socialize and catch up with everyone.  Most of you have probably been with us before and are experienced explorers.  I trust you'll maintain a high level of safety.  We'll see you all in a couple days. 

We should all be aware that an inmate recently escaped from the nearby Jean Conservation Camp.  The article reports that she walked away, so "escaped" may be an overstatement.  The facility is listed as a minimum custody facility, but I would think even a minimum custody facility would lock their doors. 

I'm only mentioning this because the facility is located just East of the Jean and I-15 exit.  If she really did just walk away, the area we'll be exploring on Saturday is within walking distance.  We should always be alert in these remote areas, but more so now with a known situation.

New images have been added to the Lizzie Bullock Mine gallery in the Ivanpah, CA directory.   We've been to this mine a few times and felt we had a good sense of the interior, but I think we may have missed something.  On site, upper tailings looked small and we assumed they were from a vent,  but after reviewing a little on Google Earth the tailings look much larger and we now feel we may have missed a whole upper level.


December 10, 2015
Ten  more days until our next group field trip.  Details are here.

My wife has been sick for almost a week and was starting to feel better just as I was starting to feel worse.  I knew what was coming, but needed to get out of the house.  We didn't have a plan.  We just packed up and headed South.  In hindsight, we probably should have stayed home and rested to make sure we're healthy for the upcoming trip.  I should be feeling better by the 19th, but no matter how I feel then, we're not cancelling the trip, so keep your calendars clear.

We went  further South than we expected and found ourselves at Taylor Mine in Ivanpah, CA. We usually plan our trips very well, but chose to "wing it" and got way more remote than we should have or expected.  We just kept driving. Have a look at the map.  As remote as it is, you'd think we were lost. 

The climb doesn't look that bad in pictures, but climbs never do until you're standing at the base looking up.  The easiest route up for us during previous  trips was along side the tailings.  Since it was already familiar, we went the same route which was awful with my diminished lung capacity and cardio.  We'd climb a few feet and rest and repeated until we reached the top.  By the top, I was feeling dizzy.  Going that far and climbing was a very bad idea. I don't know what we were thinking. 


December 3, 2015
I had to double check the date. It really is December already.  I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. 

Last weeks gold mining scam alert update really upset a few people.  I think a few were legitimate investors that truly hope and believe they will see a return on their money.  A few more were attempting to convince me the scam(s) are real, but still pretending to be excited investors.  Basically, part of the scam.  

It gets better. A few of the investors, I believe were legitimate, forwarded me the mining technical report(s) which are actually NOT technical reports.  What they are calling a "technical report" is actually an extended sales brochure made to appear official.  A true technical report is a written site study by a geologist certified in the state.  It says "Technical Report" at the top, but there isn't even a name and certainly was not written by a real geologist.  No real geologist would want their name associated with it.

I'm still not going to call this company/person out by name because, even though I'm right about him, a good defense is expensive.  Before I finished the first page, I could already confirm the scam. Here is a direct quote from that "technical report":

"...our unprocessed mine ore tailings have been assayed to contain microscopic gold in excess of 1 ounce per ton which could not be recovered using early mining methods.  The hardest part of mining is getting the ore out of the ground. That part has already been done for us. Huge underground stopes prove there are gold reserves on site. Our new mining methods and processes unlocks this microscopic gold the early miners weren't able to recover".

An "ore" is any material that holds your target mineral.  "Tailings" are the waste.  It's ore void of value or containing amounts of target mineral with a value less than the cost of mineral recovery.  In other words, not worth the money or effort. Calling gold "microscopic" is common in gold mining scams. It's there, but you can't see it. You just have to trust them.  

The "new mining methods and processes" they claim to use aren't  new at all.  Rock crushers, stamp mills, and the cyanidation and mercury process has been used here in the US since the early to mid 1800's.  Ancient Egyptian's during the days of Pharaoh's were processing gold.  

A "stope" is certainly not proof of any gold reserves.  Using it in the sales literature just demonstrates how stupid they hope their target investor will be.  When a target rich ore is located, attempts are made to remove as much of the valuable ore as possible.  The  stope is the large empty space left behind.  Let's say you buy an expensive bottle of wine.  You drink and enjoy the wine.  In this instance, the ore is the wine.  The stope is the air in the empty bottle. 

While an ounce per ton does happen, it's not usually a sustainable amount and most often occurs when coarse or nugget gold is present.  What we have around here is a gold so fine, most refer to it as "flour gold".  

1 ounce per ton of microscopic gold in tailings is quite impressive.  Especially considering the largest producing gold mines in North America are operated by Barrick Gold which averages 4-8 grams per ton.  One of the richest and deepest gold mines in the world is the TauTona Gold Mine near Johannesburg South Africa. Their mine averages 8-12 grams per ton. For those mathematically challenged, this scam company is claiming their tailings (waste rock) contains 2 to 4 times the amount of gold as the largest gold mining operations in the world.  

All that gold, yet they sell stock by cold calling, produced excitement in forums and ads on CraigsList. I know times are hard and money is short for many, but all these guys are selling is a dream based on a lie.  If you still choose to ignore these opinions, don't forget to ask for their drill reports.  I couldn't help but notice any mention of drill reports was absent from their sales brochure.

Since we're also quickly approaching the end of the year, I'll start to slowly migrate 2015 to thearchives.  I haven't noticed any lack of speed loading this main page even using phone data speeds, but I do know there are still a few regular site visitors who still used a dial-up connection, so lightening up this front page will be welcomed by some. 

This weeks mine update is one I've been holding for the past month because we just updated the Sultan Mine gallery in September.  I didn't want to give the impression that we're just visiting the same mines over and over to fill space. Honestly, we do revisit the same mines over and over and we usually find something new each time we revisit the larger mines.  

After reviewing historic survey maps, we were able to locate areas within this mine with entries that were mostly lost over time. 


November 26, 2015
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  Don't bother with the calorie counting.  Break out the sweat pants and enjoy it.  We don't have anything any more special going on than we do most holidays.  Unless the holiday falls on one of the wife's usually scheduled days off, she works most holidays while I do other things to entertain myself. So, just like any other day. Lots to be thankful for this year.  Mostly, just being around another year.  I hope everyone gets to spend their day doing something they enjoy with people they love.  

Nevada and Arizona gold mining scam alerts!  I've been receiving more inquiries asking about local gold mine investments.  Contacts are being made by cold calls, emails, and advertised in stock related forums by company representatives posing as excited share holders. I know of at least two scams related to gold mining and both may be and are likely related. To avoid the possibility of getting sued, I won't mention the company name(s), but the investment mines are located in Clark County, Nevada and Mohave County, Arizona. 

Most of the easy gold is gone which is why local miners turned to underground, hard rock mining.  Gold isn't evenly distributed and is most often rich in pockets or streaks.  Move over a few feet and there may not be enough gold to cover fuel costs.

If you are considering purchasing stock in any gold mining operation, never rely solely on historical data and definitely DO NOT take the word of the guys trying to sell you stock.  If they claim to have found large amounts of gold on the surface, be suspicious of planted gold.  The best placer (gravel) mine gold will settle deep and won't be on the surface. 

What they did nearby and historically is of insignificant matter.  All that matters in gold mining is what you can recover and the only way to know for sure is to drill.  Insist on site drill reports.  Prospect drilling is expensive, but if the gold on site is as good as they claim it to be, any operation serious about commercial mining that site will have those drill reports.  

A drill report is the only way to know if there is gold bearing pay on site and at what depth and concentrations.  Without knowing all of those variables, there's no way to know if the gold on site is worth recovering.  They are gambling with your investment money.  That's usually the scam.  To prove outright fraud, you have to prove intent.  All they have to say is they tried and weren't successful.

There is another change within the navigation bar to your left.  Since the "Equipment" section only covered communications, I went ahead and changed the title to "Communications".  Building on last weeks "Trail Etiquette" update, a new section covering Communications Etiquette has been added to Communications section.  While I was in there, I cleaned up a little and rewrote a lot. 

November 19, 2015
Details for our upcoming field trip are now up. Unlike our last trip to SW Ivanpah, this tour will involve some brief underground exploration, but we'll be able to park close to all waypoints.  Any hiking will be short and with minimal elevation changes.  The total off road length will only be 10-12 miles with around 10 scheduled stops.  There will be many opportunities for socialization and mineral collection.  We hope you'll be able to join us. 

If you look to your left, you'll also notice a new section titled "Trail Etiquette".  Since SUV commercials very often show their SUV's off road, we're seeing more inexperienced off roaders.  Sadly, many of these new SUV owners still can't figure out how a 4-way stop in town  is supposed to work, so I pieced together a short list of trail etiquette most here will already know.  I'm sure I missed a few, so send me an email if you think of anything to add.

The  Historic Maps section has been expanded  to include a new selection of maps coveringInyo County, California.  Additionally, Delamar and Groom Lake have been added to theLincoln County, Nevada map directories. 


November 12, 2015
If someone has a site complaint, I encourage you to tell me about it.  Accuracy is important to me and, while I get more than my fair share of "You got that wrong" complaints, most complaints are that I give out coordinates.  Even those complaints telling me I got something wrong usually just tell me and offer no corrections.  How am I supposed to learn if you don't offer corrections? 

My most recent complaint is a new one to me.  L.D.'s complaint is about last weeks update.  I was going to post the entire complaint rather than paraphrase, but the spell checker had my laptop overheating.  

L.D. took issue with my posting historic maps and says, "If your gonna post maps at least post up some new ones we can use. Nobody comes here for a history lesson.".

I actually found it quite the opposite that most do come here for the history lessons.  Sadly, I probably disappoint most of them, too because I present this site based on my exploration observations and know very little about the history. 

I'm feeling a little fussy.  So, here's what I've done for you, L.D.  I added more historic maps.  Huge updates to the Nye and Lincoln County directories.  


November 5, 2015
I know I already updated the site earlier this morning, but I wanted to announce a couple things and didn't want to risk them getting lost in the clutter of the larger previous update.  

First, we have a date solidified for our next field trip event.  Saturday.  December 19, 2015.  This trip will probably be to North Ivanpah, but we'll have to scout the trail conditions. Wherever we go will be a day trip, so just make sure you clear your calendar that day if you want to join us.  

November 5, 2015
The forum appears to be down again.  That's a screen I haven't seen before and again appears to be a server side issue .  I knew forums would no longer be supported, but I was hoping for some warning so those regularly using it would have some time for proper good-byes.  I think that may be it and we have no replacement or backup forum in place.  Adding a new forum would require additional effort and considerable expense.  

While I will miss the conversations, debates and banter, since there were less than 50 members, maybe 10 active users, and maybe 5 daily users,  I don't feel an urgency to get a new project started.  I think we've all met some great people through the forum.  Although the convenience of the forum will be gone, we'll still be able to enjoy each others company with our field trips.  If anyone has any smaller and/or short notice trips planned and would like company, feel free to email me the details and I'll post it top of this main page.  

