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If you have any items for sale,  feel free to send me the details for posting. This can be any item as long as it's personally owned and not in support of any business venture.

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Local Items For Sale

Motorola Radius M1225

I still have a few mobile radios for sale.  The radio models are the Radius M1225 as seen above.  They have a maximum transmit power of 40 watts  which, depending on your elevation and obstacles, can reach across town in simplex (radio to radio) and easily reach our mountain repeaters.  Because of the high transmission power and use of repeaters, a GMRS license is required to use the repeater frequencies programmed into these radios. 

This is not a ham radio.  This is not a scanner radio.  If you are looking for more features,  this isn't the radio for you because you'll immediately outgrow it.  This is strictly a communications radio and does so very well.  This was one of the models used by our local Police and Fire Rescue before they went to digital systems.  I use the Motorola M1225 as a base station, monitor for emergency traffic at home, and can vouch for the quality and performance of this radio.

These radios will come pre-programmed which includes access to our private repeater. These radios can be found online selling from $80 - $200.   The cost of the radio with group repeater access will be $120.  

With the radio, you'll receive:  Motorola M1225 commercial radio (used, but good working condition),  microphone,  radio mounting bracket, and power cord.  These radios will come programmed with local GMRS repeater frequencies, including our upcoming private repeater and our group simplex frequency. 

Not included with these radios:

You'll need a mic hanger.  Motorola radios will only scan for frequencies in use when the microphone is in the hanger and the hanger needs to be metal.  The originals were left in the current service vehicles, so you'll need to get your own.  It's the same mic hanger used for CB radios.  Locally, you can get them at most truck stops and Fry's. They are around or less than $5.

You'll need an antenna mount and antenna.  The original antennas were also left in the service vehicles. There are many antenna and mounting options.  There is no "one size fits all" option for antennas and mounting.  Some people are fine with drilling holes in their vehicle roofs.  I was not and chose other options. 

The following are inexpensive options that include the antenna, mount, and cable:

Magnet mounted antenna

Lip mounted antenna