The most complete guide to Southern Nevada's mining history. Site features include: mine pictures, descriptions, maps and coordinates.

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Postponed until further notice.


March 26, 2015
A new Miscellaneous Location section has been added to the site.  Mining will always be at the core of this site, but as the site evolves, the plan is to expand it to include other outdoor activities and locations.

The first entry to this new section is Wheeler's Pass which is a roughly 20 mile trail between Pahrump, NV and Cold Creek,NV.  This is a mostly uncomplicated trail abundant with wildlife and with a peak elevation of over 7500 feet, a great escape when temperatures rise.  


March 19, 2015
I'm still not well enough to get into the mines, so this weeks update will be pulled from our many pictures we keep in reserve for times just like this. 

Just last month, we held our field trip to Tecopa, CA which concluded with a tour of the War Eagle Mine.  For safety reasons, we only explored the main adit level.  This weeks update will give everyone just a small example of what was below.

We'd like to return later this year to tour lower levels with a more advanced skill and fitness group.  This idea hasn't gone beyond a thought, so no date has been set.

March 12, 2015
Since this site began years ago, this is the first time I'll be missing the weekly update. I'm not feeling well and my concentration levels are off.  My apologies and  I hope you'll return for next weeks update.  In the meantime, there is probably plenty of content within the site you haven't yet seen or you can entertain yourself in the site forum
March 5, 2015
New images have been added to the Field Trip Section from our February 28, 2015 group trip.  Thanks to all who gave so much of their time and effort for this event.  Without all in attendance, we would not have reached that level of knowledge and entertainment that made this another successful outing.

February 26, 2015
New images have been added to the Umberci Mine in the Ivanpah, California directory.  I've mentioned the declining trail conditions to Ivanpah over the past few weeks.  Umberci Mine isn't far from Primm and just off the power line road, so conditions to this point are easy enough for any high clearance vehicle, but the deepest portions of this mine have been sealed.

There are alternate routes to the northern mines of Ivanpah.  South from Cima Rd. and North from Sandy Valley.  It's been over a year since we've attempted either trail, so trail conditions may be just as bad as the approach from Primm. 

February 19, 2015
New images have been added to the Lizzie Bullock Mine in the Ivanpah, California directory.  As mentioned in a recent update, the trails leading to the mines in Northern Ivanpah are severely weathered.  If given enough time, weathered trails often settle and repair themselves.  We'll return to this area in a few months and will hopefully report better trail conditions.  As of this writing, high clearance vehicles are required to reach these mines and should only be attempted  if you can accept some vehicle paint and possibly body damage. 

February 12, 2015
New images have been added to the  New Trail Mine gallery in the Ivanpah, California directory.  Getting to this mine takes great effort because of trail conditions.   All but one portal to this mine has been made safe with bat gates.  Temptation to reach that one open portal will likely be greater because of the efforts to reach this mine. The approach to that single open portal is not safe and there is nothing inside worth the considerable risk to reach the portal.

February 5, 2015
New images have been added to the Taylor Mine gallery in the Ivanpah, California directory.  We returned to this area scouting a possible route for the field trip scheduled on the 28th of this month.  We knew the trail conditions have deteriorated over the years, but because of risk of damage to stock vehicles, we were forced to remove this area as a trip option.

Washes have cut through some trails several feet deep.  Some trails have become washes exposing bedrock and boulders.  Approach should be viewed as impassable by most stock vehicles without risk of getting stuck, or vehicle damage.  Alternate routes risk paint damage.

January 29, 2015  
A new Field Trips section has been added to the site.  Access to this area is through the navigation bar to your left.  Currently, there are only two trips listed, but there are already two more trips being organized so, more will be coming soon.

First entry to this section is our very first group field trip from last months tour of Goodsprings, Nevada held on December 13, 2014.  Some of you I've met previously.  It was good to see you all again and great to meet the rest. 

Second entry into this new section is the tour of Tecopa, California organized and hosted by Joe on January 24, 2015.  I wasn't able to attend this trip, but Charley took enough pictures so we could all feel like we were there.  There is still plenty of Tecopa to see, so I'm certain it will be a future group trip destination.

January 22, 2015  
New images have been added to the Billy Boy Mine gallery in the Ivanpah, California directory.  Like most mines within the Mojave Preserve, this mine has been made safe with bat gates.  There is no way to enter this mine, but there are still plenty of relics at the surface to enjoy.  Now through the early spring is a great time to visit the Mojave Preserve.  It's unbearable in the summer for people and vehicles.  

January 15, 2015  
Some of you may already know that there are times when the weekly updates do not match where we were that week.  In most instances, what you see is where we were, but we often keep pictures in reserve in the event we can't get out for whatever reason. 

A new section of Historic Pictures has been added to the site.  A navigation button has been added to the directory to your left.  Because these images are over 100 years old, the picture quality may not be consistent. Some images are blurry and lighting may be off which is common for the era, but I find the content to be far more interesting than anything we've presented here.  

The idea for this section was to expand the site as a resource, but also to help relieve some of the stress of maintaining a weekly update.  In the years since this site has been running, we have never missed a weekly update.  It's sometimes difficult to keep up the pace.  

January 8, 2015 
New images have been added to the Solar Mine gallery in the Nelson, Nevada directory.  This valley was heavily prospected, but did not appear to be in production.  Since there are still a few active gold mines in the area it's possible and even likely there is more to be found.  This is one of the areas we've collected samples for panning and have found some nice pyrite, most often known as "fools gold".  The presence of fools gold should be encouraging when prospecting since gold is often found among pyrite.  

January 1, 2015 
Happy New Year, everyone!  I hope everyone made it to 2015 safely.  I know it's said every year, but this year sure went quickly.  It doesn't seem too long ago I was complaining about the summer triple digits and here I am feeling that winter ache in my joints.  I've already copied the 2014 updates to the archives.  As we progress through this year, I'll remove what is left of 2014 from the front page as it is replaced with new accounts of 2015.

New images have been added to the Lucy Gray Mine gallery in the Nipton, California directory.  Someone heard on a forum somewhere that someone intentionally set fire to the Lucy Gray Mine cabin recently. I am happy to report that those rumors are completely false.  What is left gets picked through a little more each year, but it's still standing with plenty to see.  Getting there is more difficult.  Best to bring more than one vehicle when you visit.

Previous updates have been added to the Archives.
The trails to these mines are unpaved and not maintained.  Many require technical driving skills and  custom off road vehicle parts. High clearance,  four wheel drive vehicles with off road tires are recommended and, in some cases, necessary. 

Please, use the land safely and responsibly. Enjoy the pictures, but STAY OUT of the mines.In some instances, permission from the land or claim owner was obtained or contracted prior to entering a secured area. Some interior mine images were captured prior to safety barrier installation. Do not alter mine safety devices and/or barriers.

Mining sites are inherently dangerous, and historical mining sites can be very hazardous to one's health and well being. You should not enter or approach a mine without proper training or rock climbing safety equipment. 

Every attempt is made to provide accurate information, but occasionally depictions are inaccurate by error of mapping, navigation or cataloging. Images presented are unedited with the exception of size for site speed and the occasional paranormal apparition I edit in to mess with the ghostbusters. The information on this site is provided without any warranty, express or implied, and is for informational and historical purposes only.
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