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The most complete guide to Southern Nevada's mining history.

May 30, 2016
Memorial Day Event. Nelson, Nevada

Thanks to all of you who shared your Memorial Day holiday with us.   The mines in Nelson aren't as deep as the mines we've explored on previous trips.  Because they lacked the depth many want, we  tried to visit mines with distinct features.   Here is a list of the mines we visited that day:

Rand Mine
Honest Miner

I'm not usually a fan of offroading.  I mostly see it as something I have to endure to get where I'm going.  For that reason, I tend to drive a little fast.  I don't think I drive fast, but it's become an inside joke among so many, I may have to reflect a little.  The trails we visited that day were short and not very technical, but I did enjoy them more than most.   Since the weather is about to get too warm to hike safely, we may head back just to enjoy the trails in air conditioning.

If you choose to go back on your own, be aware that many trails in the area are sand filled washes.  We've come across several people with their vehicles buried to their axles.  Make sure you have self-recovery equipment. 

It was a little warmer than many of us expected and, towards the end, several wanted to leave a little earlier.  By then, we were approaching the end of the tour and I think most were ready to call it a day.