This weeks update is to our Historic Maps section.  Thank you so much to the University of Nevada, Reno and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas for access to their library and research collections.  

It's been a while since I've looked in that section and was embarrassed that we call ourselves "VegasUnderworld", but that section only had two local maps.  Las Vegas and Goodsprings.  The rest were well out of town and beyond day trips.  The collection now totals 34 maps within Clark County alone.  

Within the update, there are now two Las Vegas maps from 1907 and 1952.  There isn't much at all to Las Vegas in the 1907 map.  Back then, it was still just a mining and railway town.  I found the 1952 map much more interesting.  That's when you can start to visualize what Las Vegas was about to become. 

Most land west and south of McCarren was still empty desert.  Summerlin, Enterprise, and Silverado Ranch weren't even imagined yet.  Considering Las Vegas' history, there could be a body buried right under your home. 

There's also a separate map of Henderson in the update, but between Sunrise Mountain to the north and Black Mountain to the south, there's nothing but mining operations.  A completed I-215 was still four decades away.

Just north of the Hilton and Las Vegas Convention Center there was the Las Vegas Race Track (horse).  It's now the Las Vegas Country Club golf course.   The Fashion Show Mall on the Strip used to be a drive-in theater.  Excalibur Hotel took the place of a lone radio tower.  

McCarren International Airport and Nellis Air Force Base are already there as are some recognizable streets like; Charleston, Sunset, Russell and Warm Springs.   A completed I-15 that parallels the Las Vegas Strip was still a decade away.  At that time, Las Vegas Blvd. was still called "Fifth Street".  

The maps were intentionally left large to retain all the detail and are not intended for mobile use.  


October 29, 2015
New images have been added to the Pilgrim Mine gallery in the Goodsprings, Nevada directory.  We've been to this mine a few times getting deeper each time.  Our last visit here was to match the site to the most recent map survey of the mine which confirmed what we discovered previously.  It's a deep mine, but was mostly featureless.  

Happy Halloween, everyone.  Be safe!


October 22, 2015
New images have been added to the Noonday Mine in the Tecopa, California directory.  It's been a while since we've been there, but someone sent me an angry email and I wanted to update the description and gallery.  It was one of the more common complaints that I got a name wrong. 

I can only go by the official record.  Some people act like I'm making these names up as I go.  Sometimes, I wish I could.   For instance, the first mine we found with a bat cap was very impressive to us.  We've never seen one before, so naturally, we assumed the gate was to contain a dragon.  Since we didn't know the name, we named it "Dragon Gate Mine".  We have since learned that the official recorded name is "Prairie Flower Mine Site 1".  What a disappointment. 


October 15, 2015
Our latest field trip to South Ivanpah was this past Sunday.  Because most of the mines in Ivanpah are sealed, this trip was mostly of the area mining camps which are in surprisingly great shape.  Even the old abandoned vehicles were mostly free of bullet holes.  As with all of our trips, it was the socializing we enjoyed the most.  Thanks to all who joined us and made this event another great success. 

October 8, 2015
Last announcement before our field trip on Sunday the 1tth.  

The weather is cooling off nicely and we can hopefully scratch a few locations off of our winter to-do list.  Bill Nye Mine is a nice introduction to rebuild some cardio most of us lost sitting out the summer.  The hike to the mine is mostly uphill, but there aren't any extreme elevation changes.  There is plenty to see until you get to the mine.  When you get there, you'll find it's now sealed, but at least the hike was enjoyable.

October 1, 2015
Happy October, everyone.  Don't forget we have a field trip scheduled on the 11th.  Details can be found here.  We hope to see you then. 

New images have been added to the Ingomar Mine gallery in the Goodsprings, Nevada directory.  It's getting late in the year and I'm running out of things to say, so just go look at the pictures. 

September 24, 2015
New images have been added to the Sultan Mine gallery in the Goodsprings, Nevada directory.  This is one of the mines we revisit several times a year and never grow tired of seeing.  It's one of the mines we like to show others when we want to display many features in a short tour.  There is plenty to see from the main adit level, but it has little depth.  The real depth of this mine is vertical with views of ladders headed several hundred feet up and down. 


September 17, 2015
New images have been added to the Singer Mine gallery in the Goodsprings, Nevada directory.  We had no specific goals when revisiting this mine, but since we were recently at the nearby Tiffin Mine, it made sense to cross it off our revisit list.  Be aware, this area is known to have a dense population of snakes.  Outside,  there is corrugated sheeting and lumber laying about that make great sunning spots early morning and sunset.  Just inside the main portal is perfect for snakes to escape the days heat. Entering the main portal at Singer Mine requires you to slide in head first on your belly or feet first on your back.  Either way, you're going in mostly blind.  

September 10, 2015
Thanks to all who attended the short notice  Labor Day Weekend field trip.  We couldn't have picked a better night with more perfect weather.  The only thing that could have made the night better was some camping chairs and a full cooler.  We'll have to remember that for the next night trip which may be soon.


September 3, 2015
My apologies for the very short notice, but we've recently scheduled a night field trip event this coming Labor Day weekend.  This will be an above ground trip and is family safe.  Some minerals react to UV lighting, so we'll begin the trip with some mineral collecting.  From there, it'll be a 10.5 mile trail back to pavement.  Please, post it up in the forum or email me if you plan on attending.  Hope to see you all soon!


August 27, 2015
New images have been added to the Tiffin Mine gallery in the Goodsprings, NV directory.   This mine is remarkably deceptive in its depth.  From the surface, I originally assumed this would be a small prospect, but was surprised that we were underground for at least a couple hours.  Horizontally, the adits forked in all directions following obvious faults.  Vertically, there were two levels down and three up.  


August 13, 2015
New images have been added to the Chiquita Mine gallery in the Goodsprings, Nevada directory.  There was/is a company selling stock based on the premise that some nearby mines would be reopened.  We return annually to check their progress and have yet to view any changes to the mines.  This mine falls outside of the boundary of the stock selling company, but we were in the area and updated our review of the mine.

We are contacted a few times a year by people asking our opinion of purchasing stock in local mining ventures.  There has been an increase of these contacts the past week and a half.  There does seem to be a resurgence of mining company stock sales for this area.  If you've been contacted to purchase stock in and around the area, feel free to contact me for research data and opinions. 

Nearby, we found an expensive piece of electronic equipment.   If you think you might be the owner, contact me with a description, make, and model number.


August 6, 2015
New images have been added to the Green Monster Mine in the Goodsprings, Nevada directory.  It's been a while since we've revisited the Green Monster Mine.  We knew this mine was sealed in early 2013, but returned to see if anything was changed.  The trail is eroded, but otherwise, it looks as sad as it did soon after the closure. 


July 29, 2015
Ok, I should probably confess something.  Some of you already know.  I'm not feeling well and haven't been for a while.  I'm having some concentration issues that are making it impossible for me to sit in front of a computer long enough to complete a site update.  We're working on a possible fix and I'll hopefully be well enough to become more involved again.  

In the meantime, I do have some good news.  We'll be resuming our group  Field Tripsbeginning Sunday, October 11, 2015.  Our Ivanpah trip in May was cancelled and never rescheduled, so I think we'll start there.  Most of you already have Sundays off from work.  Hopefully, that will give the rest of you enough time to request the day off.  


July 16, 2015
Sorry about the weak weekly update. We did get to the mountains this week, but it's way too hot to hike and climb, so we mostly enjoyed the trails and limited our time outside.  Still, we managed to add some nice specimens to our mineral collection.  Everything you see in the mineral gallery has and can be found locally.  Most within an hours drive of Vegas. 

New images have been added to the Local Minerals directory. 

July 9, 2015
New images have been added to the Allured Mine gallery in the Ivanpah, CA directory.  Most mines within the Mojave National Preserve have been made safe.  Because this is one of the few remaining open, curiosity got the best of us.  Save your energy and possibly your life.  There's nothing worth seeing at the bottom. 


July 2, 2015
Rocky Gap Trail has been added to the new Misc Locations and Trails section.  I know most probably found this site searching for something mining related.  That sense of discovery and adventure is what prompted us to start this site.  There are probably some days when you want to enjoy the scenery, but find it more enjoyable from an air conditioned vehicle.  You'll find beautiful scenery along this trail and the shade and elevation make short hikes tolerable.


June 25, 2015
New images have been added to the Contact Mine gallery in the Goodsprings, Nevada directory.  There isn't anything remarkable about this mine.  I haven't given it much thought until a recent exchange of emails with someone reminded me of a similar unexplained experience. 

June 18, 2015
The Bitter Spring Trail has been added to the Misc Locations and Trails directory.  Since we are already in triple digits, this trail may be one you want to delay until the cooler months.  The trail is fairly simple, but it's slow speed and in first gear almost the entire 25 mile length increasing your chances of vehicle overheating and failure.  Maybe when it cools, we can plan a group trail run. 


June 11, 2015
New images have been added to the Esperanza Mine gallery in the Ivanpah, California directory.  We returned to Ivanpah looking for specific minerals identified in last weeks new "Local Minerals" section.  Specifically, we were hoping to find some gem stones of better quality and quantity, but were unable to locate anything of interest.  We've been terrible with cataloging minerals, but now that we know what's out there, we'll try to be more accurate.

June 4, 2015
A new Local Minerals section has been added to the site.  The purpose of this section is to help identify minerals that have been found locally.  I'm not a mineral expert or even an advanced novice.  Honestly, my knowledge of minerals is elementary at best.  People with a much greater vocabulary and understanding of minerals have made the identifications.  Hopefully, some of you with find this section useful.


May 28, 2015
New images have been added to the Addison Mine gallery in the Goodsprings, Nevada directory.  Someone has been to the mines north of Sandy Valley attempting to torch their way through the bat gates. Whoever is doing that is wasting their time.  The best features of these mines are already in our galleries.  There's really nothing more to see. Also, if people keep breaking through and around these gates, someone may make a decision that collapsing these mines is a better and cheaper way to secure them. 

May 21, 2015
New images have been added to the Carnation Mine gallery in the Nelson, Nevada directory.  This mine becomes less safe each time we visit.  Because of the soft host material, seismic activity, and mine design, this mine is prone to shifting and collapse is imminent.  Mine exploration is inherently dangerous.  This mine more so than others. 


May 14, 2015
New Images have been added to the Jubilee Mine gallery in the Nelson, Nevada directory.  I don't know what is wrong in some people's heads that have to spray paint everything.  We came across a couple teens here shaking spray paint cans.  We were parked well before they saw us and when they did, they both put their cans into a milk crate and pretended to be admiring the mine.  We just sat there waiting and watching until they figured out we weren't leaving, so they left.  They probably found another site to paint that day, but it wasn't that one. 


