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February 20, 2017. Presidents Day Monday
Tecopa, California

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The plan was to spend a couple hours underground and make a leisurely return on Excelsior Mine Road. 

Because of the unexpected extra time spent underground,  we did miss a few stops and hurried a little towards the end.  We try to time most of our events to be at or less than five hours and, when we stick to our schedule, we always have been.  This ended up being our longest event with most of us returning to town around 6PM. 

Even though we deviated greatly from the schedule,  nobody got lost of injured.  I think most would agree it was a good day.  Thanks again to everyone for spending another holiday with us.  We'll see you all again soon.

As always,  if you attended this event,  feel free to download and use any images in the galleries. 

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