August 20, 2016

Wheelers Pass, Nevada

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I apologize, in advance, for the image labeling.  We usually keep distracting date labels off of our images, but because of photographer error, some of the images are date tagged.  Even worse, some are incorrectly dated. 

Mostly because we ran out of good trip ideas, this event took us to Wheeler's Pass Trail which is west of town.  There weren't as many stops and the entire trip had nothing to do with mining,  but at just under 8,000 feet of elevation, we were able to escape the heat of the lower valley and enjoy a change of scenery. 

I did receive a couple emails from some who met us for this event, but since most attending were scattered throughout the parking area, they were unable to locate the group and we unknowingly left without them.  My sincere apologies for that.  If those who were left would like to schedule a smaller private event, send me an email and we'll arrange that. 

We've visited the Cold Creek side of Wheeler's Pass almost every year, but the last time we ran Wheeler's Pass from end to end was probably 4 or 5 years ago and it's far worse than we remembered.  From the peak through to Pahrump, the entire trail is maintained well enough that any high-clearance vehicle could travel without much thought of vehicle damage. 

Most of the Cold Creek side is the same, but the last three miles approaching the peak are covered with rock gardens.  Vehicles should have offroad  tires, some lift and suspension upgrades.   Stock, long wheel base vehicles should expect some lower contact and maneuvering challenges.

After the trail, some of us decided the day wasn't over and we continued with some desert shooting.  Others peeled off from the main group and for various reasons called it a day.  I much prefer outdoor shooting over indoor.  If you also enjoy shooting in our desert, would you mind cleaning up after yourselves?   I don't know anyone that brings and leaves their garbage for target practice.  I don't know of anyone that intentionally destroys nature or creates their own trails. 

There is an element among us that would rather see all of these public lands closed to all motor vehicles.  Many of these same people share anti-gun views.   Those people make no distinctions between those who damage and those who enjoy and preserve.  Let's not give them photo opportunities and evidence to support their cause.   Police your own targets and brass.

Thanks to everyone who joined to make this yet another great group adventure. We hope to see you all again soon.