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November 13, 2021            Weather report
Annual Cookout Event

Please, RSVP for this event.

Crystal Pass Mine:    35°47'48.57"N  115°25'56.50"W

Goodsprings, Nevada  

Images from previous cookouts:

As with all VegasUnderworld events, there is no charge to attend or participate,  but since this is a cookout/potluck everyone is expected to contribute supplies and food item(s).​  Lunch begins at noon, but arrive as early as you'd like.  

So there won't be any confusion, a potluck meal is where all parties bring a food dish to be added to a shared buffet.  Fire restrictions have not been lifted this year.  Unless someone brings a portable gas stove that complies with fire restrictions, cooking and reheating of foods will not be available. 

Everyone is invited to this cookout. If you'd like to bring guests, feel free as long as we get an accurate count.  If you're bringing guests, please make sure they get a link to this page and read or review the group safety and waiver pages.

There will be no mine exploration involved.  No exploration equipment will be needed.  Because this will be an above ground social event, there will be no children or pet restrictions, but we do ask that you control both.   

There will be shooting at this event, but participation is not required.  If you'd like to shoot, please bring your own ammunition, firearms, and hearing and eye safety.

The following directions are GPS  accurate, but should be considered approximate if navigating by mileage and will vary from vehicle to vehicle.   

From Las Vegas, travel south on I-15
From I-15, Exit 12 at Jean and head west towards Goodsprings. ( 35°47'1.83"N  115°19'34.85"W)

In 5.5 miles, turn left and leave pavement at Goodsprings Bypass Road ( 35°49'21.96"N  115°24'53.27"W)

In .35 miles, turn right at the Dead End sign.  ( 35°49'3.90"N  115°24'59.99"W)

In 2.1 miles cross cattle guard ( 35°49'3.91"N  115°24'59.91"W)

Take first right.  ( 35°47'25.75"N  115°24'30.48"W)

Take first right ( 35°47'25.95"N  115°24'30.03"W)

In 1.3 miles, turn left and remain in lower valley. ( 35°47'41.44"N  115°25'43.32"W)

In .28 miles, take left fork ( 35°47'48.72"N  115°25'56.31"W)

Park behind everyone else.

Crystal Pass Mine:   36° 4'49.34"N  115°38'56.92"W

Total one way off-road mileage:  4.5 miles

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Please, observe the traffic flow and no parking area.  When shooting begins, it will be in that general direction.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon. Please, RSVP for this event.

Attending this and any site group event is with the understanding, agreement, and acceptance of the event liability and waivers.

Transportation is not provided for this or any event.  If you need a ride, make those arrangements prior to the event date.

No Parking area

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