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The most complete guide to Southern Nevada's mining history.

Addressing Site Complaints

Way back in September of 2012, this site first went live.  Other than those I told,  very few people knew of this site and emails were rare.  I was partly thinking that nobody was seeing the site and partly thinking people were seeing it, but didn't find anything interesting enough to comment about. 

A few months passed and I received my very first email from a stranger and I gotta say,  I was happy and excited.  Until I began to read the email.  This guy took his time to tell me everything he didn't like about the site under the guise of constructive criticism.  The email was just bullet points of things that bothered him including colors, font, and the way I sometimes refer to "minerals" as "rocks".

In case everyone hasn't picked it up by now, I know the proper term is "minerals".  Mostly, I do that so everyone knows I'm not presenting myself as an expert of mining, minerals, geology, or history.  Some of you may have noticed that almost everything I present on this site is based on my observations and not as facts.  The rare occasions I do present something as fact, I almost always link to references.  For me, visiting these mines is more about the adventure and enjoying the history.  I still occasionally call them "rocks" and I hope he notices every time.

Once that first complaint email was received, the flood gate was opened and they haven't stopped.  Most often, the complaint is that I got a mine name wrong or that I provide coordinates to these locations which leads to vandalism.  Vandals are opportunists.  They follow a trail and damage what they find.  They aren't researching sites they want to vandalize.  The information I provide is readily available online  and Google works at your house too.  All I've done is bring this information together.  I don't refer to my Book of Secrets or just make up mine names as I go. 

References to mine names and locations are at the top of each mine listing labeled "USGS Full Report". That is the same data used by the BLM and MSHA.  I think what happens is someone introduces a mine to someone under a different name and the name is repeated so often, it becomes that name.  Kind of like how Rocky Gap Road is referred by many locals as "Potato Ridge".  It should also be taken into account that mines were bought and sold, and mine names changed often.  We may be referring to the same mine and both names could be correct depending on the date.  

I'm not trying to change anyone's mind, but if you're going to write  a demand email to change a mine name on the site, you're going to need to provide a reference that supersedes the   USGS, BLM, and MSHA.  Your buddy who knows everything is not an acceptable reference.

Disagreements happen all the time and I'm fine with that.  This would be a boring place if we always agreed, but some are upset over some things we don't even do.  Some are angry that we operate a tour business and trespass on private property. 

We don't operate a tour business.  I operate a website that serves to preserve local history.  Occasionally, with others, we'll select a day to meet.  We do not and have never accepted any money or anything of value to join us for these events.  If you've ever shared a meal with me, you'll know I don't even like people paying for my lunch or dinner.  Split the check, pay your own bill, and keep it social is what I like to do. 

This site does  not sell anything and the only advertisement banners displayed are to: Fisher House, Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, and Wounded Warriors Project.  All of which are US Veteran and family assistance programs.  None of which requested placement or pay us a penny for placement of the banners.  We cover all operational costs and this site generates zero income.  

As far as trespassing goes, that is also incorrect.  None of these events have ever crossed known private property.  I've seen other sites and YouTube videos of others blatantly trespassing and I do not closely associate with any of them.  I've turned down invitations to visit mines I know to be privately owned.  If I find out after visiting a mine that it is private property, I update the mine listing to reflect private ownership.  I am a firm believer in property rights and, whenever possible,  encourage others not to trespass.  

A link to our group rules is at the top of each site page.  It clearly states:
"If an area is posted as “No Motor Vehicles”, “No Trespassing”, or “Private Property”, respect the boundary.  Going around posted signs or barriers exposes you to potential hazards and will only lead to more trail closures.".

"We make every attempt to respect and preserve property rights.  Some images may have been captured on poorly posted private property or the property was approached from a direction not posted.  In some instances, permission from the land or claim owner/holder was obtained prior to entering a secured or posted area.  Some interior mine images presented on this site were captured prior to safety barrier installation.  Do not alter or remove safety devices, barriers, or signage. ".

Again, that link is at the top of every page on this site.  I don't think our position on trespassing can be clearer.  We don't trespass.  If an area is posted on privately held land, we don't cross signage.  A link to that statement and others can be found here:

I've been addressing these complaints individually as received which takes up a lot of time.  I'm hoping that preemptively addressing some of the more common complaints will save some from getting mad over nothing and maybe save me from having to defend the same complaints over and over.  Probably not, but I can hope.