May 8, 2015
Sorry about missing yesterdays update.  I don't even have a good excuse for missing it.  I just forgot.  

April 30, 2015
New images have been added to the Ninety Nine Mine gallery in the Goodsprings, Nevada directory.  We return to this mine at least once a year to view trail and cabin conditions and to locate a spring in the area.  Each year, conditions deteriorate. The Ninety Nine Mine cabin is of significant historical value. I don't know what goes on in some peoples head where they see something and just have to shoot at it.  


April 23, 2015
New images have been added to the Azurite Mine gallery in the Goodsprings, Nevadadirectory.  Last weeks Hidden Object Game may have led to an important, but unintentional  animal rediscovery and prompted us to return to this mine.  We found no unfamiliar animals within the mine, but unintentionally captured another image that may support the sightings of others.   


April 16, 2015
Sorry about the late update today.  Today's update is more of a confession than an update.  I've been adding hidden objects into site images for a while now and have added a new Hidden Object Game section for those interested.  Good luck finding them all. 

April 9, 2015
New images have been added to the Pilgrim Mine gallery in the Goodsprings, Nevada directory.  This is a very deep and steep incline shaft dug into the valley floor.  Even though the shaft is mostly an incline, whenever possible, we set rope to assist and for safety purposes.  From the surface, there doesn't seem to be much to this mine, but it took us 688 feet of rope to reach the lowest level.  


April 2, 2015
We recently received a report that the Mountain Top Mine has been reopened.  This mine was sealed years ago and one we have not had the opportunity to explore.  We suspected the report was inaccurate because the trail description didn't match our recollection.  Sadly, we were correct.  Mountain Top Mine is still just as sealed as we remembered it to be.  The mine they believed to be Mountain Top was actually Lookout Mine.  

If you are in the area of this mine, be mindful of rattle snakes which we've seen around and just inside this mine portal. Unless they move, they are often difficult to see.

March 26, 2015
A new Miscellaneous Location section has been added to the site.  Mining will always be at the core of this site, but as the site evolves, the plan is to expand it to include other outdoor activities and locations. 

The first entry to this new section is Wheeler's Pass which is a roughly 20 mile trail between Pahrump, NV and Cold Creek,NV.  This is a mostly uncomplicated trail abundant with wildlife and with a peak elevation of over 7500 feet, a great escape when temperatures rise.   


March 19, 2015
I'm still not well enough to get into the mines, so this weeks update will be pulled from our many pictures we keep in reserve for times just like this.  

Just last month, we held our field trip to Tecopa, CA which concluded with a tour of the War Eagle Mine.  For safety reasons, we only explored the main adit level.  This weeks update will give everyone just a small example of what was below.

We'd like to return later this year to tour lower levels with a more advanced skill and fitness group.  This idea hasn't gone beyond a thought, so no date has been set.


March 12, 2015
Since this site began years ago, this is the first time I'll be missing the weekly update. I'm not feeling well and my concentration levels are off.  My apologies and  I hope you'll return for next weeks update.  In the meantime, there is probably plenty of content within the site you haven't yet seen or you can entertain yourself in the site forum.  

March 5, 2015
New images have been added to the Field Trip Section from our February 28, 2015 group trip.  Thanks to all who gave so much of their time and effort for this event.  Without all in attendance, we would not have reached that level of knowledge and entertainment that made this another successful outing. 


February 26, 2015
New images have been added to the Umberci Mine in the Ivanpah, California directory.  I've mentioned the declining trail conditions to Ivanpah over the past few weeks.  Umberci Mine isn't far from Primm and just off the power line road, so conditions to this point are easy enough for any high clearance vehicle, but the deepest portions of this mine have been sealed.

There are alternate routes to the northern mines of Ivanpah.  South from Cima Rd. and North from Sandy Valley.  It's been over a year since we've attempted either trail, so trail conditions may be just as bad as the approach from Primm.  


February 19, 2015
New images have been added to the Lizzie Bullock Mine in the Ivanpah, California directory.  As mentioned in a recent update, the trails leading to the mines in Northern Ivanpah are severely weathered.  If given enough time, weathered trails often settle and repair themselves.  We'll return to this area in a few months and will hopefully report better trail conditions.  As of this writing, high clearance vehicles are required to reach these mines and should only be attempted  if you can accept some vehicle paint and possibly body damage. 


February 12, 2015
New images have been added to the  New Trail Mine gallery in the Ivanpah, California directory.  Getting to this mine takes great effort because of trail conditions.   All but one portal to this mine has been made safe with bat gates.  Temptation to reach that one open portal will likely be greater because of the efforts to reach this mine. The approach to that single open portal is not safe and there is nothing inside worth the considerable risk to reach the portal. 


February 5, 2015
New images have been added to the Taylor Mine gallery in the Ivanpah, California directory.  We returned to this area scouting a possible route for the field trip scheduled on the 28th of this month.  We knew the trail conditions have deteriorated over the years, but because of risk of damage to stock vehicles, we were forced to remove this area as a trip option. 

Washes have cut through some trails several feet deep.  Some trails have become washes exposing bedrock and boulders.  Approach should be viewed as impassable by most stock vehicles without risk of getting stuck, or vehicle damage.  Alternate routes risk paint damage. 


January 29, 2015  
A new Field Trips section has been added to the site.  Access to this area is through the navigation bar to your left.  Currently, there are only two trips listed, but there are already two more trips being organized so, more will be coming soon. 

First entry to this section is our very first group field trip from last months tour of Goodsprings, Nevada held on December 13, 2014.  Some of you I've met previously.  It was good to see you all again and great to meet the rest.  

Second entry into this new section is the tour of Tecopa, California organized and hosted by Joe on January 24, 2015.  I wasn't able to attend this trip, but Charley took enough pictures so we could all feel like we were there.  There is still plenty of Tecopa to see, so I'm certain it will be a future group trip destination. 


January 22, 2015   
New images have been added to the Billy Boy Mine gallery in the Ivanpah, California directory.  Like most mines within the Mojave Preserve, this mine has been made safe with bat gates.  There is no way to enter this mine, but there are still plenty of relics at the surface to enjoy.  Now through the early spring is a great time to visit the Mojave Preserve.  It's unbearable in the summer for people and vehicles.  


January 15, 2015  
Some of you may already know that there are times when the weekly updates do not match where we were that week.  In most instances, what you see is where we were, but we often keep pictures in reserve in the event we can't get out for whatever reason.  

A new section of Historic Pictures has been added to the site.  A navigation button has been added to the directory to your left.  Because these images are over 100 years old, the picture quality may not be consistent. Some images are blurry and lighting may be off which is common for the era, but I find the content to be far more interesting than anything we've presented here.  

The idea for this section was to expand the site as a resource, but also to help relieve some of the stress of maintaining a weekly update.  In the years since this site has been running, we have never missed a weekly update.  It's sometimes difficult to keep up the pace.  


January 8, 2015  
New images have been added to the Solar Mine gallery in the Nelson, Nevada directory.  This valley was heavily prospected, but did not appear to be in production.  Since there are still a few active gold mines in the area it's possible and even likely there is more to be found.  This is one of the areas we've collected samples for panning and have found some nice pyrite, most often known as "fools gold".  The presence of fools gold should be encouraging when prospecting since gold is often found among pyrite.   

January 1, 2015  
Happy New Year, everyone!  I hope everyone made it to 2015 safely.  I know it's said every year, but this year sure went quickly.  It doesn't seem too long ago I was complaining about the summer triple digits and here I am feeling that winter ache in my joints.  I've already copied the 2014 updates to the archives.  As we progress through this year, I'll remove what is left of 2014 from the front page as it is replaced with new accounts of 2015.

New images have been added to the Lucy Gray Mine gallery in the Nipton, California directory.  Someone heard on a forum somewhere that someone intentionally set fire to the Lucy Gray Mine cabin recently. I am happy to report that those rumors are completely false.  What is left gets picked through a little more each year, but it's still standing with plenty to see.  Getting there is more difficult.  Best to bring more than one vehicle when you visit. 

December 25, 2014 

No mine update today.  Merry Christmas!

December 18, 2014
Thanks to all who attended this past Saturdays field trip to Goodsprins, Nevada.  Participation was greater than expected and there were many more than wanted to join us, but for various reasons, were unable to attend. If there are enough interested, we'll probably host a smaller group sometime during the week for those with conflicting work schedules.

Because of the tour success, we're already planning ahead for the next group trip possibly in February or March.  Currently, we are leaning towards a tour of South Ivanpah, CA.  Most of the mines are sealed, but there are many pieces of equipment like earth movers and pumps in place and cabins still stocked with supplies.  This tour would be less involved than the last tour, but far more scenic.  If anyone has any tour suggestions, feel free to post it up in the forum or send an email. 

The Evening Star Mine has been added to the Ivanpah, California directory. This mine falls within the Mojave Preserve boundary and would be the highlight of the tour.  The head frame is one of those things you have to see to fully appreciate. I'm not entire;y sure what it was. The lower portion was an obvious hopper to load measured amounts into trucks.  What had me stumped it the structure appeared to have a rock crusher built into the head frame.  A design I've not seen in other mining locations. 


December 11, 2014  
I keep forgetting to announce the opening of our site forum.  Some of you have already noticed the link to it in the navigation bar on the left.  Meet some good people and join in the conversations.  Signing up is easy and free. 

Final announcement about the field trip this coming weekend.  If you'd like to join us, but have not yet confirmed, please do so now.  Trail space is limited, so the meeting time and place will not be announced openly. 

New images have been added to the Columbia Mine gallery in the Goodsprings, Nevada directory.   We were recently asked about a wooden door inside Columbia Mine.  We've been inside and at all levels of Columbia Mine and didn't remember seeing a wooden door.  Thinking we may have missed something good, we returned and found the wooden "door" which actually wasn't a door.  It was more of a cover, but since we could walk around and see the other side, it didn't seem to serve any purpose.  

December 4, 2014  
No mine update today.  I was recently made aware of possible amendments  to theResource Management Plan (RMP) by the BLM that may restrict our use of public lands and wanted to  devote this weeks update to this important issue.  

There are several options being considered from no change to the existing RMP, to restrictions and closures of over a million acres of local public lands.  We can all agree that changes will be made and there will be further land use restrictions. The best we can hope for  is the option with the least amount of affected acres.  

There were public meetings held, but schedules were announced on short notice. Many were just recently made aware of any proposed changes.  Please, review the proposed changes in the link(s) above and submit your comments to the BLM to be heard. 

Please, share the links and information with friends and social media.  This issue deserves far more attention than it has been given. 

November 27, 2014  
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  Hope you're all having a nice day and spending it with good company.  

