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July 7, 2018
Mormon Well Road
Las Vegas, Nevada

Another great event with some regulars and a few first timers.  When we returned home, I had several angry emails from some people who wanted to attend this event, but went to the wrong meeting location.  Prior to the event day,  I was researching the original meeting spot and felt that there was not enough room to conveniently stage vehicles. 

That meeting spot was changed with over two weeks of notice.  An announcement was placed on  the front page of the site,  it was mentioned in the weekly updates, and emails were sent to anyone who shared an interest in attending.  I'm sorry that some missed the many notifications and felt I wasted their Saturday, but I'm not sure what else could have been done to make sure all were informed.  

We couldn't have  picked a better day to run this trail.  While it was 104 degrees in the valley,  at elevation my outdoor temperature was reading 88 degrees.  Just south at Mt. Charleston, there were steady thunderstorms most of the day.  We didn't experience any of the rain, but did receive the benefit of steady wind.  It was such a perfect day, our windows were open most of the trail.

It's been a while since we've run this trail.  The last time we were there was years ago in February during a snow thaw.  Trail conditions were a good mix of snow and mud and we didn't get to stop or enjoy the scenery.  Because we weren't hurried this time,  we were better able to appreciate the canyons and stop to view the many fossil beds.  I'd like to return when it cools and climb up to some of the caves and have a closer look at some of the petroglyphs.  

Last stop of the day was at the new visitors center.  When we were there last,  they haven't even begun construction.   Outside, there's a nature walk around the spring, but the spring pool seemed out of place.  It was less natural and more like an abandoned skate park.  Still,  if you haven't been,  it's worth a look.

​Thanks to all who chose to share your Saturday with us.  We look forward to seeing you all again soon.

As always, if you were in attendance for this event, these pictures belong to you.  Feel free to download and use them however and wherever you'd like.