A guide to Southern Nevada historic mine surveying.
The most complete guide to Southern Nevada historic mining.  Site features include: mine pictures, descriptions, maps and coordinates.

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April 16, 2014
New images have been added to the Pilgrim Mine in the Goodsprings, Nevada directory.  Usually, miners will follow an externally visible vein at the surface of a hill or mountain, but this mine was cut into the featureless valley floor.  Finding this deposit must have taken a large amount of luck and instinct. Pilgrim Mine is deceptive from the surface because it doesn't look like much, but has incredible depth.  To date, we've only explored three of the five lower levels.

April 9, 2014
New images have been added to the Root Mine in the Goodsprings, Nevada directory.  Over the years, we've returned to Root Mine looking for access to lower levels, but have been largely unsuccessful until we were contacted by a man who worked there almost 60 years ago.  With his guidance, we were finally able to reach the deepest levels of this mine.

April 2, 2014
New images of the Saint Louis Mine have been added to the Searchlight, Nevada directory.  After putting it off for a couple years, we finally got around to exploring the depths of this mine.  We located three ways down. All of which seemed to be independent of the others.  After spending a morning popping in and out of this mine, we noticed a pattern. 

This mine appeared to follow a vertical seam from one side of the mountain to the other. Again, none connected to the other, so it was easy to miss.  Eyeballing a rough line into the distance, we were able to locate more of the same reddish ore they were following on and  just below the surface.  These would be deposits unearthed after mining discontinued at this location and after decades of weathering.  Admittedly, I have no idea what we were seeing.  It could be nothing, but it looked just like the stuff they were removing from within the mine.

March 26, 2014
The Taylor Mine has been added to the Ivanpah, California directory.  Throughout this mine, we came across what we thought to be purple quartz, but found that it fluoresces under a ultraviolet light.  We've since learned that it was fluorite which sometimes forms valuable crystals. 

March 19, 2014
New images of the Oro Amigo Mine have been added to the Goodsprings, NV directory. Over a year ago, this mine was intentionally flooded making it unsafe for exploration.  We were recently informed that it has since dried.   After the long wait to explore this mines interior and lower levels, we were a bit disappointed,  but we were glad to finally cross it off our return list.

March 12, 2014
The Lizzie Bullock Mine has been added to the Ivanpah, California directory.  The first thing that caught our attention heading into this valley were the large Pinyon Pine trees.  There were even a few as tall as 25 feet growing in tailing piles.  This mining district is definitely greener than we're used to. 

March 5, 2014
The Coliseum Mine has been added to the Ivanpah, California directory.  This is the first open pit mine we've come across in a historic mining district.  Describing the size is difficult without something to compare in scale.  This was primarily a gold mine, but the gold was mostly chemically locked.  This mine is also within the Mojave National Preserve.  Even if you were to find something of value, it would be a crime to remove it.

February 26, 2014
The Ivanpah Mining District has been added to the VegasUnderworld directory.  We've visited the area over the past few years, but never added it to the site.  Over the next year, we'll be returning to Ivanpah to get updated pictures since much of the area has changed with the addition of the Ivanpah Solar Farm.  We've noticed a lot of new mine closures, so if you see interior pictures of a mine on the site, the pictures may come from our image archives.  We'll be sure to indicate that in the mine descriptions.  For now, the Ivanpah directory will be sparce, but we'll add to it as we gather enough new content for updates.

The Umberci Mine has been added to the Ivanpah directory.  We accidentally found this mine a few years ago while searching for passage to Sandy Valley from the East.  The main portal has since been sealed, but it's still worth a visit.  Unless you have a well built, high clearance vehicle with low range gears, it would be safest to park at the bottom and hike up the trail.

February 19, 2014
New images have been added to the Noonday Mine in the Tecopa, California directory. Tecopa is beautiful this time of year.  Our intention was to explore the lowest levels of War Eagle Mine, but there were a few people there with surveying equipment.  They appeared to be surveying the valley and not the mine, but it's proper etiquette to keep distance of others. 

We ended up at Noonday Mine on the other side of the mountain.  We've been to this mine a few times and thought we explored it well enough, but followed the thrust fault up for about 150 yards and found  small chambers and ledges that appeared to be living quarters. 