New images have been added to the Dupont Mine gallery in the Searchlight, Nevada directory.  We originally misidentified parts of this as the Rockefeller Mine because Dupont Mine had several working claims spanning acres and several hills and valleys.  We've removed the previous Rockefeller Mine entry and  consolidated its images into the correct Dupont Mine gallery. 

November 20, 2014  
Our field trip date is quickly approaching.  While this is an open invitation, space is limited, so please contact me to reserve.  Send me an email with how many vehicles and the number of people you will be bringing. 

New images have been added to the Carnation Mine gallery in the Nelson, Nevada directory. There appears to be a crypt within an upper adit of this mine.  I've heard it was the body of a miner lost in the 1974 Nelson Landing flash flood.  When rains are heavy, it is said that muddy footsteps of his ghost can be heard walking aimlessly through the mine.  I made that last part up.   While that story would be better if it were true, there is a more explainable, scientific reason for the concrete slab. 

November 13, 2014  
New images have been added to the War Eagle Mine gallery in the Tecopa, California directory.  The size of this mine is difficult to grasp.  I've seen some sites and forum posts estimate the inner workings of this mine to span 6-8 miles.  

The hike from the main portal to the next feature feels longer, but I'd estimate actual distance to be around a third of a mile.  There is often a long span between features adding to the illusion. Realistically, I would estimate War Eagle Mine to contain  2 to 2.5 miles of internal workings. 

TauTona Mine west of Johannesburg, South Africa is the deepest mine at 2.4 miles deep.  Even with its drift levels, the inner workings of TauTona fall  short of the War Eagle's rumored and exaggerated 6-8 miles.  War Eagle is huge, but not that huge. 

November 6, 2014  
Did anyone else spot the ghost miner I added to last weeks Halloween update?  I received a few emails from those who found it.  I tried to make it obvious enough that it was fake, but one actually felt it was real.  Since that seems to be a common question, I'll answer it for all.  No, I have never experienced anything in or around a mine that could not be explained. I've heard noises that I couldn't source, but that doesn't equal paranormal. 

New images have been added to the Christmas Mine in the Goodsprings, Nevada directory.  Since it is so far from pavement, the area has remained untouched and scenic. Wildlife here is abundant.  Plenty of coyote, rabbit, snakes, and road runners.  We've even seen mule deer nearby.  There has to be an available water source, but we have yet to find it.  

October 30, 2014  
Happy Halloween!  

New images have been added to the Tiffin Mine in the Goodsprings, Nevada directory. We've explored most of the Tiffin and Singer Mines from top to bottom.  Most of the ways down to lower levels have ladders in good condition, but there was a winze with just the remains of a broken hemp rope that was added to our return list.  The wood support at the top seemed sturdy enough, but we wanted to return and set  proper anchors in rock for our ropes.  

A few people have asked why we never use safety ropes.  When rope is needed, I usually mention it in the description details.  If we head down a mine, we always have a plan to get back up. Even if there are ladders in place, we always use safety ropes.  You just never see them because we try our best to present the scenes as naturally as possible.  The same reason you never see us in pictures posing in and around mines like they're someones vacation photos.  So, for those who were wondering, you won't see it, but we always practice and encourage safe exploration. 

October 23, 2014
If you or someone you know is missing a metal detector, please contact me with the make, model, and other specific identifiers.  It's a really nice one I'm sure the owner would want returned.  

New images have been added to the Dawn Mine in the Goodsprings, Nevada directory. This is where it all began for us here.   Our very first local mine.  The trail leading up to this mine has deteriorated over the years as have most of the trails around here.  After a long uncomfortable ride up to this mine, you'll find the final approach is blocked with large boulders.  If you still want to hike up to the mine, you'll find it's locked with bat gates.   We've finally explored this mine top to bottom.  Save yourself the effort and just enjoy the pictures.  

October 16, 2014
With the weather cooling off nicely, we'll be increasingly more active and hopefully reach areas we've been holding off until winter.  Already, we've been out at various mines drilling and setting anchor bolts to secure rope.  It takes a lot of effort to set bolts in hard rock, so we usually set the bolts and return to use them at a later date when we're well rested.  After a day of setting bolts, I'm exhausted, but I actually lose sleep thinking about what was just out of reach. 

New images have been added to the Noonday Mine gallery in the Tecopa, California directory.  This is another one of those mines we keep returning to year after year because there's always something new to see.  The nearby War Eagle Mine is more well known, but of the two, Noonday Mine is my favored.   War Eagle is much larger and is unique with its double rail incline shaft, but there are some very long hikes between features.  I found myself getting tired and bored before we came across the next interesting feature.  Noonday Mine held my attention longer.  

October 9, 2014
New images have been added to the Saint Louis Mine in the Searchlight, Nevada directory.  Over the past few years, we've seen what we thought to be signs of this mine reopening.  This is our third visit to this mine this year hoping to see progress.  We're still not sure what is happening at this mine and we have new information that only adds to the confusion.

October 2, 2014
New images have been added to the Sultan Mine gallery in the Goodsprings, Nevada directory.  This is one of the mines we visit often because it's always changing and there's always a feature we missed.  We've parked nearly on top of it many times, but just came across what was likely their kitchen.   Recent rains have drastically changed the approach.  Parking on the main portal level is no longer possible.   The hike up to the mine is longer, but worth the effort. 

September 25, 2014
The Allured Mine has been added to the Ivanpah, California directory.  While making our way up to the mine, we kept hearing a chorus of loud chirping.  As we got closer to the mine, it became louder, but more difficult to locate the source because it sounded like it came from all directions.  Just as we entered the mine portal, everything became still and quiet.  After a minute of searching, we found these guys just above our heads.  Cute little guys.  I have no idea what kind of birds they'll grow up to be. 

I have yet another continuation of the previous communications discussion.  It seems that a few regular visitors of this site have purchased their own GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) band radios at my suggestion.  Again, not the cheap half watt radios you can buy off the big box store shelves, but the high power commercial quality radios.  

I was in the mountains south of St. Rose (Just south of Sloan) and was having a conversation with regular site visitor, Dave, on Rocky Gap Road inside Red Rock Canyon.  Granted, he was at greater elevation, but his radio was only transmitting 25 watts and that was easily over 25 miles away without the use of a repeater.  Until I got behind a mountain, we were hearing each other clearly. 

Dave purchased his radio used from Ebay for $80.  Many businesses are switching to digital radios.  Their old business communications radios can be reprogrammed for GMRS frequencies which is what Dave did.  Currently, there are 4 of us from the site using GMRS radios.  A few more have said they are currently searching for GMRS radios, so more will be joining us shortly. It's entertaining to drive and have a conversation with others.  Not only entertaining, it's safer.  

If you'd like to join in these live conversations, you'll need a GMRS radio.  I've seen them on Ebay as low as $40 and up to several hundred.  The average seems to be around $100.   Search Ebay for "GMRS mobile radio" and look for one capable or sending and receiving in the 462-467 MHz spectrum range and as close to 50 watt UHF as you can find and afford. 

More information on General Mobile Radio Service and licensing.

September 18, 2014
Big things are about to happen in the Nevada mining industry.  Just last week, Tesla Motors announced it has selected Nevada to build its battery GigaFactory.  To supply a factory of the proposed size would require substantial mineral deposits.  Because of the proposed GigaFactory sites central location, Tesla Motors will be relying heavily on domestic sources. 

Building on last weeks communications update, some wanted me to outline the emergency system without radio communications I briefly mentioned.  It's what we used to do before upgrading our gear.  Get a pool of friends with off road capabilities on a rotating list and assign them as backup. If you make yourself available to their rotating list, you should be able to assemble a strong backup pool.

Before you leave for a day trip, email or text one of them coordinates to where you plan on leaving pavement and the latest hour you expect to return to pavement.  I prefer to use texts because it's the least intrusive form of contact. Because I often limit myself to day trips, my return hour was usually sunset. 

If an hour passes after my expected return to pavement, the plan was to wait another hour in the event I was just running behind.  After a second hour has passed without communication, my backup would try to contact me just in case I simply forgot to contact them.  After a third hour without contact, the situation would escalate.  

Escalation could simply mean passing the known information up the proper channel.  If I were the backup, I would personally head out to the known coordinates and search myself.  How you interpret the response would depend on prearrangements and your level of commitment. 

I've personally met several dozen site visitors.  You're all welcome to add me to your backup list.  This emergency backup plan only takes a couple minutes to execute and could possibly save a life, so get on a list. 

September 11, 2014
No mine update today.  Instead, I'm going to try something new. When this site began years ago, it's always been about Southern Nevada historic mining.  The focus of this site will always be in mining history, but I'm often asked about other aspects of outdoor Nevada.  Things to do when the novelty of the Strip wears off or family friendly activities.

I'll be working to expand this site to be more inclusive with information about outdoor Nevada.  You'll still find me adding to our ever-growing directory of historic mines, but throughout the year, you'll be seeing updates about off road trails, hiking, climbing, fishing, and camping.

Our first update, not directly related to mining, is about communications.  I apologize, in advance, for it being a long update but it's a wide topic.  To your left, you may have noticed a new tab labeled "Equipment Reviews".  Currently, it only contains the link to the communications article.  As our site focus widens, I'll reorganize.  


September 4, 2014
Bernice Mine has been added to the Ivanpah, California directory. Most mines within the Mojave National Preserve have been sealed or made safe with bat gates, but they did such a nice job with the preservation, it's hardly noticable.  Throughout the surrounding areas are many pieces of earth moving equipment, vehicles, and standing structures. It's a great place to share the history with your family without the falling hazards of other mining areas.  The entire area is fairly kid safe.


August 28, 2014 
New images have been added to the Honest Miner Mine in the Nelson, Nevada directory. After years of return visits we are finally able to report what we found at the bottom of this mine.  The mines exterior had a work platform above the single shaft and a true tunnel through the mountain.  Much effort was given to this mines infrastructure and we were prepared for a long day of exploration.


August 21, 2014 
No mine update today.  I'm in FL for the week.  Not a lot of mines to get into over here.  We'll return next week with new updates.

August 14, 2014 
New images have been added to the Eldorado Rand Mine gallery in the Nelson, Nevada directory.  We've returned to this mine many times, but left each time because of unsafe conditions.  As you'll see in the gallery, it gets worse each time we return.  I know we should cross this mine off our list, but we have so much time and effort invested in this exploration, it keeps calling to us.  


August 7, 2014 
Because of the rain from the past couple of weeks, trail conditions around Goodsprings, Nevada have deteriorated.  Areas once accessible by a slow moving car should be approached with caution.  

