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The most complete guide to Southern Nevada's mining history.

February 28, 2015
Tecopa, California

Thanks to all who joined us for yet another successful group mining adventure.  Prior to the trip, a few of us were stressing over possible rain that day.  I never considered cancelling the trip, but I did pack more like a day at the beach than the mountains with towels and a change of clothes.  The weather that day was a little cold and a little warm at times.  Near perfect conditions.

This trip took us to Tecopa, California which is about 80 miles from Las Vegas and south of Pahrump.  Our first mine visited this day was the Apex Mine which many and most know as the Gunsight Mine and ended with the eastern workings of the War Eagle Mine.  Each mine could easily take days to explore, but only visiting the main adit levels of each was just enough to fill a day. 

We may plan a return trip with a smaller group.  Space for that trip would  be limited. We've also considered tours for advanced groups.  Our intention would not be to exclude anyone, but this advanced group would require an increased level of physical fitness.  We've also considered a group above the advanced level that would require climbing training. These are just ideas we've been considering, but have not committed to anything.

This concludes our third group field trip and the numbers continue to grow.  So much that finding suitable trail and mine conditions will be more difficult in the future.  18 people attended this outing which proved to be difficult to manage. We may still go to locations as a group, but if the numbers remain this high or increase, we may need to split into two groups with one in at a time.  It will take a little longer at each site, but will allow for greater socialization and increased safety.

Once again, it was great to see so many old friends, meet new people, and we hope to see you all again the next scheduled trip or sooner.