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The most complete guide to Southern Nevada's mining history.

Apex Mine.  AKA  Gunsight Mine

Tecopa, California

35°50'34.56"N  116° 7'21.71"W
USGS Full Report

Primary Mining: Lead
Secondary Mining: Gold, Zinc, Copper

Apex Mine (AKA Gunsight Mine)  is located Southwest of Las Vegas, Nevada. Nearest town is Tecopa, California. Primary mining in the area included: Gold, copper, lead, silver, and zinc.

Many mine explorers were introduced to this mine as the Gunsight Mine so I've listed it with an "AKA".   Most will know this site as the Gunsight Mine.  Official records show this registered as "Apex Mine" and I can only go by the official records.  Nobody is saying you have to call it something else.  I'm interchangeable with Apex or Gunsight.  Being right isn't as important to me as being accurate.  If anyone can cite a source which supersedes the public records of the USGS, US Bureau of Mines and the BLM, I will happily edit the directory listing. 

USGS, US Bureau of Mines, and the Mineral Resource Data System maps list this as the Apex Mine (AKA Apex Consolidated Group Mine and formerly Shoshone Mine).  Both Apex and Gunsight Mines were previously known and operated as a consolidated Shoshone Mine.  As the Shoshone Mine, they shared structures and amenities at the lower base camp which may have added to the confusion. 

As they split into the  Apex and Gunsight Mines, they operated independently of each other.  I've even seen maps that show this as "Gunsight",  but according to all official records I've come across, this site has never been registered as the Gunsight Mine.  The remaining official record Gunsight Mine is directly North on the other side of the wash and is within sight of the Apex Mine. 

Coordinates as recorded by the USGS Mineral Resource Data System and all other official records:
Apex Mine:   35°50'31.88"N  116° 7'21.94"W
Gunsight Mine:   35°50'53.84"N  116° 7'28.06"W

USGS Mineral Resources Data System ID Number: 

US Bureau of Mines
MAS/MILS identification number (Mineral Availability System/Mineral Industry Locator System) :

Mineral Resources Online Spacial Deposit ID Number: 

USGS Full Reports with GPS coordinates:
USGS Full Report for Apex Mine
USGS Full Report for Gunsight Mine

The mine site has many relics still in place with a cabin holding surprisingly well for its age.  The mine interior spanned many levels.  We have yet to map the lowest levels.  We'll return shortly and devote a day to mapping this mine.

The War Eagle Mine will probably be your first stop before the Apex mine.  If you're coming from the South, there is a trail that runs parallel to the Nopah Range, but it is severely washed.  Some parts can require technical driving.  There is an easier, more direct approach from the West pavement.