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We are planning another evening social event in the mountains south of town.  The purpose of this event is to unwind after a work week, meet up with some good people, and to enjoy the nicer weather.

I have to work that day and plan to head that way around 5:30 to 6:00.  There is no set meeting time, so arrive and leave whenever you'd like.  This will be an above ground event with no open mine shafts.  There will be no children or pet restrictions, but please keep a close eye on both.  This is not a cookout event, but we will have a fire going and a table for snacks.  Please, bring your own chairs and a food or snack item to add to the table.  

The following directions are GPS  accurate, but should be considered approximate if navigating by mileage and will vary from vehicle to vehicle.   

From St. Rose Parkway, take I-15 South 2 miles and exit at Sloan

At end of exit ramp, turn left, then turn right onto South Las Vegas Blvd.

In 6.3 miles, turn left onto Southern Nevada Liteweight Road:  35°51'21.93"N  115°15'18.30"W

In 3.2 miles, leave pavement, cross cattle guard, and enter Hidden Valley:   35°49'43.16"N  115°13'28.33"W

In 3 miles, turn right off main trail:   35°48'4.19"N  115°11'26.42"W

In 1.3 miles, arrive at meeting location:   35°47'14.33"N  115°11'58.82"W

Total one-way mileage: 15.8

If you're unfamiliar with the area, it's easy to miss turns. Especially that left turn onto Southern Nevada Liteweight Road.  Please, review the directions on Google Maps or Earth and familiarize yourself with the area prior to leaving.

Attending this and any site group event is with the understanding, agreement, and acceptance of the event liability and waivers.

Images from previous events