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The most complete guide to Southern Nevada's mining history.

Although an image in the gallery appears to show someone holding a stick of fused dynamite, it was just a prop made of a wooden tool handle and a length of disposed fuse.  We've all heard of the dangers of old dynamite.  Learn more about it here.

I received an email complaint that I didn't give enough notice for this event.  Here's what happened:  It wasn't a planned event.  I think the first mention of this day out was on Thursday, so just a couple days notice.  If you didn't see the announcement on the site, no email invitations were sent.  Favorites weren't played here.  

We very rarely get two weeks off and didn't realize our vacation time overlapped another weekend.  Not wanting to waste any rare vacation time, we made a quick post asking if anyone wanted to join us for a day out without a plan.  In fact,  other than Goodsprings and some shooting,  we didn't have a destination or route planned.  It was only after we knew someone hadn't been to one of our favorite mines that a decision was made.

This was a small group in attendance.  Honestly,  the longer we have these days out,  the more I prefer these smaller groups.  Especially when we have anything underground planned.  I know most of you are capable and experienced explorers requiring little to no supervision, but these events are most often well-planned and pre-run.  These small groups without a plan are without stress and far more social.

November 17, 2018

Goodsprings, Nevada