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Once you leave pavement and head toward the mountain, you'll lose cell and radio repeater service in about 5 miles.  Simplex (radio to radio) will not be able to reach those already at the meeting point until you are within the same valley and less than a mile away.  You may be able to reach others along the road and trail with simplex.  If you haven't been to Carpenter Canyon before,  I encourage you to try to contact others along the way, so you can help each other in.  If you have handheld radios, please bring them for hiking/wandering safety and convenience.  If you don't have GPS, please research and familiarize yourself with the following directions.  


The following directions are GPS  accurate, but should be considered approximate if navigating by mileage and will vary from vehicle to vehicle.   

From I-15, head west on Blue Diamond Rd. (SR160) 10.4 miles.


36° 2'5.88"N  115°21'31.98"W

When you reach the Chevron Gas at SR159 and SR160, continue west towards Pahrump. 

This is the last stop for gas, but there are less expensive options along Blue Diamond Rd.

36° 9'18.10"N  115°53'55.02"W
From the Chevron, turn right off pavement in 35.8 miles. 

 36°14'32.09"N  115°43'56.23"W
Travel Northeast towards the mountains 11.8 miles to the creek crossing.

 36°14'33.08"N  115°43'49.10"W
On the other side of the creek, meet in about a 10th of a mile.

One way mileage:  47.7 miles

Round trip mileage to the west end of Las Vegas:  95.4 miles

Stay on the obvious forward trail and you'll have no problem finding it. This trail is mostly maintained.  4WD will not be needed, but high clearance is recommended. There will be a shallow creek crossing.  We've been there during a heavy rain and the deepest we've seen the creek crossing was 6 to 10 inches.  Typically, expect 3 to 5 inches.  

From the west end of town, account for 1.5 hours of drive time.  Slower drivers should extend time.  Since lunch will begin around noon, you should be passing the Chevron gas station at SR159 and SR160 (Blue Diamond Road) at or before 9:45 - 10:00 AM.

November 10, 2018               Weather report

Annual Cookout Event

Lunch begins at noon, but arrive as early as you'd like.  

Carpenter Canyon:  36°14'33.08"N  115°43'49.10"W

Please, RSVP for this event.

As with all VegasUnderworld events, there is no charge to attend or participate,  but since this is a cookout/potluck everyone is expected to contribute supplies and food item(s).​ 

So there won't be any confusion, a potluck meal is where all parties bring a food dish to be added to a shared buffet.  There will be a fire provided for cooking and warming foods.   This will be a noon lunch.  Please, take that into consideration for cooking, reheating, and preparation times.

Everyone is invited to this cookout. If you'd like to bring guests, feel free as long as we get an accurate count.  If you're bringing guests, please make sure they get a link to this page and read the entire page for details. ​

There will be no mine exploration involved.  No exploration equipment will be needed.  Because this will be an above ground social event, there will be no children or pet restrictions, but we do ask that you control both.   This location falls within the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area.  For that reason and because there may be others outside of the group in the area, this is not a shooting event.  If you would like to shoot, there is plenty of room beyond the National Recreation Area.

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