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January 21, 2017.  Devil Peak.

Goodsprings, Nevada

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I'm trying to think of any stories that sum up the day, but other than the group being separated on the trail  I can't think of anything specific and I don't want "fractured" to define the day.  Although some parts of the trail were heavily altered by an unusually rainy month,  there was nothing that could not be passed in 2WD.  This group has been through far worse and by comparison,  some of our city pavement is less comfortable.  Personally, I felt the trail had just the right amount of "suck" and would greatly prefer the trail obstacles over dust any day. 

I've exchanged emails with a few of the new attendees a few times and sometimes it's difficult to get a feel of personality through impersonal contact.  Without exception,  everyone new we met turned out to be good people.  Some appeared to be a little shy, but it's easy to fall out of your comfort zone around so many new people.  Hopefully, you'll return for future events and will continue to build on your new friendships.