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September 06, 2015
Labor Day Weekend in Goodsprings, Nevada

We usually plan these events months in advance, so we apologize to those who missed the event because of the short three day notice.  Still, a nice group joined us.  Lots of familiar faces and a few new ones.  Thanks to all who took some time from their Labor Day weekend to explore with us.

The trip began with a fluorescent mineral hunt around the Yellow Pine Mine in Goodsprings, Nevada.  We found that those minerals that did fluoresce, did so weakly under our longwave UV lights.  Luckily, Jim brought his more powerful shortwave UV light that brought out colors that appeared unreal and even painted.  Thank you, Jim, for all the knowledge and lessons.

After our mineral hunt, we took the 10 mile Cottonwood Pass trail back to Blue Diamond Rd.  While the trail was easy, I have to admit I did prefer the mineral hunt.  I didn't find a rock worth keeping, but the exploration and company made it more enjoyable.

It was sometime around or after midnight  when we all returned to pavement.  I think we were all tired by that point, but it seemed like we all wanted to stay a little later.  As tired as we were, we already started making plans for another trip the next day.  Some had to work the next day.  I imagine others slept in, but a few of us wanted to get as much out of the three day weekend as we could and returned to Sultan Mine the next morning.

I just wish we had more pictures to share.  Taking pictures at night isn't something we're used to doing and getting the camera and flash settings right was a problem.  Also, Sonya didn't feel right about ruining everyone's night vision with camera flashes, so she put the camera away and hoped we had enough to share.

Thanks again to everyone who showed up on such short notice.  The weather will be cooling off soon.  I imagine there may be other short notice trips announced, so check back often.