New images have been added to the Kirby Mine gallery in the Goodsprings, Nevada directory.  This entire valley was posted as "Private Property" earlier this year, but as of today, the area was not posted.  According to Clark County property records, this is still public land.  I'm not certain of this land status.  Most of the mines within this valley have been sealed anyway.  Not a lot to see. 

July 31, 2014 
New images have been added to the Lincoln Mine gallery in the Goodsprings, Nevada directory.  We've been keeping a secret about this mine for a few years and can now finally tell the story. 


July 24, 2014 
New images have been added to the Addison Mine in the Goodsprings, Nevada directory.  Because there are so many large mines closer to Goodsprings, the mines well south and just north of the California border are often missed.  Sadly, they're all sealed now, so you aren't missing much.  

Most surprising about this area were the mule deer.  We came across a dead mule deer at the bottom of a shaft at Hoodoo Mine a few years ago.  During our most recent trip, we came across a few female mule deer.  Good to see them so healthy. 

We've seen mule deer along Wheelers Pass closer to the Cold Creek, NV side, but the Mt. Charleston area has much more vegetation and water.  The southern range around the California border is typical desert many miles away from natural springs.  Seeing any wild animal larger than a coyote around there was unexpected. 

July 16, 2014  

Beginning next week, updates will arrive on Thursdays instead of the usual Wednesdays.

New images have been added to the Taylor Mine in the Ivanpah directory.  This is currently my favorite mine in the Ivanpah District because of the many levels to access and its high concentration of relics still in place.  Almost everywhere you look there is something to pick up and study.  There are at least 4 more open portals that we have yet to enter, so it's unknown how much more this mine has to share.  We may have seen the best it has to offer, but the grand size of the many tailing piles would suggest a much greater depth than we've seen. 

July 9, 2014
The Kewanee Mine has been added to the Ivanpah, California directory.  It's a good looking mine, but it's been sealed so there's not much to say about it.  

Some of you are familiar with my Jeep.  Those who are not will find it easy to identify by the site logo and address decals on the sides and rear window.  Yesterday, while driving, I received an email notification.  I was at a traffic signal that I knew to take a long time to cycle and discreetly opened the email.  It read, "I hope you get emails on your phone.  Look in your mirror.".

I looked in my mirror and there was a guy laughing and giving me the finger.  It wasn't because of my driving.   I wasn't driving like an idiot at the time.  He waved and laughed more as he passed, so he wasn't angry.  It was just a guy having fun. 


July 2, 2014
New images have been added to the Singer Mine gallery in the Goodsprings, Nevada directory.  My wife and I took a few days last year to clean the exterior of this mine.  We invested 3 days over 2 weeks and removed about 8 bags of garbage and an additional 6 boxes of broken glass and shooting clays.  

On our most recent trip there, we were disappointed to see all our hard work and time was wasted.  It took us days to clean and probably just a couple hours to ruin it again.  Most shooters we know are very respectful of the land, but the few that are not can make a huge negative impact.  There are laws against shooting glass on BLM land, but that's something you shouldn't have to be told.  Even if you can't fight the urge to be a jerk, there are plenty of other places to be a jerk.  Take it somewhere else and don't set up your target garbage at mine sites. 

June 25, 2014
New images have been added to the Argentina Mine gallery in the Goodsprings, Nevada directory. This mine has always been one of my favorites in the Goodsprings area.  It was the largest and most productive mine in the area.  Unfortunately, all forward portals to this mine have been sealed.  It's worth a drive just for the scenery on your way to the Table Top Mountain peak.  

June 18, 2014
New images have been added to the Paradise Mine gallery in the Goodsprings, Nevada directory.  With its multiple levels, open stope, and large mining camp,  this was a full production mine, but was officially listed as a prospect mine.  We've reached the lowest level, but have yet to complete exploration.  The lowest level has been added to our ever growing to-do list. 


June 11, 2014
New images have been added to the Bill Nye Mine in the Goodsprings, Nevada directory.  The purpose of our return to this valley was to survey a mine we found previously and at higher elevation.  After reaching that unnamed mine, we found it to be less than 30 feet in depth and featureless.  Bill Nye Mine was more of a consolation prize for the day.

June 4, 2014
The Esperanza Mine has been added to the Ivanpah, California directory.  Throughout this mining site, we found what we thought to be turquoise, but upon further study, I believe we've found Malachite, a copper carbonate. 


May 28, 2014
The New Trail Mine has been added to the Ivanpah, California directory.  We were hoping to rappel into this mine, but found it nearly completely sealed.  There was an opening created by weather, but too much loose rock made it unsafe for entry. 

The drive was still well worth the effort.  There are a few cabins and other standing structures along the way.  

May 21, 2014
The Billy Boy Mine has been added to the Ivanpah, California directory.  We began our morning here because it was at the most southern edge of the Ivanpah Mining District.  We  figured it would take a while to get there, but didn't know there is a paved main road that runs through this area of  the Mojave National Preserve.  Now that we know it's so easily accessible, we'll be returning regularly until the weather is too uncomfortable. 

Drive with caution throughout this and all wildlife areas.  As we approached this mine, we scared a desert tortoise into his shell.  He was only about 5-6" across.  I have no idea how to age a tortoise, but I'll assume he was a juvenile compared to the larger ones we've seen.  We left him some apple slices which he was enjoying by the time we completed our mine survey. 


May 14, 2014
New images have been added to the Umberci Mine gallery in the Ivanpah, CA directory.  Our goal of the day was to locate any open portals north of the mining camp. Most of the mine in that direction has collapsed or is in danger of collapsing.  We may return in the future after the mine has had time to settle.  At this time, entry was not worth the risk.  


May 7, 2014
New images have been added to the Coliseum Mine gallery in the Ivanpah, CA directory.  I realize I just updated this mine on the site just a few months ago, but someone pointed out something in one of our pictures that I missed because I mostly have no idea what I'm seeing out there.  Admittedly, I know little of geology.  My interest in mines is the exploration and adventure.  

I also wanted to address a few complaints I received about this mine.  Some feel this mine should not be included in this directory of historic mining sites because it was last worked in the 80's and is relatively new to other mines in the district.  It's open pit design allows you to clearly see and better appreciate the efforts to follow the ore veins  in underground mines. This is also one of the better known mines within the district and has become part of the local history.  It needs to be here.    


April 30, 2014
I had the opportunity to attend my first Gold and Treasure Expo to experience some of the newest gold prospecting equipment.  I've been meaning to add a product and equipment review section for about a year and hope to get that started soon.

New images have been added to the Crystal Pass Prospect.  We've finally been able to reach the lowest level.  Technically, it's the same lowest level, but to reach it requires a little crawling. You have to go  down a level, up and over, and down again.  


April 23, 2014
New images of the Dawn Mine have been added to the Goodsprings, Nevada directory.  This mine has been sealed and there isn't much to see from the exterior, but it's along the easiest route to the Ninety Nine Mine and worth a stop.    

April 16, 2014
New images have been added to the Pilgrim Mine in the Goodsprings, Nevada directory. Usually, miners will follow an externally visible vein at the surface of a hill or mountain, but this mine was cut into the featureless valley floor.  Finding this deposit must have taken a large amount of luck and instinct. Pilgrim Mine is deceptive from the surface because it doesn't look like much, but has incredible depth.  To date, we've only explored three of the five lower levels. 

April 9, 2014
New images have been added to the Root Mine in the Goodsprings, Nevada directory.  Over the years, we've returned to Root Mine looking for access to lower levels, but have been largely unsuccessful until we were contacted by a man who worked there almost 60 years ago.  With his guidance, we were finally able to reach the deepest levels of this mine.


April 2, 2014
New images of the Saint Louis Mine have been added to the Searchlight, Nevada directory.  After putting it off for a couple years, we finally got around to exploring the depths of this mine.  We located three ways down. All of which seemed to be independent of the others.  After spending a morning popping in and out of this mine, we noticed a pattern.  

This mine appeared to follow a vertical seam from one side of the mountain to the other. Again, none connected to the other, so it was easy to miss.  Eyeballing a rough line into the distance, we were able to locate more of the same ore they were following on and  just below the surface.  These would be deposits unearthed after mining discontinued at this location and after decades of weathering.  Admittedly, I have no idea what we were seeing.  It could be nothing, but it looked just like the stuff they were removing from within the mine. 


March 26, 2014
The Taylor Mine has been added to the Ivanpah, California directory.  Throughout this mine, we came across what we thought to be purple quartz, but found that it fluoresces under a ultraviolet light.  We've since learned that it was fluorite which sometimes forms valuable crystals.  


March 19, 2014
New images of the Oro Amigo Mine have been added to the Goodsprings, NV directory. Over a year ago, this mine was intentionally flooded making it unsafe for exploration.  We were recently informed that it has since dried.   After the long wait to explore this mines interior and lower levels, we were a bit disappointed,  but we were glad to finally cross it off our return list. 


March 12, 2014
The Lizzie Bullock Mine has been added to the Ivanpah, California directory.  The first thing that caught our attention heading into this valley were the large Pinyon Pine trees.  There were even a few as tall as 25 feet growing in tailing piles.  This mining district is definitely greener than we're used to.  


March 5, 2014
The Coliseum Mine has been added to the Ivanpah, California directory.  This is the first open pit mine we've come across in a historic mining district.  Describing the size is difficult without something to compare in scale.  This was primarily a gold mine, but the gold was mostly chemically locked.  This mine is also within the Mojave National Preserve.  Even if you were to find something of value, it would be a crime to remove it.


February 26, 2014
The Ivanpah Mining District has been added to the VegasUnderworld directory.  We've visited the area over the past few years, but never added it to the site.  Over the next year, we'll be returning to Ivanpah to get updated pictures since much of the area has changed with the addition of the Ivanpah Solar Farm.  We've noticed a lot of new mine closures, so if you see interior pictures of a mine on the site, the pictures may come from our image archives.  We'll be sure to indicate that in the mine descriptions.  For now, the Ivanpah directory will be sparce, but we'll add to it as we gather enough new content for updates. 

The Umberci Mine has been added to the Ivanpah directory.  We accidentally found this mine a few years ago while searching for passage to Sandy Valley from the East.  The main portal has since been sealed, but it's still worth a visit.  Unless you have a well built, high clearance vehicle with low range gears, it would be safest to park at the bottom and hike up the trail. 


February 19, 2014
New images have been added to the Noonday Mine in the Tecopa, California directory. Tecopa is beautiful this time of year.  Our intention was to explore the lowest levels of War Eagle Mine, but there were a few people there with surveying equipment.  They appeared to be surveying the valley and not the mine, but it's proper etiquette to keep distance of others.  

We ended up at Noonday Mine on the other side of the mountain.  We've been to this mine a few times and thought we explored it well enough, but followed the thrust fault up for about 150 yards and found  small chambers and ledges that appeared to be living quarters.  

