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The most complete guide to Southern Nevada's mining history.

Portions of this event will be underground.  Children and pet restrictions will apply. 

Attendance and participation in events is an acknowledgement and agreement of the  Safety and Liability Waivers.

Scheduled Event:  June 15, 2019
Destination:   Nelson, Nevada

Weather report

A good portion of this trail will be in first gear, in sand, and uphill which can really test a vehicles endurance.  Make sure your vehicles cooling and air conditioning system is working well.  

Transportation is not provided.  If you are in need of transportation, you will need to make those arrangements prior to event day.  Do not arrive without those arrangements in place.  

Meeting Place:  Shell/Green Valley Grocery
500 Conestoga Way, Henderson, NV 89002
 Line up the vehicles here:  35°59'37.28"N  114°56'0.85"W

​​​Meeting:  As early as you'd like. Most arrive half an hour to an hour early.
New Radio Programming:  8:40 AM 
Let me know, in advance, if you need a radio programmed.​

Safety/Waiver Briefing / Q&A:  8:50 AM
Departing:  9:00 AM

Distance from meeting to trail:    31 miles
Distance of off road trail:  14 miles.
Return  to Henderson:   28 miles
Total mileage:    73 miles

Scheduled stops of the day:

Blackhawk Mine

Carnation Mine

Eldorado Rand Mine

Honest Miner Mine

Jubilee Mine

Rand Mine

Transportation, equipment, meals and supplies will not be provided.  We will be stopping for lunch along the trail, but lunch will not be provided.  This is not a cookout event.  There will be no grill or fire for cooking.  Only bring enough food and drinks for yourself and your party.  Make sure you stop for gas before meeting.  There are no restrooms along the trail.  Bring your own toiletries and medications. 

Some hiking and climbing with moderate elevation changes should be expected throughout the day, but nothing of length or extreme difficulty.   We will be exploring underground, so bring your underground gear. Your basic underground safety kit is not optional and should  include:  Helmet,  gloves,  dust mask,  flashlight x3, communications radio.  If you show up without it, please don't make it uncomfortable and make someone ask you to stay on the surface.  Either we are all safe or none of us are. 

This event will be held entirely in Nevada.  Local firearm laws will apply.  I'm sure some will use this opportunity to get some shooting in, so if you'd like to join them, bring your own firearms, ammunition, and eye and ear protection.  

There will be some trail obstacles, but nothing too severe or technical.  A high clearance vehicle and offroad tires are required, but not 4 wheel drive.  All participation is voluntary and all portions of the trail should be considered optional.  If you come to a portion of the trail that you feel is beyond the capability of your vehicle or skill level, there is no requirement to continue.  As stated in the Safety and Waivers all participants are responsible for their own property damage. 

If this will be your first group event and own your own communications radio equipment, please email in advance for frequency programming.  If you'd like to own your own radios, the inexpensive ones used by most are the Baofeng 888S which can be purchased through Amazon or Ebay cheaply.  Usually , around $20 a pair.   If you've been to more than one of these events, you really should have your own so our loaners are available to first time participants. 

To reduce the amount of outside interference, a privacy tone has been added to the group simplex frequency.  Unless I've recently programmed your radios, your radio will need to be reprogrammed.  For those with software to program their own radios, the frequency remains the same, but a tone of 74.4 Hz has been added. 

Because there are so many variables, an estimated return time cannot be given.  I do know the one-way drive from meeting to trail is about 45 minutes.  Most of our events end around 2-3 PM, but each event is different.  We always have a goal to have everyone back on pavement by sunset.  ​

Attending this and any site group event is with the understanding, agreement, and acceptance of the event liability and waivers.

Transportation is not provided for this or any event.  If you need a ride, make those arrangements prior to the event date.