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Since we just completed a group field trip a couple weeks ago, we weren't expecting to have another so soon.  We forgot about Presidents Day and gave just a few short days notice which worked to our advantage in keeping the group small.  

We've been considering the idea of getting a smaller, advanced group together.  The purpose of this advanced group would not be to exclude, but to better match individuals to specific trips that may require a greater level of fitness and experience.

We wanted to keep the trip local and revisited a few familiar mines in Goodsprings, Nevada.  When we host open field trips, we carefully select a route to accommodate varied ages and skill levels.  All underground exploration for open trips is single level.  The larger events involve careful planning.  Often, we'll even pre-run the routes to make sure there is enough room for a long line of vehicles with little to no turning.  With this smaller group, vehicle trail space was not a factor. 

We were better able to manage safety and time and explore levels well above and below the reach of a larger group. A single, rope assisted, shaft or winze can take 10 minutes or more per person.  A small group can easily consume an hour per obstacle.  

This small group explored multiple levels and three mines and completed the trip just before sunset.  I would consider this a light introduction, but you can better appreciate the endurance needed for deeper and extended exploration.  Thanks to all who attended this event.  You were all great company. 

February 15, 2016

Presidents Day Event. Goodsprings, Nevada