February 12, 2014
The Morning Star Mine has been added to the Nelson, Nevada directory.   This was another mine we found just by following trails.  In almost all instances, follow a trail in a mining district and it'll lead to a mine.  For safety reasons, we didn't explore the underground portions of this mine.  It appeared to have depth, but didn't appear stable.  

We didn't get a feeling that this was a large scale mining operation, but judging from all the hand stacked walls, a large amount of effort was put into it.  I was unable to locate much information on this mine other than a name. 


February 5, 2014
New images have been added to the Whale Mine gallery in the Goodsprings, Nevada directory.  We returned to this mine hoping to find passage to lower levels, but it seems we've already found all areas safely accessible.  The lowest level we found had standing water.  It only appeared to be a few inches deep, but it could have easily concealed deeper hazards. 


January 29, 2014
New images have been added to the St. Louis Mine gallery in the Searchlight, Nevada directory.   We first visited this mine in early 2012, but stayed above ground because we were already  tired from a long day of exploration.  Seeing deeply mined crevices below, we knew we'd be back.

When we  returned to explore the lower levels, we didn't find much of interest.  Single level exploration would take you across unstable planks and rope anchor points to access the lower levels are questionable, so best to stay clear.  


January 22, 2014
New images have been added to the Ironside Mine in the Goodsprings, Nevada directory.  Getting to this mine was difficult.  The main portal sits high on the mountain side and most of the trail has been washed away.  At some points, our feet were along ledges and we had to lean against the rock face to keep from sliding down.  It gets worse each time we visit.  I think we can get a complete assessment of this mine with one more visit.  

There aren't many features unique to this mine.  It has tracks, chutes, ladders, and a hopper like many in the area, but there were some minerals within the lower rock faces unknown to us.  


January 15, 2014
New images have been added to the Apex Mine gallery in the Tecopa, California directory. I've received a few angry emails about the naming of this mine.  Not sure why some are getting angry with me about this.  I didn't name the mine and can only relay information that comes from public official records.  If anyone can direct me to an official record which lists this as Gunsight,  I will happily alter this sites information.  Since so many refer to this mine as "Gunsight",  I've amended the mine title to include an "AKA".  


January 8, 2014
The Combination Mine has been added to the Goodsprings, Nevada directory.  Because the Valentine, Accident, and Bullion Mines are in the same valley, this mine is easy to miss.  Finding information on this mine was difficult because it was still listed as Monte Cristo Mine on most of our maps.  

 January 1, 2014
Happy New Year, everyone!  I trust everyone had a pleasant Christmas and maybe got something you wanted.  I haven't been feeling well lately, so my Christmas and New Year was spent mostly resting.  It'll be a while before I'm feeling 100%, but I'm still in good spirits.  

I know it seems like it every year, but this year seemed to go especially fast.  As the year progresses, I'll begin dropping the oldest updates and adding them to the archives.

New images have been added to the Sultan Mine gallery in the Goodsprings, Nevada directory.  This was one of the first large mines we found in the area years ago.  We usually plan our excursions in great detail, so it's rare that a mine will just sneak up on us the way this one did.  We were attempting to locate a uranium mine in the area, but were unaware that mine was on the other side of the mountain. 

Throughout the Sultan Mine claim are rock rooms built into the ledges and gives an accurate account of the harsh work and living conditions miners endured. 

December 18, 2013
Next Wednesday is Christmas Day.  I hope you folks don't mind that we plan on skipping next weeks site update.  Hopefully, all of you will be spending your Christmas with family and friends and won't even notice. 

New images have been added to the Fredrickson Mine in the Goodpsprings, Nevada directory.  We know this mine to be unsafe with undetonated dynamite within,  but we were in the area doing a few trail repairs and had another look around.  This has been an especially rainy year and the portals to this mine are exposed with small stopes just inside.  It's become a muddy mess.   There is mud and the potential of blowing yourself up.  STAY OUT!


December 11, 2013
The Whale Mine has been added to the Goodsprings, Nevada directory.  This was another mine we passed many times because there were more accessible mines in the area.  Most of Whale Mine sits high up on the mountain side requiring a steep, long hike.  On two occasions, we've encountered coyote in the valley to the east.  It's possible they live in that valley, so use caution if in the area. 


December 4, 2013
Bill Nye Mine has been added to the Goodsprings, Nevada directory.  Some may have noticed that this mine was already in the directory,  but we've just recently added the historic Bill Nye Mine.  We originally believed that the portal within view from the main road and just behind the more modern mining operation was the original mine.  We've only recently discovered that the historic mine is actually well behind and up the mountain.  


November 27, 2013
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

I thought I already added Ireland MIne, but I guess I missed it.  There isn't anything remarkable about the mine.  It's quite typical of smaller prospects in the area.  In a nearby valley is a rock etched with the year "1870".  


November 20, 2013
New images have been added to the Crystal Pass Prospect in the Goodsprings, Nevada directory.  We first came across this mine from the overlooking west end.  There were a few occurrences on that end, but nothing you could get into.  The most mining in Crystal Pass was from the East side of the valley.  


November 13, 2013
New images have to been added to the Ingomar Mine gallery in the Goodsprings, Nevada directory.   I'm really tired and not feeling well.  I can't concentrate enough to write something interesting, so click a link and go enjoy some pictures. 

November 6, 2013
All mine pages now include direct information from the USGS full reports which contain commodity and materials details as well as host rock and history statements. 

New images have been added to the Root Mine gallery in the Goodsprings, Nevada directory.  We've rappelled into this mine a few times looking for the source of the large tailings, but none of the shafts or adits connected to significant depth. 

We returned this time with a map from the early 1900's.  The map showed an adit that went several hundred feet into the mine and connected to several upper and lower levels.  None of the collars or portals are sealed, but we still could not match our location to the map. We'll return at a later date, but because of our several failed attempts, our return is lower on our priority list.  


October 30, 2013
Regular visitors to this site often ask me for specific information about individual mines.  I don't at all mind the emails,  but a few have asked that I include more specific details.  Rather than update each page with new information, I've been updating the site to include USGS Full Report links of each mine.  There are quite a few mines in this site and updating each page to include the new information is time consuming and a slow process, but I am working on it.  You can find the links to the detailed information at each mine page, just below the mine name and coordinates.

The Contact Mine has been added to the Goodsprings, Nevada directory.  This mine has been sealed with bat gates and access is no longer possible.   The scenery is worth a stop, but I couldn't see myself making a trip just for this mine.  

While you're in the area, have a look at the petroglyphs located here: 
 35°55'17.05"N  115°28'28.07"W


October 23, 2013
New images have been added to the Noonday Mine in the Tecopa, California directory.  We've returned to Tecopa a few times and get a little deeper each time we visit.   Unfortunately, we didn't get to stay long.  The drive there was longer than our stay.

I had an accident on rope that forced us to leave early.  Nothing too serious, but we felt it was best to get closer to home in case the injury grew worse.  


October 16, 2013
The Paradise Mine has been added to the Goodsprings, Nevada directory.  There isn't much to see between Goodsprings and Potosi Mine close to State Route 160 (Blue Diamond Road).  There is a lot of space between the two and this is one of the only mines we've come across and we found it accidentally while following a power line road. 

Listed as a Prospect, we weren't expecting much and were surprised to find such a large base camp.  There is a deep incline shaft following a copper vein that ends abruptly.  It's not worth the climb to see the bottom. 


October 9, 2013
The Jenko Mine has been added to the Searchlight, Nevada directory.  We have company in from out of town and wouldn't feel safe bringing them underground, so we kept most of the trip as a trail ride.  We found a mine, but we're almost certain it is not the true Jenko Mine and will return at a later date without company.  Sorry for the weak update. 

October 2, 2013
New images have been added to the Southern Nevada Mine gallery in the 
Searchlight , Nevada directory.  We haven't even descended into the mine and this is already my favorite mine in Searchlight, NV just because of all the standing structures and equipment still in place.  Being so close to a major road, I was expecting graffiti and other forms of vandalism, but it's surprisingly untouched. 


September 25, 2013
New images have been added to the Columbia Mine gallery in the Tecopa, California directory.  The main portal to the incline shaft is completely exposed to weather and has partially collapsed.  It's unsafe, but we went in as far as we were comfortable.  The mine followed a seam between fault layers that broke through the surface further exposing the mine interior to weather. 

If that's not enough to keep you out, there is also an angry rattlesnake hiding in the wood pile at the mine portal. 


September 18, 2013
New images have been added to the Chiquita Mine in the Goodsprings, Nevada directory.  This mine has been on our on our return-to list for well over a year.  Our intention was to return to last weeks Ironside Mine, but on site we could still see water steadily flowing from above.  

Chiquita Mine doesn't even look like the same mine compared to just last year.  The trail up in now undrivable and the entire area is extremely weathered.  


September 11, 2013
The Ironside Mine has been added to the Goodsprings, Nevada directory.  The trail to the main portal can be unsafe in some areas.  Honestly, the mine looked more impressive from the ground than at its main level.  I wouldn't recommend it as worth the effort.  This opinion may change when we return at a later date as we were forced to leave because of water seepage during heavy rains.

September 4, 2013
New images have been added to the Singer Mine in the Goodsprings, Nevada directory.  The lower half of this mine system is the Tiffin Mine.  Anything from about halfway up is the Singer Mine.  

We originally intended to locate the upper Puelz Mine across the valley, but I wasn't prepared for that much climbing.  Instead, we climbed up to Singer.  In hindsight, the climb up would have been about the same.  


August 28, 2013
New images of the Azurite Mine have been added to the Goodsprings, Nevada directory.  Earlier this year, we were able to drive up the narrow, steep trail to the mines main portal.  Recently, someone placed a large boulder at the low end of the trail.  There are no new signs in the area and through research I found no new claims.  Not sure who blocked the trail.   The hike up wasn't so bad. 

I've been having memory issues lately and because of this, I lose things often.  I was on pair number three of really nice and expensive rappelling gloves.  Rather than buy yet another pair, we've been returning to a few mines where we think I may have left them.  Didn't find them yet, but there are still a few more mines on our short list. 

August 21, 2013
The Nugget of Gold Mine has been added to the Nelson, Nevada directory.  This is a small mine, with very few features, and not on most maps.  There is a single, partially covered, collar shaft and not much else.  My curiosity got the best of me and I rigged up rope to rappel.  As soon as I made my way down, the collar began to collapse and I gave in to better judgement.  I won't be trying that again.

My apologies for the weak update.  It's way too hot to be out in the desert long. 


August 14, 2013
New images of the Eldorado Rand Mine have been added to the Nelson, Nevada directory.   We've returned to this mine a few times and each time we tell ourselves it's too unsafe to return, but we keep going back.  You can't go 30-40 feet in this mine without seeing a collapse or signs of imminent collapse.  Definitely stay out of this one. 