February 12, 2014
The Morning Star Mine has
been added to the Nelson, Nevada directory.   This was another mine we found just by following trails.  In almost all instances, follow a trail in a mining district and it'll lead to a mine.  For safety reasons, we didn't explore the underground portions of this mine.  It appeared to have depth, but didn't appear stable. 

We didn't get a feeling that this was a large scale mining operation, but judging from all the hand stacked walls, a large amount of effort was put into it.  I was unable to locate much information on this mine other than a name.

February 5, 2014
New images have been added to the Whale Mine gallery in the Goodsprings, Nevada directory.  We returned to this mine hoping to find passage to lower levels, but it seems we've already found all areas safely accessible.  The lowest level we found had standing water.  It only appeared to be a few inches deep, but it could have easily concealed deeper hazards.

January 29, 2014
New images have been added to the St. Louis Mine gallery in the Searchlight, Nevada directory.   We first visited this mine in early 2012, but stayed above ground because we were already  tired from a long day of exploration.  Seeing deeply mined crevices below, we knew we'd be back.

When we  returned to explore the lower levels, we didn't find much of interest.  Single level exploration would take you across unstable planks and rope anchor points to access the lower levels are questionable, so best to stay clear. 

January 22, 2014
New images have been added to the Ironside Mine in the Goodsprings, Nevada directory.  Getting to this mine was difficult.  The main portal sits high on the mountain side and most of the trail has been washed away.  At some points, our feet were along ledges and we had to lean against the rock face to keep from sliding down.  It gets worse each time we visit.  I think we can get a complete assessment of this mine with one more visit. 

There aren't many features unique to this mine.  It has tracks, chutes, ladders, and a hopper like many in the area, but there were some minerals within the lower rock faces unknown to us. 

January 15, 2014
New images have been added to the Apex Mine gallery in the Tecopa, California directory. I've received a few angry emails about the naming of this mine.  Not sure why some are getting angry with me about this.  I didn't name the mine and can only relay Information that comes from public official records.  If anyone can direct me to an official record which lists this as Gunsight,  I will happily alter this sites information.  Since so many refer to this mine as "Gunsight",  I've amended the mine title to include an "AKA". 

January 8, 2014
The Combination Mine has been added to the Goodsprings, Nevada directory.  Because the Valentine, Accident, and Bullion Mines are in the same valley, this mine is easy to miss.  Finding information on this mine was difficult because it was still listed as Monte Cristo Mine on most of our maps. 

January 1, 2014
Happy New Year, everyone!  I trust everyone had a pleasant Christmas and maybe got something you wanted.  I haven't been feeling well lately, so my Christmas and New Year was spent mostly resting.  It'll be a while before I'm feeling 100%, but I'm still in good spirits. 

I know it seems like it every year, but this year seemed to go especially fast.  As the year progresses, I'll begin dropping the oldest updates and adding them to the archives.

New images have been added to the Sultan Mine gallery in the Goodsprings, Nevada directory.  This was one of the first large mines we found in the area years ago.  We usually plan our excursions in great detail, so it's rare that a mine will just sneak up on us the way this one did.  We were attempting to locate a uranium mine in the area, but were unaware that mine was on the other side of the mountain.

Throughout the Sultan Mine claim are rock rooms built into the ledges and gives an accurate account of the harsh work and living conditions miners endured.

Previous updates have been added to the Archives.
The trails to these mines are unpaved and not maintained.  Many require technical driving skills and  custom off road vehicle parts. High clearance,  four wheel drive vehicles with off road tires are recommended and, in some cases, necessary. 

Please, use the land safely and responsibly. Enjoy the pictures, but STAY OUT of the mines.In some instances, permission from the land or claim owner was obtained or contracted prior to entering a secured area. Some interior mine images were captured prior to safety barrier installation. Do not alter mine safety devices and/or barriers.

Mining sites are inherently dangerous, and historical mining sites can be very hazardous to one's health and well being. You should not enter or approach a mine without proper training or rock climbing safety equipment. 

Every attempt is made to provide accurate information, but occasionally depictions are inaccurate by error of mapping, navigation or cataloging. Images presented are unedited with the exception of size for site speed and the occasional paranormal apparition I edit in to mess with the ghostbusters. The information on this site is provided without any warranty, express or implied, and is for informational and historical purposes only.
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