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Solar Mine.  Nelson, Nevada.

35°41'8.18"N  114°49'51.60"W
USGS Full Report

Primary Mining: Gold
Secondary Mining: Silver

The most complete guide to Southern Nevada's mining history.

Solar Mine is located South East of Las Vegas, Nevada. Nearest town is Nelson, Nevada. Primary mining in the area included: gold, silver, lead, copper and zinc.

The entire valley has many mine prospects and occurrences.  We combined them as a compilation gallery since they were all were worked with variations of the "Solar" name.  We've returned to these locations several times, but have yet to reach the structures at these coordinates:   35°41'2.16"N  114°50'20.24"W

That is the location of the largest of the Solar Mine sites, but the trail leading in from the North is posted as "Private Property".  My research shows the area to be public land. The signs are aged and likely from previous ownership, but since it is posted, we will respect the implied ownership.  There are no signs approaching from the East, but the wash becomes too narrow to pass by vehicle. 

It does appear that there is more to see on foot from the East anyway.  There are at least half a dozen occurences and prospects within the same small valley.  There are the usual relics like vehicle and cabin pieces, but few of the mining features we were hoping to find.  A lot of effort was put into prospecting this valley, but there no hoppers, winch platforms, or headframes that would indicate full production.

Being so close to the river, a few of the vertical mine features have standing water and either attract bees or hold bee hives.  These bees are not as aggressive as bees we've encountered in the Goodsprings and Ivanpah mining districts, but use caution in this area.