August 7, 2013
New images of the Green Monster Mine have been added to the Goodsprings, NV directory.  Sadly, this mine has been forever sealed.  We knew this mine to house birds and bats.  If I woke up in the morning and found that someone nailed my bedroom door shut, I'd be upset.  I've added the last of the interior pictures we had archived.  No new interior images will become available.  


July 31, 2013
New interior images of the War Eagle Mine have been added to the Tecopa, California directory.  We've recently visited this mine, but had to return for the lower levels.  This is the largest mine system we've found in the area.  Others estimate this system to be in excess of five miles.  I'm not sure how accurate that would be, but it sure felt like it.  We're still not finished here.  We'll be back.


July 24, 2013
The Rockefeller Mine has been added to the Searchlight, Nevada directory.  There is some confusion as to this mines identity. It is listed as Dupont Mine on one source and unknown on others.  The most credible source listed the cabin remnants to the North as the mine site, but it appears to just be a mine camp.  There was a foot trail from that camp to this mine, so we are only assuming this to be the true Rockefeller Mine. 


July 17, 2013
New images have been added to the Keystone Mine in the Goodsprings, Nevada directory.  We already knew there wasn't much to see at this mine site.  Over the past year, there has been inconsistent work at this location. Anything that was once open has been sealed or removed by the surface mining method.  There were signs of recent work, but nothing current.  We only returned to see their progress.   

New Images have been added to the Lincoln Mine gallery in the Goodsprings, Nevada directory.  From the surface, this is a simple, but attractive mine.  There are two open portals.  The portal facing east had little depth and likely served as explosives storage.   The portal facing south has an incline shaft several hundred yards deep.  As deep as it was, we were hoping for impressive mine features, but the mine abruptly ended.  It was just an incline shaft that went nowhere.    


July 10, 2013
New images have been added to the Root Mine gallery in the Goodsprings, Nevada directory.  Root Mine is one of the first mines we visited in Goodsprings.  Being so close to the paved road, we were surprised to see so many artifacts and relics still in place.  A roller coaster of tracks still connects the upper and lower tailing piles, a winch and motor, and the standing aerial tramway makes this mine well worth a visit. 


July 3, 2013
The Quaker City Mine has been added to the Nelson, Nevada directory.  Good standing structures around this mine include a powder room and incline shaft head frame.  Unfortunately, all open portals and collars have been sealed.  For those that do not enter mines, this mine will still be enjoyable. 

New images have been added to the Rand Mine gallery in the Nelson, Nevada directory.  We've returned to this mine a few times and always find something new.  Our plan with our last visit was to rappel into a lower level, but some of the anchor points for our ropes appear to have shifted.  Months ago, rappelling into this mine was relatively safe, but after recent mine settling and shifting this rappel will have to wait.  We'll wait half a year and return.  If the mine hasn't shifted further, we'll reevaluate. 

June 26, 2013
The Silver Gem Mine has been added to the Goodsprings directory.  We found this mine entirely on accident.  None of our maps showed a mine at this location. The entire valley was well-hidden.  Getting up the wash to the mine is tight and may result in your vehicle rubbing in a few spots.  

June 19, 2013
New images have been added to the Noonday Mine gallery in the Tecopa, California directory.  This mine deserved more attention and a deeper look.  For the first time, we found ourselves lost for a while.  We were never in any danger.  It was just the first time we lost our bearings and felt a sense of urgency.

When there are many forks and turns within a mine, there is almost always a painted arrow indicating the way to the exit portal.  What we found in this mine was someone painted arrows in all directions.  Some of the mine adits lead to another mine portal on the other side.  We hope there was just some confusion when the mines merged and not someone thinking they were being funny. 


June 12, 2013
The Silver Legion Mine has been added to the Nelson, Nevada directory.  We've seen pictures of this mine in a few books and was looking forward to rappelling into its lower levels.  We were disappointed to find the incline shaft surrounded my chain link fence.  We could have easily made our way past the barrier, but we're firm believers in respecting property rights.  Also, if people remove safety barriers, we'll likely see an increase of mine closures by other means like back-filling and foam.

New images have been added to the Honest Miner Mine gallery in the Nelson, Nevada directory. Although short, this mine features the only tunnel (open at both ends) in the area.  We've returned a few times hoping to rappel into the mines only collar shaft, but wind passes through the tunnel and collects bits of cholla cactus that cling to anything it touches. 


June 5, 2013
The Apex Mine has been added to the Tecopa, California directory.  The Apex Mine is often overlooked because it shares the same Nopah Range as the better known War Eagle Mine.  While the War Eagle mine has far greater depth, the Apex Mine is worth devoting an extra day to exploring.  


May 29, 2013
We returned to Nipton, California again and were again disappointed.  The underground mines we researched in the area were either sealed or posted as private property.  The few accessible mines we did find were surface operations.

The Golden Calf Mine has been added to the Nipton, California directory.  Not a lot to see here.  It's a surface pit mine similar to gravel mines seen within the Las Vegas valley.

The Rest Mine has been added to the Nipton, California directory.  This mine is also a surface operation.  There were a few underground prospects in the hills behind this mine, but none had any significant depth.  The only memorable thing about this mine is the large amount of silver ore laying around.  There were piles of silver ore everywhere.  Silver is currently at less than $25 an ounce, so it's not worth your time or effort to take it home.


May 22, 2013
The Dupont Mine has been added to the Searchlight, Nevada directory.  This was supposed to be one of the larger mines in the area still open, but the only way in with depth was a covered collar shaft that appeared to be flooded with standing water.  All of the nearby mines are locked with bat gates or backfilled.  We'll return to Searchlight after more research. 


May 15, 2013
The War Eagle Mine has been added to the Tecopa, California directory.  We've been looking forward to exploring this mine for over a year and it didn't disappoint.  Our initial research indicated there are eight levels to the War Eagle East location. Two up, six down.  Further research suggests there are an additional two lower levels worked after the mine was originally closed.  Since the temperatures are already hovering around 100 degrees, further exploration will have to wait.  


May 8, 2013
The Solar Mine has been added to the Nelson, Nevada directory.  There is some confusion about this location.  The entire valley is comprised of many prospect mines. All were claimed by the same company or a company of similar name.  Rather than list each, we chose to display the entire valley project as the Solar Mine.  Almost all of the prospect mines are less than 50 feet deep.  The one we suspect to be deeper has an active bee hive within, so we were unable to explore or document further.

The Rich Hill Mine has been added to the Nelson, Nevada directory.  Unfortunately, there's not a lot to see there.  There is a small tailing pile outside, one small stacked stone wall and a collar shaft too loose and unsafe to rappel.  No reason for us to return to this location, so these few images are all we have to share of this mine. 


May 1, 2013
The Columbia Mine has been added to the Tecopa, California directory.  This appeared to be a drift mining operation following deep layers of lead.  Some of which is still visible in support columns.  Large dolomite crystals can be found throughout the interior.  Remnants of the mine mill are at the base with scattered collar shafts. 


April 24, 2013
The Saint Louis Mine has been added to the Searchlight, Nevada directory.  We went deeper into this mine than we should.  There weren't enough safe places to secure our rope anchors and we crossed too many rickety bridges.  The exterior is beautiful with a well built winding road, but the interior is unstable.


April 17, 2013
Tecopa, California has been added to the mine directory and location map listings.  

The Noonday Mine introduces our exploration into Tecopa, California.  We spent several hours underground exploring three levels and we are certain there are many more unseen.  Outside are many collapsed structures including the longest ore chute we've come across at a mine.  The drive to this location from Las Vegas is about an hour and a half, but well worth it.  From pavement, it's another fifteen miles off road. 


April 10, 2013
The Southern Nevada Mine has been added to the Searchlight, Nevada directory.  This mine has one of the more impressive structures in the area.  Being so close to the highway, we were surprised it was still standing and without vandalism.  There was a large headframe over an incline shaft, but because it was so visible by the highway and we weren't sure if the land is privately owned, we were unable to rappel into this one.  

Pompeii Mine has been added to the Searchlight, Nevada directory.  We weren't quite sure if we were trespassing while documenting this mine, so most of the pictures were taken at distance while work crews from a nearby landscaping rock company stared.  It appeared to be a surface mine.  No open portals or collars were seen, but relics of mining equipment were everywhere to enjoy. 


April 3, 2013
The JET Mine has been added to the Searchlight, Nevada directory.  All references to the JET mine have been capitalized, but we're unable to confirm an acronym.  While I would enjoy getting underground at this site, the collar shaft and all anchor points are extremely weathered and I would consider this mine to be unsafe for exploration.   We'll return to the Searchlight area over the next few months, but many sites are still in production, so we're not sure how much we'll be able to document.  

The Red Bird Mine has been added to the Searchlight, Nevada directory.  Unfortunately, the immediate area surrounding this incline shaft has been fenced and posted "No Trespassing".  We've documented what we could which was not much.  Respect property rights and stay beyond any posted barriers.  


March 27, 2013
The Historic Maps section has been repaired.  Sorry about all the dead links.  I'm not sure how long the links were dead.  If you ever see anything on the site that isn't working or if you have any suggestions for improvement, I'd appreciate it if you let me know. 

 Lucy Gray (Lucy Grey) mine has been added to the Nipton, California directory. Unfortunately, this mine has been backfilled and expansion foam sealed.  Interior mine images are not available.  This mine is sill worth a look.  Since it's difficult to access, the cabins and other artifacts are in place and good shape.  There are even unopened canned goods and cooking supplies.  The trail leading to the mine can be difficult.  You'll need a high clearance vehicle.  The mine also sits in a valley without cell service.  Do not attempt to reach this mine with a single vehicle. 


March 20, 2013
New images have been added to the Argentina Mine gallery in the Goodsprings directory.  So far, we've explored four levels.  Each time we return to this mine, we get deeper and have yet to reach the lowest level.  I've found reference to six levels, but we were unable to find a way lower.  There were a few collapsed areas.  Finding the lowest levels may not be possible, but we'll return and try again.


March 13, 2013
The correct Rand Mine has been added to the Nelson, Nevada directory.  We incorrectly identified another mine by this name previously.  Corrections have been made.  This was a new mine for us and easily missed from above.  Unfortunately, we spent most of our time revisiting the mine above and were too tired to explore this mine in depth.  We'll return at a later date for proper documentation.  

As mentioned above, we now know this mine to be the Eldorado Rand Mine.  The names and proximity are so close, it's very likely they are the same family/company, but each site was claimed independently of the other.   We were just here recently, but returned to see if the mine has settled enough to explore the lower levels. This mine still has a stability issue and  appeared to be stoped far greater than it could support.  Numerous cave-ins throughout.  Extreme hazards. 


