Evening Star Mine is located Southwest of Las Vegas, Nevada.  Nearest town is Primm, Nevada.  Primary mining in the area included: gold, silver, copper, lead, and zinc.

Unlike many mine structures in Nevada that have been intentionally downed, mines within the Mojave National Preserve have been preserved.  Some of the historic structures that were salvageable were strengthened with new support cabling and hardware, but I've heard recent reports that there has been a change in the interpretation of preservation.  The new interpretation will return these lands to their natural state before mining and discourages upgrades and structural upkeep of structures like cabins and mining equipment frames.   This new interpretation will return the lands to their natural state without consideration of the local history.

Geological reports of the area still show great mineral reserves, but the Mojave National Preserve spanned 350,000 acres and obtaining a permit within a preserve will cost more in time, effort and money  than the value of minerals.   In February of this year (2016), under Presidential Proclamation, the surrounding lands were designated as a National Monument and were consumed under BLM management now totaling 1.6 million acres.

Luckily, the structure at the Evening Star Mine is one of the structures that was preserved.  Unless I'm reading the structure incorrectly, there appears to have been a crusher built into the top of the head frame.  This would be something unique to this mine and an amazing engineering accomplishment considering the tremendous amount of weight and energy it would have to support and contain within a wood frame.

The main portal to this mine led to the main shaft which are both now sealed.  Please, do not alter or remove mine safety barriers.  Even if you were to get past the bat gates, the shaft has also been sealed, so you won't see more than what you can in the gallery below.

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Evening Star Mine.  Ivanpah, California.

35°21'35.03"N  115°32'28.03"W
USGS Full Report

Primary Mining: Tungsten
Secondary Mining: Tin