Evening Social Event

Friday January 25, 2019

Hidden Valley South of town.

There are no mines or fall hazards.  Children and pet restrictions do not apply.
Weather report

Dress for cold weather


From St. Rose Parkway,  head south of M Casino on South Las Vegas Blvd.

In 9.0 miles, turn left onto Southern Nevada Liteweight Road:  35°51'21.97"N  115°15'18.20"W

Pavement ends at the cattle guard crossing in 3.2 miles:  35°49'43.15"N  115°13'28.36"W

From that point, turn right from main trail in 3.0 miles:  35°48'4.30"N  115°11'26.68"W

In 1.2 miles, arrive at meeting spot:   35°47'14.67"N  115°11'58.88"W

From M Casino, drive time is estimated at 20-25 minutes. 

​When you're going 60+ MPH along South Las Vegas Blvd, that left turn can be easy to miss, especially in the dark.  That left turn is pictured below.  If you see the Seven Magic Mountains display on the left or reach the railroad underpass, you've gone too far.  

Since most of us will be working that day,  there won't be a meeting place or time.  We'll just meet on site in Hidden Valley.  My plan is to grab some dinner to-go after work and head south.  I should be there around 6:00-6:30.  I don't imagine we'll be out there too late.  Our longest evening event ended around midnight, but most end around 10PM.  Since I have to work the following morning, it won't be a late night for me, but you folks stay as long as you'd like. 

This isn't a cookout or dinner.  We'll have a fire going to keep warm and for light.  This is an old mining site, but was a surface operation for landscaping material.  There are no underground opportunities and this is strictly a social event. 

Things to bring:

Drinks and/or food item to add to the snack table

If you have any spare lumber you want to burn, feel free to bring it, but keep in mind that we can't leave unless the fire is completely out.  

See you next Friday night.

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Transportation is not provided.  If you are in need of transportation, you will need to make those arrangements prior to event day.  Do not arrive without those arrangements in place.