March 6, 2013
New images have been added to the Ingomar Mine gallery in the Goodsprings directory.    Ingomar Mine has been sealed using bat gates.  No new interior images of this mine will become available.   Sorry if anyone is getting bored with seeing Goodsprings, but with the increased mine closure activity we've been seeing in the area, we want to document as much of the area as possible before the history is sealed.

New images have been added to the Picture Rock Mine gallery in the Goodsprings directory.  Of the hundreds of mines we've visited, this mine had the largest tailing pile we've come across.  From the base to the top was easily the height of a twelve story building.  We didn't find a single portal or collar shaft to enter.  We saw no signs of quarry mining either.  Not really sure what was going on there.  I'm hoping we just missed the portal.  We'll try again. 


February 27, 2013
To maintain quick page loading, all of the 2012 updates have been moved to the Updates Archive.  View short commentary there or view directly from the Mine Directory or by location on the Interactive Maps. 

The Eldorado Crown Mine has been added to the Nelson, Nevada directory.  This was our first trip to this mine and we were disappointed at first glance.  There were barely any tailing piles that usually indicate a large mine system.  Inside, this mine had plenty of depth and character.  Much more than most of the mines we've come across.  It deserves a second look.  We'll be back.  


February 20, 2013
We returned to Azurite Mine again and plan to visit at least once more  in the next month or two.  It seems mine closures in that area have increased.  We've been seeing work crews in the area stockpiling bags of cement, so we now have a sense of urgency to document the mines before the history is lost.  


February 13, 2013
The Interactive Maps have been updated. Sorry it took so long to get them updated.  Just start clicking things and you'll figure them out. 

The Eldorado Rand Mine has been added to the Nelson, Nevada gallery.  This mine is extremely unsafe.  We've returned to this mine a few times and each time more areas are collapsed. Structurally unsafe, but beautiful.  Not worth the risk.  Stay out!


February 6, 2013
Interior images have been added to the Alice Mine gallery in the Goodsprings directory.  Sadly, this mine has also been sealed.  As far as I'm aware, no other interior images of this mine can be found online. No new images of this mine will become available. 


January 30, 2013
New images have been added to the Golden Chariot Mine gallery in the Goodsprings directory.  We've been seeing periodic commercial activity in the area for a while now.  Not sure which mine they are working since we've seen them at multiple mine sites.  It's also possible they are part of the mine closure crews that recently closed the nearby Green Monster Mine.  

New images have been added to the Oro Amigo Mine in the Goodsprings directory.  We've been returning that western ridge trying to access mines since mine closure efforts have been increased. We'd like to record history before it's destroyed for our protection. There is a gray mud-like substance throughout this mine that never seems to dry.  It's been like that for over a year now.  


January 23, 2013
New images have been added to the Addison Mine gallery in the Goodsprings, Nevada directory.  The main portal has been made safe with bat bars, but there are still some open vents above.  There are quite a few abandoned mines along that southern range into California.  Some weren't on any of our maps, but were too large to be prospects.  


January 16, 2013
New images have been added to the Azurite Mine gallery in the Goodsprings directory.  We've been to this mine site a few times, but this was our first visit to the main portal levels.  The hike up to the portals was longer than I wanted, but easier than most trails in the area.  I really miss my Jeep Wrangler.  It could have easily made it and saved me some uphill walking.  Plenty to see up there, but lots of dangerous open collars.

New images have been added to the Chiquita Mine gallery in the Goodsprings directory.  Use caution if approaching this mine.  A wash has created a well hidden land bridge over the trail that could collapse under the weight of a vehicle.  

January 9, 2013
Corrections have been made to the Milford Mine gallery in the Goodsprings directory.  After more review and research, I believe that I incorrectly listed images of one of the Milford Mine claims as part of the Tam O'Shanter Mine.  The Milford Mine spans several claims and valleys.   The Tam O'Shanter Mine gallery has been removed from the Goodsprings directory.  My apologies for the errors. 

New images have been added to the Bullion Mine gallery in the Goodsprings Directory.  Our intention was to visit the upper levels, but there are trespassing signs posted that we missed or were not there before.   Still, plenty to see around the base camp.  

New images have been added to the Copper Hill gallery in the Goodpsprings directory.  We found this mine unintentionally while attempting to locate a bypass trail to Sandy Valley.   The main portal level has been gated, but there appears to be an accessible collar shaft.  We'll return to this mine with proper gear at a later date.  


January 2, 2013
New images have been added to the Argentina Mine gallery in the Goodsprings directory.  This mine system has impressive tailings and we  returned to the mine hoping to find an open portal or collar. Unfortunately, almost every portal or collar we found was back-filled or foam sealed.  We were able to locate one open portal, but it only went back 20-30 feet.  A prospect at the most. 

New images have been added to the Rose Mine gallery in the Goodsprings directory.  We've returned to this mine a few times trying to find a safe way to enter.  What we determined is there was a way in, but not very safe.  We got our pictures and quickly left.

New images have been added to the Lookout Mine gallery in the Goodsprings directory.   The mine began with a large stope that branched off in several directions.  With such a grand entrance, I was hopeful this mine would have some depth, but each adit went back only a few yards.  

December 26, 2012
New images have been added to the Root Mine gallery in the Goodsprings directory.  As large as it is, we felt it deserved another look and we were pleased that we did.  There were a few portals that were blasted shut, but above them we found open collar shafts we could rappel into placing us behind the blasted portals.  While up there, we found a downed aerial tramway cable.  We followed it up and over the ridge.  What's on the other side will have to be explored another day.  


December 19, 2012
Cosmopolitan Mine has been added to the Goodsprings directory.  This mine spans several claims with one still active.  We were only able to explore the historical mining site.  Not much to see there.  Gaining access required a steep hike and rappelling.  In the end, there wasn't much to see since much of it was blasted shut. 

New images have been added to the Fredrickson Mine gallery in the Goodsprings directory.  Being so close to the pavement, this mine has plenty of garbage and graffiti.  This mine has more hazards than others in the area.  Stay out!


December 12, 2012
New images have been added to the Jubilee Mine gallery in the Nelson, Nevada directory.  We've been there a few times and have yet to see everything it has to offer.  We found a historical map of this mine and were having some difficulty matching it to the actual site.  The mine may have been worked after the map date.

Blackhawk Mine has been added to the Nelson, Nevada directory.  The much larger hopper of the Carnation mine can be seen just down the trail.  There were an few open portals, but it was adjacent to an active mining claim and the claim boundaries were not clearly marked.  We didn't want to risk wandering onto the active claim and didn't stay long. 


December 5, 2012
Carnation Mine has been added to the Nelson, Nevada directory.  This was a fun mine to explore.  We would enter portals and pop out nowhere near where we entered.  It was like an ant hill in there and easy to lose bearings because of all the joining incline shafts. 


November 28, 2012
Eldorado Empire has been added to the Nelson, Nevada directory.  These claims were spread over several different sites.  Some had modern equipment on site, but were not currently being worked.  To avoid trespassing issues, we stayed well clear.  Unless you wander onto the work site, there isn't much to see.

Jubilee Mine has been added to the Nelson, Nevada directory.  This was an impressive mine with huge open stopes.  My only disappointment with this mine was the amount of graffiti and garbage throughout the mine.  The deeper we went, the less of that we saw, but some of the mines best features were destroyed by it.

Honest Miner Mine has been added to the Nelson, Nevada directory.  This mine had some great artifacts and structure to explore including a shaft hidden under a wooden deck.  It's also the first mine we've come across with an  open ended tunnel.  The only thing that kept us out of the shaft was the wind whipping through the tunnel attracted cactus spurs.  You can't see them in the pictures, but everything there was covered with spurs.  We'll revisit another time and hope that the spurs have moved on. 

November 21, 2012
Crystal Pass Prospect has been added to the Goodsprings directory. We've been to the area before, but moved on to other mines because this one was listed only as a prospect on our maps.  We were surprised to find it more enjoyable than most other mines in the area. 


November 14, 2012
New images have been added to the Ninety Nine Mine gallery.  The Ninety Mine cabin is close to the Carol Lombard plane crash site.  The trail beyond the cabin will lead you to the search base camp.  Where the trail ends, there's a difficult, broken trail up the side of the rock face to the crash site.  

November 07, 2012
New images have been added to the Yellow Pine Mine gallery.  This is one we'll have to revisit again when I'm feeling better.  


November 04, 2012
We revisited the Pilgrim Mine north of Goodsprings, Nevada. New images have been added to the gallery.  This mine was much deeper than I expected.  We only had one 70 meter rope with us today and we weren't able to reach the bottom.   We'll revisit when we're better prepared.

October 30, 2012
Mountain Top Mine has been added to the Goodsprings directory.   There is a nice open stope up there, but the main portal has been sealed with expanding foam. 

October 24, 2012
Kirby Mine has been added to the Goodsprings directory.  The portal with the largest tailing pile had some depth to it, but not many unique features.  Mostly, the entire valley seemed to be made up of small prospects.

October 17, 2012
The Volcano Mine has been added to the Goodsprings directory.  We've had to revisit this area a few times because of conflicting maps.  Turns out we weren't confused.  There are three Volcano Mine claims in different areas along that trail system. 

New pictures have been added to the Fredrickson Mine gallery.  This mine has depth, but we have found loose explosives and consider this one unsafe.  Just enjoy the pictures and STAY OUT!

October 10, 2012
The Rose Mine has been added to the Goodsprings directory.  I missed this one the first time out there.  It's in the same valley as Kirby Mine.  I was excited about exploring around Kirby Mine and went right past Rose.  There are some foundation structures to enjoy and lots of copper ore laying around. 

New pictures have been added to the Green Monster Mine gallery.  This mine has many levels of tailing piles.  It must be quite a system underground.  It's one I plan to revisit. 

October 8, 2012
The Pilgrim Mine has been added to the Goodsprings directory.
New pictures have been added to the Red Cloud Mine gallery.
New pictures have been added to the Prairie Flower Mine gallery.

October 3, 2012
Lavina Mine was added to the Goodsprings Library. 
New images have been added to the Iron Gold Mine gallery. 

September 30, 2012
The broken link to Singer Mine has been repaired. 

September 29, 2012
Lookout Mine was added to the Goodsprings library.

September 26, 2012
Spelter Mine was added to the Goodsprings library. 
New pictures were added to the Hoodoo Mine gallery.

September 19, 2012
Dawn Mine was added to the Goodsprings library.

September 18, 2012
Bill Nye Mine has been added to the Goodsprings gallery.
Copper Flower Mine has been added to the Goodsprings gallery.

September 15, 2012
Puelz Mine has been added to the Goodsprings gallery.

September 13, 2012
Root Mine gallery has been updated.

September 12, 2012
Sultan Mine gallery has been updated.