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The most complete guide to Southern Nevada's mining history.

Esperanza Mine.  Ivanpah, California.

35°23'1.61"N  115°28'44.15"W
USGS Full Report

Primary Mining: Rare Earth Elements
Secondary Mining: Thorium,  Uranium

Esperanza Mine is located Southwest of of Las Vegas, Nevada.  Nearest town is Mountain Pass, California.  Primary mining in the area included:  Gold, Silver, Copper, and Zinc.

Esperanza Mine appeared to be entirely a surface operation spanning several site locations within two valleys.  Within their working surface and scattered throughout, there is an abundance of Malachite, a copper carbonate.  Cut and polished, malachite is valued by some as a semi-precious stone.

Before you head out there rock hunting, you should be aware that they were mining Thorium and Uranium at this location.  Both of which emit radiation.  We didn't collect any radiation measurements, but it would be a safe assumption that prolonged stay at any concentrated site would not be best for your health. 

There is a well preserved mining camp within 100 yards of the Esperanza Mine which we found more interesting than the mineralization.  It's possible that it served as the mining camp for the larger New Trail Mine further up the wash, but since it is closest to the Esperanza Mine, I included it within this gallery.

The cabin was in better shape than those we've come across in Nevada.  There was even a log book with repairs done by several people at various times.  Carpeting in he cabin read "Whiskey Pete's" which is a hotel and casino at the state line in Primm, Nevada.